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The 6th Ward Engine Co.

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Tlie coiiimittce of the comnion council autliorized to procure a lire engine lbrtlic (Jtli ward, are negotlatlng therefor, and t is thought the matter will soon be closed np. At a meeting held in the engine house on the ].rtli inst., tlie followlng geiitlenicii reported themselves for meniberaof the lire coinpany: Peter Dignan, John Hall, Merci tt Blade, John Judaoo, Jr.. Frank Jndson, A. Whitehead, Win. Hattoe, A. F. Martin, Win. lüggs, James Cook, Lawrence C'iirii?. Hudgon T. Morton, Noah Butts, Win. C lea ver, Bén], liarker, Jacob 8haw, James Khaw, E. llerbert, Artliur Kitson. 'J'lie followlng ofticers were then choxi, : President - A. K. Martin. Vlce President- H. T. Morton. Secretary - Win. Biggs. Trea&urer- Jume (. 'ook. W ni. Cleavur. Captain- James Sliuw. lst AssiHtant - Peler Dignan. 2d Asslstant- Alerritl lihike. lst Pipeman- Lawronce C'urtia. 2d Pipeman- J. Jucison, Jr. Committeeon CotiNtllutlon and By-laW8- A. V. Martin, VVm. BiggS, li. Bark ar, James Sliaw. At a meetinjr held on the 21st tlie constitution md by-iftWS were adopted, and the name of the company was fixcd upon as " Persevenmce Co. No. 4." II. Morton and V. Butts were selected as wardcna. It was resolved thftt no smoking would be allowed during business liours or on the line of duty. As there are many expenses Incident to the t'orniing of a new company, the t'ollowiiifi coiinnittee was nppointed lo SOllclt suhseriptions: Messrs. II. Morton, Jas. Sliaw, and A. F. Martin. A finalice uommittee was also cbosen, as follows: Messrs. L. Curtís, J. Hall and V. Hattoe. The circuit court lias been in session a dny or Uvii since OUT last report, and the foílowlng cases have been disposeil of : Simeón BHverman, et al va. Eet. of Jas. B. Gott) plalntlff ordered to lile securlty for costs in the suni of i? 100, to be approved by the clerk, withiu 30 days. Egbert W. Gilbert vs. Alanson G. Webster; judfr't for pl'tf 1202.00. Jacob Laubeoaayer vs. Cïeo. Btolstelmer Judg't for pit S1UG.83 wilh coet. Bobert Onives vs. A. and F. Sprg; Judjr't $811 and cost to be taxed. s. and J. Baumgartner vs. Qeo. Wood; Judg't for plf IS20.98. Emil Flues completed hiscitizenship papers.


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