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Tu íhe Editar of the Detroit Post: sin :- Thorel no man in the state ofMlch.gan wbola more worthy the regañí ofall [ood people than David Preston, ol Detroit. JOspeclally is lie liold in high csteeni ly the aembera of the Methodist chureli in thil state. Itis name is like a household word to the majority of the more tliun 60,000 Bommuucantsof tliat church. To hosts of tlicm be j known very many he la a faniliar frieml. Itis 110 discoiirtesy toany otlierlaymanofthatohurch to ay that no one s more prominent than be. 11e is unseliisli. He has been princely in liis gifts and in personal labor more valuable than moncy alone. He Is thoroughly sincere. In view of the un usual character of someof hls recent utterances, a stranger iniglit charge hlm with a professional religious tone and with sanctimonlousness rat b er than sanctity. But in dlseussiug hls present poaltlonl have heard no one who is actiuainted with liimquestlon hls sincerity. With sucli appreolatlon and etteem shall I not vote for hiin for governor, even if I vote for no other one on hls ticket? My personal regard, my church afflliatlons. I will frankly confess, lead ine tosay, "Yes." Could he be elected he would honor the place. If he were in a position to have ashadowof hope of 1000688, I would naturally try to add substanco to that shadow. Could I vote for him as a matter of compliment, even ifl regard his present form ofcandidacy as a mistaUe, I would gladly do so, and lead others in that way If other interests were not endangered. Still my regard for David Preston and his honcsty is such as to compel the belief that, he desires no vote on that basis and would question its propriety. II MITST BB Al. c. Kit OH l:i:(iOLK. No man whose judgment is of any value doubts that either the present incumbent or (en. Alger will be elected in November next. My vote must be used to the DMt effect. At a Cbrlstlan man, some r my yonnger bretbern are now urglngme to "vote as I pray." That I did for years before I heard this much-abused term. Uov. Begole does not, I am sorry to say, measure up to the demanda of the chief executive of this state. His friends have never in my hearing made that claim for hlm. He was elected two years ago by a strange Junctlon, rather than union, of saloon-keepers and temperance men. Gov. Jerome was defeated at that time largely by slanderous statements that poisoned good men. For my own deceptiou then I am indignant and sorry, and would gladly vote for David H. Jerome this fiill is a slllil compensaüon for a wrong done him cruelly but unintentionally. Gov. lïegole is now posing at the head of a dishonest and disgraceful fusión. H lias no lieart and no principie, and is unworthy of any political leader. Shall I belp to make him governor on such terins? He cares vastly more to have me vote for David Prestos than does David Preston himself. WHY A LOER SHOULD BB CHO8EN. Carefoi Inqulry in regard to General aIk r (ram thoso niuch better acquainted with liim than I urn give me a very favorable opinión of liim as a man. llis employés are enthusiastic in hls praise. Those who bavegbne to liim for substantial aid In good work have found Is i 111 readier togive than they were to ask. He is the candidate of the Republlcan party. That party bas made some mistakes, butithasthe grandest record oí all the politlcal partles this country has ever known. It has the greatest promise of good. It has not outlived its usefulness. It still embraces the great masses of the intelligent and loyal people of the land. lts defeat in the coming national election would be almost a deathblow to tomperance. The only positive utterance made by Gov. Cleveland sílice July is an insult to temperanee. Hls election to-d:iy, in the lace of undoubted facts, would makc the White House henceforth suggestlve of the brothel. Kvery lady presen ted there to such a president would be cooscious that lecherous eyes were fastened upon herphysicalcharmsby one who was not prevented trom honorable marriage by high sentiment or devotion to a dear WförCgi iV' ' o'ï'Wn'ta'i " k'pf'ilö ' 'afiff rMBuííi desire, could be more cheaply and variously gratifled in Ilegitímate channels. and that comnionly with 110 resulting iticonvenience to hiniself. My soul cries out asainst such an infamy.with itscormptlng inlluence over the youth of our land. PRESTON 3IUST NOT BE USED AS A TOOL,. No man can abhor (lov. Cleveland and his shameless career more than a man as true and pure as noble David Preston. Yet he is to be used to help a party whose avowed alm at the present time is the disruption of the Kepublican party by the victory of the Democratie party with its treasonable record and shameful platform. It is the hope of that party and its snloonkeeping backers that David Preston's popalarity and purity will be the means not very indireclly of giving them the victory. Let them cliinb into power by that strange ladder, and who doubts how sneedily tliey will kick it down and despise It? David Preston Is no disappointed offlceseeker. Is he not being used Jargely in behalf of such? Ir he not being used in this state In belialf of a man (St. John) who with all his good qualitios, would probably not be found in his present position hut for the ilisappointmeiit of hls own personal ambitions and carefully laid plans? Dftvld Preston does not claim to be at tlie head of a party m:de up of exceptlonally pure and honorable men, though many of his ulherents modestly make that claim for themsclves. No doubt Ulereare noble men amongst his politica! followers. Are there not very many more such men in the state who are not so enrolled ? Rus uot the third party lts full proportion- at least In its rank and lile-of tardy debtors, of men with wliom veracity is an accident, men of prejudice rather than of delibérate judgment, who are of very llght weight in theirown coinmunlties where they are best known, and wlio have been the alders and supporters of the vilest wretcheswho have ever polluted this state? Do we flnd that disappointment in personal plans qualifles men necessarlly for political leadership ? With all the issues before our people today; with the far-reaching consequences of the actlon soon tobe taken; with prejudice, I now believe unjust, to overeóme towarcls .fames Q. Ulaine; with a most earnest desire to do the right, as conscientlously and as prayerfully as ever I performed any duty as a cltizen, I must vote for Rlaine and Logan (or the high places for which they are nomina ted. and for Russell A. Alger for governor of the state of Michigan. uraixi Kaphls, oct. l(i, lKsi.


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