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THATDON'TLIE! . ¦ The Roval Baking Powder Co. try to rive tlie nference tlmf thelr powder contal ii 8 mare reain 'i'artar and thut ts Leavenlrig Power is rreater than üiiy oí lier mude, ae stated in their advertisement on tlie " Comparativa Worth of Baking Powders," exhibited by black line?. Otir name was nientioned in connect mi wlth "iie of onr cheaper branda, made of different mnterlalg as tlie trade miglit (Iemand. Our Cream Tarlar brand of Andrew's l'earl was omitted, evidently tor a very i;ood reason, judglDK from tlie relativc uu-ril of Andkew's Prviíí. " and tïitRoyal, as elearly denvmstrated by the Governinent Chemist, Dr. Pbtbr (.'oi.t.iEU of tlie Department of Agricultura, at Wastliiijtton, from samiles eceived by him from dealers who furnUhed tlie samples from llieir stoeks on nand lu open niarket. wtngexcessof Crcain Tartar in Amln'-.[jD Pili IPRQ' ANA! YIQ Pearl over Boyal, ascenalrad by GotUil. UULUICliO nllnL I OIO ernmenl Chemlst Colltar. - -. U. H. Dkpt op Aobtciílturb. ( _J k_ J[ WA8BIXOT0H D. C„ Mareh 10, 1888. f C. E. Andrews & Co. - Gentlemen : I received by I expres fromTho?. Lydon and J. P. Harkins&Oo., _- Grand Ave., Milwaiikee, and Harper Bros., Cbica IIIal ;, 111 , samples of Andrews' Pearl mul Hoy] BakW K I pp Powders. The cans were in good condition (LI I hen received and tliese.ils unbroken. Í n'nd upon __ ig. ft I analysis tliat Andrews Pearl Baking Powder oonfSÊ - I t.-iins abont foiir and a hal; (l'2) per cent. more Se %H B 'i;nii üii'lar tlian the 1 i ¦ ¦ . . 1 I '. ; i k : i : _ Pnwder, K 1 I and a proporiioii ut el} larger percentage I Roi oarbonic aeld ga.%, and ¦ lind it to be I frre trum aluin, and any iiijurious ub'r. H 2 H I MlMICéi. I I Sincerely yours, I PETER COLLIER, # -'- Sïi, Chemist, Uepi. or Agrtcuth. Government Chemist Collier's Analysis as to the Leavenine Qnalities. ANDREWS' PEAniJBBtMÊÊÊÊÊIÊÊIÊBKKKÊÊBÊ roy al ggjHBEBraMa Xo wonder the Rojal Cv omitted Andrews' Pearl from their " Comparatlve List." as Government Cherairt Collier's analysis shows conclusively two thmKs: Ist That Andrews' Pearl oontaiiia more Cream Tartar tban the Royal, as it'Jn bvrl.ecutsabove; 2d, That the l.eaveiiing Powcrof Andrews Pearl is greaier than tlie Royal, as sliown by the two black Unes above. CHALLEXTCS. We will ave the Royal Co. or any one else $1.000 or $5.000 if they can prove by anv fair mutual test that Andrewa' Pearl Baking Powder does, or ever dld, contMin ¦iliim or 'inv iiiiiirioiis substances, and tliis challenge U open forever. Andrews Pearl Bakii'i Powder is sustnined by a testimonial as to ts purity and Mrength by the only (teiiuine cominisoioned Government ebemlst, such as the Royal Lo. „ever have pbli9hed. Trv It. e AWDMWII & CO., 287, 289 & 291 E. Water St.. Milwaiikee. 45 Michigan Ave.. Cliicayo.


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