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IJ. L. V anSIyck and family have returned from a five weeks' visit to friends 5 in New York. Thanksgiving day the ¦ report snow two feet derp on a leve . twenty-flv? miles soiith of Buffalo. , The brick work on Bob Knapton's new J store is completed, and so far as íinishe í is indeed commendablo. The contracto . Hayden & McCIay, of Ann Arbor, hav niade a lasting impression on South Lyo i that they are A No. 1 all around - Sont Lyon Excelsior. . Barney Wade, ot' Manchester, whil riding with his brother-in-law, Dick Burns, on Detroit st., Sunday last, va thrown from the carriage, trihlny igains a limip post in his fall, and sustaining severe injuries. The accident was causee by the borse becoming frlghtaned and attempting to run away. Mr. Wade is be ing cared tor at the St. James. CiiristianWalzdied at the county honsi Monday uioriiing, of trichina, and Dr Darlinj; hwt liad piccesof the flesh undcr inicrosiopic exaniination, whicti were filled with tlie minute pests. It is butjus tice to the coimty house keepers to state thiit Walz was taken sick before he canie to tlie place a few months since and luis been gradually growinjf worse, his illness baffling the physicians. The Curlooa inclined can examine the woinis tlirouïi a microscope at Dr. Darling't office. Amoiiff the papers filed by $. A. Nrdman, county drain commissioner, at the county clerk's office, is a neatly executed map of the proposed "Plcasant Lake and Jerusalem Drain." This dttcfa is to commence at Pleasant Lake, in Freedom, runnlntc through a portion of that town shlp, a::d portions of Sharon and Sylvan, endin; at Jerusalem, in Lima, a distance of eight miles. The county drain oommissioner says that the drain law is lett in such shape by the passage of the new tax law that he can find no autliority to levy a tax for a drain, contequently the work is at a stand still, which is a fact greatly to be regretted. We lindemand that Mark Twain (g. L. Clemeng) and Ge.rge W. Cable will give au entertain mea I in University hall, Friday eveninfr, Dec. 12. The entertainment is to eonsist of rendering telectlon, each from his own works. It is nearly ten years since Twain left the platform ai a lecturer, and his reappearance, even tor the present year only, will beglftdly welcomed by his many admiréis. Higgenlui for story telling lg as good as ever and g universally admirad. Mr. Cable is well known as an author and reader. The N. Y. Sun saysjof hini : "Híh elocntion is entirely new; it is unlike anything ever before heard from a readers desk, bilt the matter, the marnier and the man are wholly homogeneons, and whully eireetivo and entertaining." The board will be open for reserved seats Wednesday morning, December 10 at the usual places where eeats are reserved for entertainments furnished by the Students' Lecture Association.


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