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A Pure and Rbliable Medicine. - A compound fluid extract of roots, leaves, barksand berries ia Burdoek Blood Bitters Tïiey cure all diseases of the blood liver, and kidneys. liihl I hl, il l n i A HKALTHY AND BXCITINQ EXERCISE Can be had during the winter montlis by playing TEN PINS. COCKED HAT, Or anv of ttie trames of a bowUni allev On I Ol Hl II iTBEET, ciposite the Court House, Is BJLISS' Bowling; Alley, whlch has recently been fluely deioratedand fitted up in good style. PRIZESÜFFERED ! A fine 1O ITIedal will be glven to the person making the most polnt in 25 games betwaen now and Jan. 1. 1886 ; 2d best, a Box ol'i'igarM; :id lest, One Dollar' n ortli ut Bowling Tickets. PATRONIZED BY THE BEST PEOPLE. Student here can Kt one of the best ' rantacei of a gymnasium. The exercUe Kivtw good circulation, helps digestión and appetite. COME AMD TItYIT.' A. C. II! l.s & CO. Ilïil POE 1885. a pai'eit dkvotri) to ami:kica iti:ri:vi. L.1HGKMT RF.PI BI.K'AX ('la('l). L.4TIO1V IX AJIKIim. Thk Tkibink besins Ihe new subscription yearwlili picgpeotx unparalleled in its hislory. Itsclrculalion for the seven days ending November, UM, was as follows: " Honda)-, November 3 99.1O0 riiejd)-. November 10Ï 'o!) WeÓMtmÓMY, November 5 188,600 rboradaj, November A i;. 7 icio Krl.lay, November T l6o(OO aturda), November S 174,000 iindin, ovember9 ia IMMl Weekly, ovember 5, , x H.sïve ' of all short term ranipaign mibscrlpllonSi 145,910 xnil-W eekly 38300 Total mimber or Tribuues l-riiii. I and Kold durlii" week ('IkIIiiï November 9, exclusive of vuiiipuign subscriptlo"s l,02,110 Nlnety-four lom of paper er used in .ruiling the week's issues. This ¦¦ of course n eleciioD week 'spurt " whlch "broke the ecord' in New York. seltinu Imck im. n - - : ¦' ¦'¦¦ '-tiniiK urn-h lililí 11H viendy galt.' Tuk riuBUNK's record stood on the followlng woek : Avpraïf dail) 'lriilation ol'tluitaii) Tribune Corweek endino Sov, ir, 1884 ïai 400 WVikly Tribune, Nov. 12, 1884 14A(i.,( Scnil-Weekly SüOO Durlng iss,j TiikThihi-nk will strlvo more zealously una hopefully than ever for lts polulcal fnith. The reiurn t power of the Puy ihat broagbt on the Kei ellion maat mak the oomlng year one of the'mosl In ter MUng In our histoiy. The mora the peoplë kmiw ofhow Demócrata deal wlth thei! Uovernnieiu, the snier la Republloan auooeaa the oexttirae; and Thb Tribune appeala to is fnends to help spread sueh koowledfe lrondThk TiuiiUNK (ves the news fully mhlv Büd early; it is a safe and uttranivV paper tor the iainily eirc-le; and i tlle persistent advocate ot work for Aniericau órkineu a Kieat, paying home market for American graJn and meat, tbe extensión of oor forelan rade andthejreaiiralproteotionof American lnteresta. It la vors eyery practical effbrt to elieck Intemperance.andisalwayson theside ot morallty, refbrm, and progres? its Waeklv and Seml-Weekly edltlone oontaln noub y eoinpleteand valnable Agrlculturnl Household, Llterary and .Inveniie departmenu with serial si, „ les, abundant eorresp , ,'e nteresUngmlscellany.nndsoniefun Kverv' ¦nember of the famtly, old oryoang, nnds iï lt lnstructlonand enti-rtulnmènt Every postmaster aiut olnbagent Is Invlted to form yearly oluba at once" for Tuk Tkim-Ni:. Ihe tollowlng premioma ure otl'er, d In oomblnatlon wlth aubaorlpUona Unabrlilaed Dlotlonary , botb Webater'sand oroeatera. U'ood's Household Praotioe ol Medicine vols.. Illaitrated. Ml!) and Ma punes The Lihrary of Uselul Knowledge 16 vols oearly 90 paget eaob, embraoing Cbambnni; Kncyclopedla. complete with Amerioan adThe Waterhnr.v Watch, a pojuilar and anoceHsfut premian J WpaAh'B iUnstimted Biatory of the United Specimen copies, hIiow bilis and circulars wilh details of valuahle preinluins wlll be' sent, free, upon application, or can be bad front your postmaster. TKKMs TO MAIL BUB8CRIBBB8: WEKKLV, f(.25ayear; in clubs ol ten 1 a year. wlth extra eopy to man sendlnii dub SKJIIWKKKLÏ, 12.60, vear. 'ffSubi of ten, f2 a year; wlth, extra oopy to man sendlngclub. UAIL.Y, wlthSunday, Í8.50; wilbout Suuday, $7 per year. SIRiUAVTKlBI'NI5,$l.S0 per year KundayV Tkibunk, Monday s. Wednèsday's or Saturday's, can ba subscrlbed for separ'ately CountiiiK postage. The Trihunk. costs ahout two cents a eopy. all edltlous Address, simply, TH K THIHUN1C, New York. Minore mont'y than t, clse by takIngan asrency tor the bost hcIIíur bouk out. Beginnen tncoeed Ktiuuliy. None Btll. Tsrmi free. Hai.i.ktt Huok Co., Portland, Maine.


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