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"What Is it to be wise? 'Tls but lo know how little can be known To see all otliers' faulu, and feel our own. Popb. Sorrow is kno'ledge; they who know the most Must mourn the deepest oer the fatal truth The tree of kuowJedge Is not that of llfe. Byrow. Prof. Geo. S. Morris and family hare gone east to be absent several months. Mark Twain and Geo. W. Cable, at the universlty hall, Friday evening.Dec. 12th. Prof M. E. Cooley has in contemplation one of the finest niechanical laboratories in the country. There are 104 college gradantes araong the newly elected memben of the Michigan legialature. It is not generally known that ProfStowell is an expert at making toy doü's heads out of hickory nuts. It l thuughc tliat some of the dravvings of the engineering student will be sent to the New Orleans exhibit. Fiank Burroughs and C. H. Carson ate turkey Thanksgiving with Wm. J. Hastings, at his home in Tecumseh. Besides the U. of M. a chalr of pedagogie has been established in the universities of Miwoari, Iowa and Nebruska. Don't foiget the combined efforts of Twain and Cable- not Cable in Twain, next week Friday evenlng, at university hall. Prof. J. B. Steere is to deliver a lecture at Albion, for the benefit of the ladies aid society of the AI. E. chureh, of that place, soon. Prof. C. H. Stowell bas been confined to bis home ajrain for a few days past by illness. He hopes to be outagain iua few days. President Angelí deüvers his ddress upon "China and the Chinese," in the First Congregational clmrcii, East Saginaw, Friday evening. It was a subfiesh. tliis time, whoasked oneof ourclothiers for " varioloid collars, the kind that clirt washes off' of." He found what he was In search of. The special car for the New Orleans exhibition, willleave Ann Arbor on orabout Dec. 22d, it s expected, the route not beinjr decided upon yet. Fare $25, probably. Acouple of Ann Arbor students walked over to Teouniseh the other day and back the next day. The Ann Arbor boys appear to have a walk-over. - Adriun Record. Prof. Law, of Cornell, want? the lawso constructed that there can be but one slnughter house for large cities, so that all meat can be easily inspected. He has undoubtedly been the victim of a college boarding house. The old ways are gradually givingaway to the new ways of progress in the old nstitutions of the old world. For the tirst time in ts history, the Roy al university oflreland have conferred the degree of B. A. on niue j'oung ladies. WUl the papers throughout the stute which are piiblishinjr the assertion that " Dr. G. J. Ellis, of the Michigan University oflers $300 a word for any information concerning John Harvard," please teil us who "Dr. G. J. Ellis" is! He is not known here. At Harvard the faculty propose to abolish the gaine of foot-ball or Rugby, because of its brutal and pugiliatic character. It does certainly seem as if one needs to be a champion p-ize tighter to be a good football player. It is a rough game. Base ball is parlor billiards by the side of it. Prominent citizeu- on Main street - in company with other prominent citizens - talking plncidly about the weather - p. o. puts lus hands in liis pocket - discovers somethlng - "wliat in thunder?" - suddenly remembcrs going to the b;irn that a. m. and finding eggs - put them in pocket for safe keeping - p. c. hauls out gome shells and casts them away- air blue for blocks around - passers by took p. c. for republican who had bet on election - after thinking to himself earnestly for few minutes - goes home - goes to the barn - murders guilty hen - revenged. True story. Moral : Don't put eggs in your pocket- put them in your mouth. V. A. Millard called at the Courier sanctum this noon and paid his yearly subscription. He feltalittle bad about being two or three days late thisyear, for it is the flrst time in fifteen years that he has failed to pay in avance on the day his subscription expired. All honor to such men as Mr. Millard. They are of the kind that make the printer's heart glad at any rate.


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