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The board of supervisor of Wasntenaw county met at tle couM house on Monday, Öct. 18th, at 1 1 "'doek .. m. The full board was present. 51r. 1'iateü was chosen temporary chairman and en adjournmont effected iiniil afternoon. A certifícate froin the city clerk of rpgllanti was reuil to the effeot that Horace E. Shutts had been duly appolnted u supervisor of the Ütl district ot' YpBllatltl n place of M. Shutta, resigned. A permanent chairraan w;is t.lien elected, Messrs. McQuillan and Olsaver actIna iis tellers, by tlio following vote: Patrlck ö. l'urtell, 1!; Chas. S. Gregory, On motlon the eliair appolnted Messrs. Wheeter, ïlowlett and C. S. Grejrory as a committee to revise the by-laws for the the use of tl. e board. Tuesdsy mornlng upon the reassemblingof the board, the following standng eommlttees were appolnted by the ihairman: On Equalization- Kress, Gravea, ilowlett, traan, Davenport, On Criminal Cliilms No. 1- C. S. Qregory, reldkainp, Danslngbnrg. on Criminal Claims No. Ï-Oltaver, Mc;, W'hocler. On Civil Clalma- Boroh, i !ae, stabier. To setile witli County Offlcerg- Bennett, Seegrer, Mnrray. On salarles of County Offloere- O'Hearn, J. V. N. Gregory, Osborn. On apportionment of State and County faxes- (jilbert, Sliutts, Matthewson. On rublio Buildings- Benuett, Yost, Davenport, On Itejeetcd Taxes- Yost, Osborn, Seegcr. To examine the Accounts of SuperiiHenilcnLsot'the Poor- Mnrray, Staebler, Gllbert. On Flnanoe- J. V. N. üregory, Sliutts, O'Hearn. On Fraotlonal Sonool Districts- lowiett. ii'jivis, Krt'ss. on Per Dlem Allowance- Mnrray, Seeger, Matthewson. on DralDB- Feldfeamp, MoQulllan, DanInfcbure- On i'rinting- Howlctt, CHlbert, Buroh. On inotion Of Mr. Wheeler, Spencer Crawfbrd was elecied janltor of the court ïonse ior the eosalng year, on ssime terms is lust year. On motion of Mr. Gllbert the proceedngs was ordered publlshed in pimpblet ind supplement fonn, 1,000 of the tormer and 4,000 of Ihe latter. to be jfiven to the loweat bidder. Ou motion of Mr. Brann tlie. basis of equallzatlOD was flxed Ihe mine as last vciir, at 130,000,000. County Clerk Robison was all o wed J35 for fur'nUhing cojiy of proceedings ibr printer. Judge Joslyn transmltted a letter from the State Board of Cbarlties relatlng to the condition of tho couuty jall,and the sanie was retened to a special committee eonsisting of Messrs. Toet, Bennett and Feldkamp. The county clerk was instructed to ] av supervisors for making reporte to the uperintendents of tlie [oor ou proper oertitieates. Mr. Graves offered tl) e following, which was adopted : Resolved, Tliat tlie county olerk let the priniiiiíí reqnlred bv luw to the lowe.-t bul ik-r, locludfj Ibe term Uockets ofthu circuit court. The auditor genei al'd report, stating ihat tl e pum of $33,360.68 bad been apponionedto this county, was received. AVednesday nothing was accompllshed. Tlntr.-day tlie committee on criminal and civil claims made a lonjí report. Jos. Whltlark was allo wed 124.41 ou an old account. The annual report of the udge of probate was received and ordered printed. A resolution was carried requiring all resolntions offered to be reduced to writng when requested by the clerk or any memoer. Friday another arrlst of claims was allowed. The comtnittee on revising tbe by-laws and rules reported, and 200 copies of the sanie were ordered printed. Br. Breakey, as physician to the jai!, made bis annual report. The annual report of the county treasurer was received, showinj; that for the flfoal year ending Bept. 30th, 1884, the Statement of resources and liabilities balaaced at .$2ü,7í)9.G5, with cash on hand in the tirst column of $1G,238.4O. Supervisor Gilbert was addcd to the Mr. Case offered the followlng resolution, vliich as unanlmously adopted: Wiikukas, Martín at L. Sbults, for inany yenrs tbe wortby supervisor frora tlieM judlolal district of Ypsilatitl Cily, has by reasod of decllning healtb beeu obltged to realgn hls oflicp as supervisor, Resolved, That tbe sympathies of the board, and espeoiall; thesympatblea of iiis oíd asoclates on tliis board, be extended to Mr. Khuits, wltb thelr earnest wishes for bll ¦peedy recoverv. Risoved, That tbe clerk of thia board be InBtracted to tranamlt lo Mr. Ubatta a copy ol tliis resolutlon. W. Irving Yeckley deseroes thcearnett support oferery republican and gretnb in the county. Articles of IncorporatioD bave been tiltil tbr the Aun Arbor mlningcorupany, with a capital stock of (1,500,000. The mtue to be operated islocated ou the Star mountain, near Leadville, Col., and a 40 foot tunnel nink on theclalm basbrooght up (iiiartz awaying $365 per ton. The central oílice wíl] be located In tliis city. Tliecompany 8 cal led the " 8 tai Mountain Mining Co." The illrectorg aru Geo. A Douglai, Win. I). Harriman, W. W. WhedoB, E. B. Lewis, H. U. Bennett, Tlios. Stalkor, Samuel H. Adama, of Aun Arbor, uid E. G. Stiles, of Breckinridge, Col., who together with A. K. titiles of mmafOj 111., uuilBblbUlO all un: SIOÍ'KIIOHIers at present, eacli haring 40 sliares oj 2.") eaeh.


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