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The Electric Light

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Hint tlie electric liglit m some suape or otlier is to he the light of tlie future in.-iny fimily belleve. Henee no sniall amoant of interest was evineed in the arclight system by whioli ourstreetsand several stores are ïlluniinateii. That light wlth its brilllant intensity is mlinlrabiy adaptrd tor larjre spaee lighting, but for smaller rooms its alare, sizzling and splutteiing make It objectlonable. Onrstreets down town liave never been so finely lighted, and if tlie are lampa slioukl be removed tliey would be wonderfully mNsed. Theie liasalso been a demand for a smaller, quieter light for sniall rooms and tor larger rooms witii ordlnary heigiit of 1 satisfy tliat the Kenius of Tlios. A. KdisoM wasequal, so lie invented the iiicandeseent lamj). This system is just being iiitrodiieed in Ann Arbor and is already in operatiou in the postoffice bloek and The Coi'rier building. In the engine room of this office is the dynamo whkh generates the electricity, and it is run by Mr. Chas. B. Davison, oneofthe most intelligent and capable enuineers that ever cared for au engine. A description of tlie light may be ofinterest. The lamp, about five inches in length, is pear-shaped. All the air bas been pumped out of it and it is bermetically gealed. Insldelo theshapeof a loop, is a fine tilament of carbonizad bamboo, whioh beooinea white-hotor incandesceut wben the curre nt of electricity passes through it. But so little heat is thrown out that One can hold the lamp in his band whlle it is lighted. So it does not heut tip a room nor make any smoke as does a gas jet. It is noiseless, steady in glow, of a pure white, nnchanging color, and not haraful to the eyes. lts rays so nearly approach those of the sun that colors can l)e accunitely distingui.-hed. Indeed, by it, {winters, artista and lithographers can safely labor. In a dry goods store colors can be niatched. Xo lires have ever occiirred trom the wires of the Edison electric light system, neither has any oue been killed hy receiving a charge of eltctricity froin t. This is because the current does not have to be heavy. It is not claimed that it is as powerful as an arclight, hut it does give a light equivalent to a six-foot gas-burner, the one ordinarily in use. It is generally considered ratherexpensive, henee it is a surprise that it can be furnished to consumere r'or a dollar a a moiitli per liglit. This makes it as cheap as gas and in inany case a saving isaiiecwa. luusa nracn Detter light is obtained at no increase of expenditure. It was a great stride from kerosene to g:p, and the latter was generally adopted, ttlthough it was $3 per ] ,000 feet as against 40 cents tor au equivalent light by kerosene. Now comes a still lietter oue, and at the same time as cheap a one. Henee it is likely to be the light of the future.


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