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Real Estate Transfers

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Jas Gallck to Cath. McCann. lot, Anti Arbor 8000. Wm. H Huck to Mary Faurnia, lot, Mllaii 100 Julia A. Goodrich to Thos. McUomb, 10 Hfíres, Dexter 190 Jas. C. Greraguty lo f. D. cuinlogs, lot, CheJsea 275 M. J. Noyes to Jas. C. Greraghty, lot, Chelsea 300 J. W. Abbott to F. J. Hamraoud, 14 acra, Augusta 1S0 Geo P.Brown to Keubea aud Jane Colé, lot, YpsllaDtl 1,500 Chas. King to Jos. and Mary Vokoch, IdI, Ypsilautl 4'J) Richard wrlght to Geo. A. Jolmson, 5 acres, BharoD 100 Fred Sorj; to AibertSorg. lot. Ann Arbor „ 7,000 N, II. Isbell to Reubeu Talbert, lot, Saline 100 F. J. Dalkey to F. P. Galpin, 3% acres, Superior , C00 Mary A.Fischerto Wm. H. and Frsncls Roper, 120 acres, .Northfleld 2500 Alva R. Dexter t. Mary A. Raxlon, 20 acies, York 1,150 L'zzle M. l'ultle to B. M. and E. Martín, lot Ypsilantl _ 800 Thos Ninde to M. B. and and K T. (iuo Schafler. lot Ypsllant BenJ. McGraw to Wm. Robins, 53 acres, 2,5iai Augusta .. Hugh Coy le to Clarence Pratt, 4 acres, Northfleld 200 Ciarence [.. Prat to F J. Dalkey. SOacres, Norlhfleld 1,450 Horallo Bartlett to Alien and Adella Bartlett, 105 acres. Brldgewater 1.000 W. '.James to Win Jouudt, lot. Ann Arbor 1,200 Catharine Cilley to John T. aud Rose Berry, % acre, Salem 100 II. Richarüson to Jos. Ricuardson and E. J Alexancler. Hlttsfleld 0.78' Angelí e Biownine to Ucnjumln Magraw, 40aerfs, Augusta 2.000 Orante Green to Kber Hammond, itj acres, Superior 111 Eber Hammond to Geo. P. Parkhurst, :# acres Kupeiior 480 Israel Mowry to John McCormick, 36', acres, Superior 150 Wm. D. Edwards to Albert Mlller, 1 acre, Lodl 100 Ellzabeth Edwa-ds to Alfred Mlller, 1 acre, Lodi 100 H. A. Ledyard to Thomas Forshee, 80 acres, Salem 350 Luny Ledyard to Thos. Forshee, SO acres, Salera 350 Sarah Rider to Uavid Korshee, 9i4 acres, Salem 400 Franres L. Otes, et al to Samuel II Adams. lUíicres, Aun Arbor 6,001) Patrlck Gallagher lo John Dunlavy, 2í Bfi-luOaeres Ann Arbor 1..500 uwen Gallasher, by executor, to John L)uulavy,7 66 100 acres Ann Arbor 1896 ChrlKtlan A. Rozler to Allce M. Hosier, '1% acres Sclo .. 425