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¦iiMiiiiiuiiitiiEuiiMniiiiiiiiiieaiiiiidil It is a fact tliat remedies almost without nnmber, already oontesfrtbe olalm to cure l! the tik tint Riilicl Buncrlng bumanity. Thouaanda bu íound tLu'i il powi 'i'1 B to watk u cure l'or tticm. N (lisciï.M's iiiivc mi [kií1Sm1 all attempte nf permanent raliefaBhave Rheumatíem and NeuralSla A.louK Buccetsdoii of diBappolutmentaJiu innde leir atrpnïzed vlcüma drupiiir oxtbe pomlbuity 01 oure, Por oenturiea tlicy biave been ooasiderea ix.yond the power of mecücaltdüIJ toimre. And yet we B&y both can be cu red, and that AttiÏ.ophouok üill do the buHinefw. The U-st prooi that it can do il l Miat it bal done it. Rov. 8. R. Ponnon. P.P., pastor TliinI CkmBTSUBtiona! Churoh. Haven. Ooth. Klion,,.ati.,i bad topt hlm from tbe i.i.Iim fnur or flve uionthi -il " time. He ía he liad affMed all uut one TOuld, and ti ¦ He too hi Br( doje of Atii1 opBOEOBOn Friday Snndayhewaa m hiinUit ; . be was well, and bas rexnalnejo suioe. ]{ev. William P. CorWt, P.P., pastor Goorde Kt. M. E. Gharoh, New Haven. Onnn., waslald nnfortwo inoiitlis witti Inflniimmtory Iili-iiiin1i-m. Bufferlng mosl i loruoiaön torture. Atiii.oi-hokoü miïed bum, and to beUeresit to Iw Infallible. H. 8. Chandler, of the N. Y. "Independent " 8nys ATHtoi'iiono cured him of Rhctmiatifiu I roi ,i w Uil-h ! ie had kuiI 'crcd 1' or a yenr and a hall . Kev. W. I!. Evans, Washington. I. ( '., " I oonslder Ita vork almoai In the litrht of a niinulr. It is a most wonderfnl mcdiciuc. It oiwrht tobe spread UirooKhoat the luud.' Tlie prent fpu'st ion is, AVillitoiircm? Wc believeit wllL la it wortbtryini?? Yon must decide. Tf you cannot get Anii.oiTiofïos of voor dnwinst, we nill s-::r( it expresa paldjOD reoeipt of rculrir prloe one dollar perbottle. We itreiVrtliut youbny li froni your drutnrist. lut if he liapn't It, do not be nemiaded to try HotiictbiitK else, but ortUr at ouce from Uf n:' diivcted. ATHLOPHOROS CO., 112 WflLL ST., NEW YORK. iiiiiiiiiiiiniüui N.B.miiiiiiiiiiiimii -tfH i W I III n%Kllch pro te ct i ve fl V CEUBRATED W vm-íiuclotlu-rdiHi-na pp es üf am:il:uinl type -,¦¦' flxiite ffl Hoptetter'i m ySüX Stomacta Bitters, It ffiSjft WjLJHI iJP&X. tion, livor diordert Lv xB' JfK fhaúmttifiD, kidney váÍf- - '"' " " w 'thcertalnfi ¦33ajWagtf h'hiii iiikes place In -J:' . i'p :Uli' ¦-;(:,(¦¦'. n,'.: Tfifi&S ' well :isl!ieeiiHiitioi - '-.-vfcjfapr oj ihe v, au nd haffí QlT.VFHd iromcr-r of hi-n'tli s jf , 1 au i a iTin-th. Fr i .ale hy all Dragglsta and Dealen gmeniftj. Mucli dUiresa nqd sicknoss attributeo to djppepsla and chronlo dUrrhcea is ocensioned b3 humor in ilie stomach. Ilood's Sarsaparilla is tlio r.emedy. A young man traveling by stage conoli broke the monotony of the journey bj kissing u yonng lndy, wlio was a fellowptiRxenger. Requleted her indlRnant obji ctlons by explaining t li ; 1 1 it was only a stge ki?s iiiid tberefore raerely conventioua] Dout Yon ho It. Don't eufler niiy longer witli the palns i umi aches of Rheumatism, whicL make life a bufdeir to you, Belief, speedy u d permanent can bc p'tócured at ilie ncai'est drug store, in tlie form of Kidi.ey-wort. Elbiidge Malcolm f West Bnth, Maine s;vys : "Iwaa completely prostratod witli Rbeutnati8m and Kldney troablea and waa not expected to recover. Tlie lirst dose of Kidncy-wort balped me. Six doses put me on my fcef, it hfts now entlrely cured me and I have had do trouble si nee." 1 iiiii determined to learn at uiiat hour uy hD8balid comea home nlghts; vet, do what I will, I o:uiiiot keep awake, and he la al ways oarefnl not to maken partiële of noise. Js Hiere