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Baptizing The Wrong Man

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stamniermg or stutlerinír 18 one 1 the inosl unpleasant thingsat times thnl a man L'an be alllicted with. A man may be atflieted with ülmost un y otUer malady and be cu red or helpeoT, tmt a man who stutter, thougta be may at limes be fice frnin tlie habit, has oonfldence in his talklng utensils. They may ron all right fora timp, but just as he expeets most froto his vocal organs. and wants to do hi bcsl, thi'j t;o back on hini, and be í1outiiU:i-.s around, and expresses his thouglitS to save liiinsclf. A stullerer le nsually the best natured man in the world. lt seeins as tbough nature picked out tile jolliest fellow as a watch case to put poor vocal worka luto, so there won't he any kickllig. Tliere is a gentleman living in Maivland who stuiters Just when he don't want lo, but who can talk r'mht Ion; all light when tlicre is DOthillg paiCUJ&r to be II lie getí exrileil or iteresled and wants to orale, he ucis tuck, ai'd lias time to walk arotiud tile loek betore he gets tblngs to woikiny gtill. lie was out in lowa recently, and i un1 hotel wliere lie was stopping tbc ravellng men were (tettlng up a party ne Sunilay to ro to a town a few miles Utant wliere a camp mei'tinir was in proress, and where there were to lic A NDIÜEIl ol COm EET8 r.AI'TIZKl), nd llicy iDVited OOt l'riend, the Matterer, 0 jro along1. "Not tn-in-tnnch." safd he. as he workcd t llflttMIgüng a. lish line, wliile a boy )rought ia a tomata can full of anule vorins. "li' I know iii-m-mv own heari, (lont ga to nu k k-k-camp ineetln;; vliere thcy h- b-bapt!ze. I att-t-teniled a baptizinj; acrape once, and my k-k klothes have not got d -d-dry vel." '"What is the matter," saluda drummer or a Chicago jrroeery house; "didn't tall n the water, did yon ?" "N-n-n-no,"' .said the stulterer, as he stufted a uad of paper down on top of the uijjle woinis to keep them fiom crawltng out. "1 didn't f-f-f-tall in, but 1 got in all the s s s-s-same. I was siia-snasnatelied in. Ir yon won't teil any one, will t-t-t-tell you about it ." The boys g tv ore lliey would liever give t away and the Stutterer went on. "VVell, about twenty yearí ugo I w is editing a p-p -p-paper in Wis-k-k-consin, HUI 111C1C ITüOfl i'ni I I1 In town ,.11 -rrtutt i, md in the spring they adve.rtfted to b-b-bjaptize all the k-k-convcris Everybody went, and I w-w-w-went down to the t-kk-creek TO Skk Tiir.M s B-B-8OAK, l'liey had a presiding eider, a stranjrer to ne. to d-d-d-do the baptizlng, and when they had dipped a f-l-lcw, I notfeed the 'Uier looked s-s-s-sort ot tired when he inshed the last woman ashorc, and I h-th-thought he wanted to come out of he w-w-water, (0 I reaelied oul my li-hland and he was p-p-pulllllgme in, wlien 1 said, 'filder, don't i-p-p - ' and before I could say any m-.n-inore he said. 'Have no f-f-fear, my young k-k-kChrÍ8tlan ïiend; and he put his ann a round me uní was pulltajr right in. I wasn'l as st-st-strong as 1 am now, and hc had a 5-ggrip likc a prlze-ftghter, and before J tnew what he was about, he was saying, I b-b-baptlze thee in the name of the Father, ,ion. and lloly (host," and I was as weuk as a k-k-eat. I tried toget awav from him, and tried to explain I w-w-wan't the feller, and that I had n-unever been converted; but the naturally [ious look on my face b-b-bdraved nu-, md I stuttered soleouldu't gel in a word' In time, and HE rLT ME UNDEI1. As I went down I could see the crowd on the b-b-bauk laughing, because Ihev all knew I was b-b-bad, and that il was ;. mistak of the strange preacher, I carne up strangllos, and the first thlng I said was, "Klder, you have made tlie d ddarndest mistake of your lile," and I went out on the bank and shook myselt. Vou may talk about m-m-min8ters not joking, but by gracious [ shall a-n-always tliink that presldiug eider knew I was ño k-k-Christian. It was a picnic fof the crowd, and thoy laugli at me to this ! n No, gentlemen, I k-k-can'tgo to the camp meeting, for I ibouldnt teel s-s-salc there," and the stuttering man took his lish-pole and angle wonns and went down toward the pond, wliile the traveling men went to the camp meeting. As a raindrop foretells a storm, K does a pimple upon lile human body indícate healtli-destroyin virus in tiie blood, which can be iieiitralized and expelled only by Dr. llarter's Iron Tonic.


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