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Bacli fc Abel make some very liirge reductions tliis week in cloaks. Ir, is very seldom sucli a large cut is made in December. The first Monday in January, and not the flrat day of January, is wben the new county officials enter iipon tlieir duties. TEST YOÜR BAKING POWDERTO-DAY! Erarxls nrivertised as ahsulutely pure COPfTAIN AMMOPTIA. THËTE8T : Piare a can top down on n liut ttove until heated.then remore tlu cover ami BmeiL a cbemlat wlU nut le i-tHUired to deteot the presuuce ol aniniünia. IOES ROT CORTÁIS AMMONÍA. ITS 1IKAI.TIIKI -I.XKSS HA8 NEVER BKKN QIÜSTIIIXED. Tn a nilllion hornea for a giiArter of a certtuí y it Uai tiod the conminara' rtlUble test THE TESTJF THE OVEN. PBICE BAKING POWDEB CO., Dr. Price's SüBcial Flavoriiig Exïracts. Tl.o.,r,.,..,.n,Ml ,,,.fl„u. „d n.!,. I tmm l,.on.„d 'ir, Price's Lupulin Yeast Gcms I'..r I.iitlit, Healtbjf Ili ml, The Best Di-v H jp Yt-nst in the World. FOR SALE BY CROCERS. HICACO. - ST. LOUIS. L'GKT KEALTHY BREAD Pmgems The best dry hop yeast In the world. Bread ralsed by thls yeast Is light, white and wholerome like our randmothar's deliclous braad. CKOCER3SELL THEM. Price Bakín Powder Co.. Kan'f rs of Dr. Price's special Flavorina Extracte, Chicago, III. st. Louis, Mo does rTT WONDERFUL lVUtí CURES OF V KJDNEYDISEASES (j) AND Sj LIVER COMPLAINTS. V """"" 't on the l,IVKli, BOmU and KIDJiEïS at the unie time. BeoauM It oloanses the systcm of the po!onoub humors that dovelope In Kidnoy and Urinary Diaeaaos, BUiouneM, Jaundl-e, Constinatlon. Pilos, or In Hneumatlsm, Neuralirla Nep. voua Uiaorders and all Femalo Comnlainu ar houd proofof JTiiik IT WTLI, SUHELr CtTEE CONSTIPATION, PILES, and RHEUMATISM, By oauinB PHE1! ACTION of all the organl and functions, thereby CLEANSINC the BLOOD restorine the normal power to throw off disease THOUSANDS OF CASES of the worst forms of these terrible diflPRHos havo been yuiokly relieved, andmaïhSrt"ul PBRFECTLY CURED. PEIC, 1. I.iqriD OB DIIY, 8OLD Bï DRVCWSTS. Dry can be sent by mail WELLS, B.1CHAB.DS0N & Co., Barlineton Vt. 3 be"J """P for Diary fur Is,i4. ' 1 08 frtfTfy3WKT7aT3aij3 1885. Harper's People. AN ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY. The serial and short stories in Habi'pr'h Young Pkopi.k iiavf nu the dramaüo Interest tlialjuvmille flctinn can possess, while they ave wliolly free trom what. is perulclous or vulgarly Hcnsational. The liumorouH storn-Niuid pictiiresare full of Innocent lnn and the papers on natural history nnd scienee travel, nnd the facts of life, are by witters whose mimes lvu the bost assurance of accnracy and valne. Illustrated paper on athletlc HporlN, games, and paatlme give full intuí iniititiii on these subjecls. fhere Is nothing cheap about it but il price. An epitome of everyth I iir that Is nttractive and deslrable iu Juveulle Ulemtarc-JtostoH Courier. A weokly Toast of icnod tlilngs to the boys nnd Iris In cvery iaiully wlilch it vislts.- Bn.oklyn Union. It is woudiiifnl In ils wealth of pktnres.lnforinatlnn, and interest. -UhrUllan AJvocaU, TERMS : Postage Prepaid, $2.00 Per Year. Vol. VI. commencts Nove'hbtr 4, 18SU. Singi.k NiMBfuis. Flve Cents each. RamittanoM sbould be made liy Post -Office Money Order or Drafl, toavold clianceol Icins. Nmnpaptrë are nol to copy this adi-erluemenl without the exitress order of HarpkuA Bbotiina, Addrcss ÍIARPEB A BROTHERS, New York.


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