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Tuk boom of L, M. Sellers, of Kent t'r speaker of' the house, keept on jjro ing tovder iinl louder. Let 'er boom. THE Hiiy City Tribune trots out Co N. B. Clark, of West Bay City for speak er. The house oould go l'arther and (ar worse. The Col. is sound as a nut. It is rumored that Cleveland has ten dered the White house to the W. O. T. V as hèadqnartera during his term of office Hi a tllght token of appreciation of their services in his election. The probibitlOD vote in this state wa a ti irte over 18,000. Quite a come dowi from 75,000- claimed at tirst- then 50, 000. then as the lust straw, 25,000. Ba it as enougli to kill all hope of temper anee success. Tuk Times calis tbe attentlon of the m Arbor (Jourier to the lact that the republiuan candidato for governor iu New Hampshire was elected by the people, liaving more than all other eaudldates combined - (Jwdsso rimes. We stand corrected. Bnt at the time oor artiele was ivritten a nifijority reault was in doubt. Gn, Osmun, who has made the state news column of the Detroit Eveuing Xews so bright and readable, has been selected by Gov. Alger as his private secretary. Confound it, we are glad of il, and would teil him so to his face if we could ee bim. And now the southern democrats are giving the people taft'y in saying that had President Arthur been nominated they would have voted for him instead of e Cleveland. What stuff! The sontherneis would not vote for the Sariour unless ' he was on the democratie ticket. "Whithek are we drifting?'' was a ¦ favorite theme for democratie editorials - during the last veir or two of the rebel, Hoi), and oontinued to be way into reconstruction times. It was a hard questlon tor theni to answer in those days, but now their anxiety in that direction is relie ved : "We " are drifting toward "re! fonn" - and plunder. i Reoan, the confedérate whorn the I democrats are uring for the position of , postmaster-general in Cleveland's cabi¦ net, besides being a traitor to the nation, ! at one time attempted to defraud the government of $300,000, and was only ' preveuted by the shrewdness and hart] i work of Edwin Willits, at that time i member of congress from this district. We belleve that the people of Michigan ought to be allowed to vote upon tlie question of prohibition, and have believed so from the first, but there is enough'humaii nature in our composition sition so that If we were i repnbhean member of the present legislatura we would ponder over the vote in its favor an hour or so at least, even if it was bad judgment so to do. The melhod by wbicb tlie denioorats secured the imjority in the Illinois lejftslature is one that would put to blush i Poland-China swine. After the votes had all been counted, and it was found that the republicana had one ni.ijority on joint ballot in the Illinois kgMatnre, a I big mistake was suddeuly fonnd in a Chicago precinct whicli elected i democratie senator in place of a republiean. The ballot box was opened and ballots chanifed- all this has been proven, even to the man wlio printed the new ballols after electlon. This is "Reform." If there is any truth In the statement that Don CameroD favors tllling all the government offices by republicans by tbe retiiing President he ought lo be ashamed of hls ide.i but we do not belleve he is quite so narrowly built as that. The gossips will keep tlieir tongues wagglng but President Arthur is too fair and sensible a man to take out of the hands of hls successor hls rights. The whole ! story seems to have originated in the brain of some Washington correspondent who SSSbSt?6 - - It would be cruel in the extreme. By all means don't do t Mr. President. The "very hunffry" crowd would gnash their teeth in raffe thereat. Besides the govment offices should be lilled with rebels, independents, St. John-ites, etc.


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