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The löth nnniial meeting of the Bbove society. whieh lias been in xtssion ;it the court house during thi.s week, will close ïts deliberations this evening. The oourt room, In wliich the meeting! are being held, has been tastily trlmmed f'or tlie occasion, and presenta a very attractive anpearance. The supervisors' room is used to display the exhibit of f mits, etc, which liave been brought with the intention of shipping them to the New Orleans expotltloD. Monduy evening, at about 1% oVloek, the meeting was called to order. Prof. H. S. Frieze, upon whoni devolved Che duty of delivering the 'addrest of welconie, spokc in pleasing ternis of the prorress made in horticultura, and gladlv welcomed the societ}' to this county, which was a. representativa one of this great lndustry. Prof. Lyon then responded in a happy vein to the address, and hoped that sometliing miglit be done to nmke these meetings attractive to tlu youiiger poition of society: he thoi.ght i would be a desirablc thing to do to con vince them that the odor of a rose was as pleasant at least as that of tobáceo. Sev eral pointe of interest were toiiched upon which space does not allovv us to dwel upon. Among other thiogs he stated tha the preparations for the biennial meeting of the American Pomolojrical Society at Grand Kapids, to take place in February, were in progrese; and a good exhibit of fruta by local societies at that time was desirable. The president then announceii the following committees: logical society at Urand Raplds- Byron G. Stout, Pontlac; Henry G. Reynolds, old Mlssion; A. J. Webber, [onla: W. K. Glbson, Jackson ; Wm. l. Webber, Kust Sagiuaw ; J. D. Kamsdell, Traverse Cily. On Fruits- W. O. Barry, New York; E. Buell, Kalamazoo; D. W. Beadle, Ontario. On Flowers. PJutits and Ornamentation - Win. Baanden, Ontario; W. W. Tracy, Detroit: Mrs. J. 3. Atherly, South Haven; vv. C. Barry, New York ; K. Buell, Kalaina.oo ; D. W. Beadle, Ontario. On Resolutious- A. C. Gliddeu, Paw Paw ; C'. Weed, Chicago; II. W. Davls, Lapeer. Prof. J. B. Steere, of the univeisity, followed with au exceedingly interesting paper upon "TheOrigin of Hürticulture," at the close of whicli a discussion followed, engaged in by Messrs. Saunders and Beadle, of the Ontario associatie. The question box being opened, tlie plucky little EnglUh spurrow poppedout, and had bil little anatomy and maraudinjf tendenoies dlwowcd by L. D. Vifkins, of Manchester, and Profs. Buur and Steere. The first sesslon then adjourned. President Lyon called to order and Kev. Mr. Lockwood offtred prayer. An invitation to visit the University was received f rom President Angelí, and saine accepted tor 10 o'clonk Wednesday. The orchard was discussed. President Lyon idvised ngainst the practico of orchardlsta turning nurseryinen. Mr. Ruell, of Kalamazoo gave advice retpectlng grafting. J. Austin Scott. of' this city, did not think much of root firafting. J. J. Parshal], of Aun Axbor, thought that Washtenaw county was not the same as other places, anti that fruit thiit did well here fiiiled at other places. W. C. Barrv. the irreat RocheMer ¦ serymiii, thought tlmt root graftin;; was a question not yet thuronghly solved, ütlier views were taken by Harpa r f}rwn of Eaton Rapids, President Lyon, et il. Peach culture next caine op. Mr. Sessions, of Oceana couldn't explain the peach curl, and knew of no one who could. Professor Baur, of Ann Arbor, thouglit it could be prevented by a ricli, hüttry ooil. J. D HnliKvin tboiiffht tho weather had something to do wlth it. Mr. Barry had known a heavy east wind to curl leaves on some varieties. Sec'y Garfield believed it tobe a tiingiis growth. developed more or less by the atmosphere. Some "tricks of nature" were then shown, such as a cbess kernel growing on a wheat head, russet spots on other apples, etc., etc. Some tlioiij)it t tlie rcsult of pollenization, others thought düferently. ïhe methods of judging liuits at faiis was then criticised and discussed by Prof. Slatterly, of Lansiug, and others. Prof'. Tracy, of Uetroit, gave a very entertaining talk rMpectlcg bortlonltunü ! plays. In the afternoon the effect of bees upon fruit, the apple scab- to remedy wliich Mr. Beadle of Oniario, reeominended trimniing- the keeping of fruit in