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Linnbard's band of Whltmore Lake, s iept very bnsy now-a-days. Mort Hendershott is 'after tlie Manchester P. O., and ha3 some friends , ing iiim. Dr. A. G. Mente lias returned to Milan with his family aud wijl reside there permanently. Mr. Flinn, of Pitlsfield jiinction, wlio ibot liimself some weeks igo, is able to be out once more. Chas. RobUnn, of Manchester, and Miss Adaii R Chad wiek of Tecomseh, were married Nov. 2(th '84. At the silver wedding of Geo. Pheips and wife of Webster, reeently, amonff the presents were 42 silver dollars. The Miliin cornet b-ind is atruKgling niiinfidly with a subscrlption paper and sees success in tlie near distance. BUI Davis, of Whttmore Lake, has been seineneed to Ionia tbt !)0 days tor stealing a razor from Will Costakin. According to theObserver John Gillen, of Saline is the coming man. All right, let him come. John is a good fellow. A correspondent wants to know "why llour is so dear with wheat at its present price." V ill our orillera answer? - Saline Observer. On Thanksgiving Day Chas. E. Andtevv?, of Cantón, and Mis? Ella L. Diokerson of Hawsonvillc, were married at YpMlanti. ïlie new Baptist church at Milan is to be dedicated Dee. lOth, R.ev. C. B Henderson, D. ü. of Detroit, deliverinc the sermón. M. L. öhutts, an old pioneer of Ypillailti illld tor nwny yu.rj ti siipprvisi!', üied Tnesday of last week, arter alingeri ii i.' illness. Mrs. Edith Sherwood, of Ypsilanti town, died Nov 21st, saed 79 years and Wm. G. Sherman, of Vpsilauti City died Nov. 23, nged 01 years. The20lH nlt. witnessed the celebration of the 50th anniversary or the srolden. wedding of Mr. and Mi's. Alvali Keep of Worden, in Salem townsliip. A little seven years old son of John Stanton, of Webster, was so injured by playing "crack the whip" with a nnniber of mates, that he died a few days afterward. Mr. Orin Stair, of Howell, and MUs Florence Johnson, of Lodi, were married on the 2)tli nlt. Tliere were many beantiful and costly presents given the couple. Rev. Mnnger has left an ear of corn at this (iftlce, the bntt of wliieh is wliite dent and tlie top a deep red. Everv one who bus seen it say tliey have liever seen anytliing like it bef ore. - Enterprise. 'Prof." Jones of Saline organized a colored brass band, consisting of eight pircee hiot WoUnowtlfty With thrpp oorliet bands Saline onght to supply wind and music tor the eutlre county. - Observer. Joh'i A. Cuslunan, treasurer of the township of Webster, will be nt H. Hall it Co. 's store the last three '1'liiirsüays in December, and at the Webster Town Hall every Friday in December, for the accommodatioti of those taxpavers wlio live nearest the points named! - üexter Leader. Look ont for the "cattle buyers" with which the country is siid to be flooded. The farmers should be on Iheir jfuard - some of these fel lows are not what tliey .-eeni; the unparalleled trequency of burglarized homes, make caution the better part of valor iu dealing with strangers. The opera house 3 now movitig right along, tbe weather being more favorable tliaii the first part of the week. The siding is all on; the ratters ire np and the roof will get a big start to-(lay and to-morrow. If the weatlier continúes favorable the building' will be flnished during the h'rst part of Dtcember. - Mil.i 11 Leader. Enterprise: - At the regular convocaron of Meridan Cbapter No. 48, R. A. M. held at their hall on Wednesday evtrnlng, Nov. 26th, 1884 the Ibllowtiig office ra rere eJected for the ensuin year: II. P. - P. F. Blosser, King - Arthur Case, Scribt- B. G. Lovejoy, C. of H.- Albert Case, F. S.- J. F. Nestell, R. A. O.- J. H. KIngsley, G. M. 3rd V.- Mat D. Blosser, G. M. 2nd V.- C. W. Case, G. M. let V.- W. H. Puttle, Treasurcr- Dr. J. A. liyncli, Secretary - Geo. J. H'iissler, Seutinel- E. G. Carr. The Michigan Farmer ha this item of int( rest perhaps to some of our readers: - Mr. R. C. Aukl, near Dcxter, this state, will shortly leave for Sc.otland, in connection with the purchHïe and importation of live stock. He ai.nounces tfiat he is willing to take charge of any commi8sions he may be inPusted with by those who may wish to In vest in a few animáis Mr. Ai.ld is no comtnission agent, but makes this proposal, as with larger consiiiiiments he can make better rates. He is prepared, and we niay le allowed to gay, is capable, to make selectlons of Slioitliorns, Herefords, Dcvons, Galloways, Clydesdales or other horses, sheep or swiue. We would strongly urge some of our Michigan breeders to take advantage of this chance It is a first rate time to invest in such property, and why should not Michigan take a higher place than she has in such matters? Mr. Auld's address in this country is Dexter, Mich., and in Scotland his headquarters are at the Edinburgh Hotel, Princesa Street, Edlnbuigh, Scotland. Tlx; Detroit Evening News tlius "does up' Supervisor Gregory. of Dexter village: C. S. Gregory, a bunker of Dexter, was bom in Ciiyuga county N. Y., In 1817 one hot day in August, and he has uot got cold yet. He caine to Michigan in 1834 and settled on a farm iiear Dexter, being contented with that until 1840. when he Iet his boys farm it and went into the mercantlle business. For 15 vears he sold goods - then sold out - took charge of the farmers' store at Ami Arbor tor one year- then bought h mili- made money there for five ycars- sold that and staited a bank, and is still in the bank of C. 8. Gregory & Son at Dexter. He was elected representative OÍ the first district of Wnshtenaw county In 1860. and agniii in 1882, and would have sinilcd if Me had got the nomiuation for state senatr this fall. Didn't get it. He bas been five or six times supervisor of St'io and as tnaiiy ! tirnes president of Dexter. He is now ' supervisor, president of the village, ' director of the union school, president ot the agricultural and hoiticuitural socieiv 1 of Wiishtenaw county, and still he sn't ' satistied. Could do justice to as manv ¦ more offices- if he had them. He is not tal!, but has some front on him. Sharp, shiewd business man. Always joking the boys. Fnll of fun. He prides him self on being an old stripe .reffersonian , democrat. Was author of the famous "rabbit bill" in the legislatura two years ago. Dassen't look a rabbit in the face ' this day.


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