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Tlie Cuirent has secured, tor ts Christ mas issue trom Hon. E. B. Washburne ex-minister to Flanee, a most entertain ing paper of international interest, en ti tled " The Öiejre of Paris and Chri.tmas Tide." The poetn writtten by Edwin Arnoh for the Christmas number of the Curren is called 'A Discourse of Buddha." It i singular and fascinating in constructio and imagerv, and an echo, or reflection of "The Li';ht of Asia." HISTORY OF THE PACIFIC STATES.- B Hubert O. Bancroft. Vols. XXVII an XXViII, which treat upon the Hlstory o llie Northwest Coast. [nstead of a review of these two gran volumes, it nlghtbe fully as Interestin to give the reader a siiort sketch of th Pacific States historian. Hubert EL Bancroft was born :lt Gran ville, Ohio, in 1832. His parents wer trom New Erfland. Boys were expectec to work in those days - to work durino suuimer and attend school in the wintei At the ajre of tlxteen Mr.BanCToft enteret the bookstore in Buffalo, of his brothei in-law. Georjje H. Derby, who, in 185 sent hun to California with a stock o books and stationery with whicli to begi business there. Mr. Derby died befor the {foods raached Sao Francisco, bi trae to origina] purpose, Mr. Bai crofr, in isr!, opened in a modest wa the establishment wliich in less than thirt years was one of the largest of the kim in the world. Shortly after beglnnin business he bejian collectinr materia] for liistory ot the Pucitic Stateí1, by wliic term is sijrnitied the western half of Mort America, trom Alaska to Panama, ii cludlog all ot Central America and Mex Ico. After gatherinjc all that America would yield he several times visited Europe, always with marked success until his collection numbered 3."i,000 volumes. Then beerected a brick building speiially for his libiary on Valencia street, in Ban Francisco, easy of access by cable care that run trom the terry at the toot of mai kct street. But lonfi before Ihis he began to write. He itudied hard and wrote dilhjently. Hlstory wa liisaim; tö gatber and prese: ve the cxpeiiences of men, and place theni In a clear condensed torm witliin tlie reach of all otlier men - this was his object. Au pieliininary to bis historical series, in 17.1 lic nublished Nutive Races of the Stoten iu 5 volumes, wliich was rei'eived with universal commendatiou througliout the world. The most eminent scholars of Europe and America were lavisli in tlieir praise of it. Tben ; caine tlie History of the Pacilic Staics. wliich is indee.' a series of histories, all ; tocether coverins tlie entire coast, one twelfth the earth"s surface, and probalil ! the jrreaiest work of the kind un.lerlakei ¦ by mortal man.


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