cellars, the best strawberry, and raspberry, the way to prevent ploma fnmi falling, etc, were treated upon. "Useful insects" caine in for a good discussion, and some insects tliat were harniful were bronght in also, the session closing with B paper by Robert Hewett of tlie secretary of state's oltice respecting horticultura] Statistici in Michigan. The eveniiiK session was very Ing. Mr. Alezander, of Binningham, told about raUing peaches froni the pit, grapea and grape rot, the three best apples to niisf - Baldwln, Nonesuoh and Muiden Blufa - How wlll sweet potatoes and egg plants succeed In.muck land; the question of pears, etc, Ware encli treated upon. Prof. V. M. Spaklinr read a very interesting paper upon "Kusta, Smuts, aud Molds," eompariiiff tlie game vvitli drawings and magie lantern. " Topic studies in Ilie woods," was responded to by a letter trom O. C Simmonds, of Clnoago, read by Secretary Garlield. WKDNESDAV KORENOON. Prayer was oliered by ]{ev. R. B. Pope, ifter wliicb Secretary Garfield made a report of the (liabursemeuta tor the year, aniounling to $1,774.89. Tlie tblluwing nfficera weie tlien chosen for the enmilng yeai: President- T T. Lyoo Soutli Haven Secretary- Chas. W. UarHeiil, Urand Kanids. K Treasurer- R. M. Pearsall, Grand Kiinlds Librarían- Thos. H. Koster, I,aiiHlng Executlve Commlttee-E. fl. .Scotl Ann Arbor O. A. Sesslons, of Oeeana. Tlie committee reponed that they had examined the floral decorations, and arrangerneiiL f exhihits, aud spoke liiglily of both. After this a diüCUMlOD was had upon the Ann Arbor KCdlIng grupa, oponed by Prof. Baur. The meeting then adjonined to visit the university. Another ses.sion will be held this evening. THE MU81C was a pleasant feature of tlie occasion, and was furniibed by ProfS. Cady and Wilsey, with a mixed cholr. TUK EXHIBI'J'. The supervisors' room ík a tine display of apples, pears and quinces, some canned fruits, stcain evaporated fruit, houey made from different biOMoma, a few garden vegetables, etc., etc. The fruit is all properly labcled and Is ccrtainly tempting to look upon. The Kaldwins seein to have the preference in the apple line. DAVID DEPUB'S INDIAN REI-ICS. . Among the curiosities exhibited at the State hortloult.ural meeting now in ses-ioii hcre, is the colldètlon of ludían relies owned i)y David Depuei of Pittcfleld, Mr. Depile lias been iratbering nnd keeping these relies tor (ereral veaia, and luis a valuable collcction, exctlled by few in tlie country, ptobably. All the mplemonts are made oí' stone, of course, and consist of n.xcs of all sizes and kiodi, ftrooyed and not groored, both for baftle and doineêtlc purposes; hammer, moccfisin lasts, the medicine nian's mort ar and pestle, peatlcs tor pounding up corn, flattened stones OU whieh to bakfl their bread, ete. Tlien tliere are A nuinber of pipes, aiiiong tliein belng one of exqulsí t ; workmanship when we consider the tools witli which it was inado, tliat was once the property of the ChtefTecumseh. There are Indian whistle.i, trinkels and enibleins of authority and honor, al! made of stone. A curious (tllng is the model of a small boat, uhich the Indiana called "the spirit boat," on wliirli the spirit of the departed waa gapposod to cross the liver of dcath. There were eight cases of arrow and spear beiids, a pair of earriiis made of ahells and hnekskin, which once graced sonie fair Judian belle's ears (or nose), and other things which wonld need a column or twu to proper] y write up. A little out of the line of Indian relies, bat rellOS jast the same, are two bilis oí Continental money. One bore the assertion tliat the note was tive dollars; a letter V on one corner, and a picture of a candle-stick bearing 18 candles representing the 13 colonies, on the other end. It was evidently a fine plece of prlntllifc for its day. The otlier bill was not so orna mental, but bore nuich more authority for lts existence; Itread: " Tliis bill shall pass current in all payments in this state for tive Spaoisb. niilled dollars or the value thereof in rold or silvcr, aecording to the resolutiou of the convention of Kew "iork, on the 18tb day of August, 1770. Tis death to counterfeit." Sigued, R. King, L. Kiersted. It will wel] repay yon to look through the coilcction.


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