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BALL'S 2?l3Bi Pcj hm: ïi 8óYVi 9 i: rv 1 1 " i f- ui ni _LLf Nbljll. Il i fcg Li-AA V" GOMÉIS The OM.Y ronsET mude that n te ratnmad iy its purcliascr after tlirue weeks waar, ir iiot found PERFECTLY SATISFACTORY In cveiT respect, nmi its prlce refundeJbT sellen Made in a variety of styles and prit-cs. Sold !y fintéelas! dealers everywnere. Hewnre of worthlesg ijnitations. Konc treimint' unlt'ss it luis Ii:il I 's n:n n liic box CHICACO CORSET CO., Chicago, III. ForSale only by WINES & WORDEN mmM nnf ilnnní rtrYYY Tisfi 1 IT CTTBES WHEIÍ 11 ootion. It Ie a' Bafe, ALL OTHES sure and specdy oure CINES FAIL, as it wJA jj,and hunacta DIEEOTLT VNJSdreda havo and AT ONCE on Kv'"ÍS3lT been ourod the XIDNEYS, [N, J by it -when UVEB and Jlvy phyciclanu ar.d ELS, restoriiiB MMT M friend had thcra to a healthy VjMr Sgiven thcniup ITISBOTH A "SAFE CURE" and a "SPECIFIC." It CÜR13S all Discasen of tlie Kiinoyg, J,Iver, llladder aml Urinary OrfrunN; liropsy, travel, Dial.ciis, ltriKl,i' UlHcase, Norvoug UiMcascs, Uxccsses, l'euialo Ycuknces, Jaiinulce, liiliouiiness, Ilcadache, Soiir Stomacü, DyHpriiüin, Coilstlpalion, Pilen, JPnins in the Hnck, J.oins, or JSiuc, üvlcnlinn or Non.RetcDtlon of Ui-ino. $t.25 at Dsuficmn. or-TAKE NO OTHER.- Send ter Jllirctrated TampMot of Solid Tostlmoiijal.-i .f Absolute Cures. HÜ.NT'S KE.1IEIY CO., " I'rovidence, K. I. tRAD E '.Cjy1 ARK ] Kg Livsr andKidney Eemedy, BB Compouoded from tho ivtU knotvn H (UrativcH Hons, Mftlt, Buoiiu, )lnn- m dralce. Dandellon, Sarsaparilla, ni ¦ cara Sagrada, etc., combined with au 9 M agreeable Aromatic Klixir. ¦ ÏHEïlÜRËIöYSPEPSirriNraCESTION, A Mflj Act npon tho 1,1 Tor and Kldceys, I La regúlate" tjÈië" bowels, H HTliey cure Rheumathsm, and all B nary troubles. Thoy invigorate, áuourlsh, ntrengtlion and quiet m the NervoiH Bygtem. 'pi' Aa a Tonlo they have no Equal. JA Tako nor.o bat Hops and Malt Altters. SA ¦ FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. BH Hops and Malt Bitters Cc. W DETROIT, MK'ir. 331


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