n 1 1 y clnii; which produces wakefulness ? - Wife. No need to buy drugs. Öpifnkle the Boor with tacks. Rev. ffm. Stout, Wiarton, Out., states: Being iuefiectually treated by 17 doctors for Scrofula, I was cured by Burdoek Blood Iütte;s. Wrlte for prooC Gas-flxtures (for iwo years any how) - The niiijority of Congressmen. Eberbach & Son the Druggists,who are nlways looking after the interegts of thcir cnstomers, have iiow Becured the sale of Dr. Bosnnko'a Cough and Lung Byrup, a remedy that never fails to cure Colds, Pains in the Chcst. and all Lung Affections. Forproof, iry a tree sample bottle. Regular size 50 cents and Í1. 00. Adolphus: "Oh, I was so embarrassed. Vciu can't guess. I know 1 inuet have changed color y e know.1 Miss Blank: "Changed colorí How fortúnate." Adolphos: "Fortúnate, díd you say?" Miss Blank : "Yes, I feared you would live to a groen okl age." Skinny Meu. "Wells' Health Renewer" restores health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Impotonce, Sexual Debility. '$1. Young man of Business (to his senior partner): " You'll excuse m, but don't you think it's a bad habit to always have your hands in your pockets?" Senior Partner: "Cerlainly I do, but show me the hnuseholder who c.-in help it. Y'ou'ie a single man. and therefore no juclge.1' C5TA Thin? of Hoauty. The most brilliaiu sbadlng possible, on all fabrica are made by the Diamond Dyea. Unequalled for liriiiancy and duraliility. lüc. at clrugjrists. Send 2e. tor '2 sample colors. Wells, RtchardBon & Burlington, Vt. " How In the world eau you content youiself to live in thi.s dead-and-alive place?" asked the city visitor of her country cousin. " 1 know I should die if 1 had to stay bere." " Well,"' replied the rustic relattve, " I snppose I should, too; but thcii the city tolKs aln't here only a few weeks in the year, you know. AtHOL, Mass., May 2:!, 1883. "Onebottlcof IIunt'S [Kidiieyand Liver] Remedy helped, and two completely cured me of kidney dlsease anil severe palns in the back and sides.'"- James Uheney. with J. W. Goodmau, Bllliard Table Manufacturer, "Look here, Mr. Photographer, whntln the world did you want to tuin my loes in in that style forf" exclalined an exftsperated customer, exhibitlng a pieture which the artist had just iinishcd forhim. "Well, I thouebt you wanted the picture to be natural,'1 explained the pollte artist. " So [did; luit 1 don't turn in my toes in." "No, perhaps not. But you sec, the píoture would not he natural without your feet, and I was obllged to turn tliem ín to get, them in the picture." "Motüer Swan's Worm Syrup." Infalllble, tastelesa, barmlega. cathartic, foi feverlshness, restlessiiess, worms, constipatlon. 2-"ie. The man who had no music in his sole - The chap who weara rubber boots, Just as Úoud. Many unscrupulous dealere mayteli you thev bave remedies for Coughg and Colds equal in merltand ineTery respectjustas (rood aa the old rellable Dr. Bosanko Cough and Lung Syrup, unlesgyou Inaist upou iliis remedy and wil! take no other, you are Hable fo be greatly decelved. Price 60 cents and $1.00. Sold by Kherbach iV. Sou. The llev. Joseph Cook calis hl meel f a pandenominationalUt. II be had had Lime Jo would have used a longer word. "Biichupalba." Qulck, complete, oures all an noy Ing Kidney, Bladder and Urlnary Dlseases. $1. Druggist There is :i great deal of bllline and cooIng golng on at the Reaslde. Tue principal pari of the bllling Is b3ing done by the hotel keepers. "Bongli on Ruis." Clean out rats, mier, ronches, (lies, ants, bed-bugB, skunks, chmuDks, gophers, 15c. i ruggists.


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