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misiness plek up. Everybody's coal bin f uil and wood pile big enoueh to last till spring. Enough pork ia everybody's cellar to keep hunger from tbe door. All the boys quit smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes - yes, quit smoking. A dog whose owner woulda't be mad if he were killed. A new jail- and the county pay for ir, A democratie layman who doesn't want the postofflee. The stnile of satisfaetion on the boys, and girls' faces when they get a letter out of the P. O. from the "old man, " with a remittance in it. Less tobáceo smoke in the postofflee evenings. A handsomer light than the new Edison incandescent - have you seen Itf Theyoungsters enjoy their coasting. Everybody take their best local paperthe Coukier ot'course - andpay for it. The price of wheat and labor go up instead of down. Beautiful house plants smile at you through clean Windows as you pass along residence streets. The gang of thieves who have been working Ann Arbor all sent to prison. Our young ladies quit the use of slang. The democrat who doesn't consider that his personal services should be rewarded by a nice fat office. You prosper. The man who does not thlnk that he could edit the paper just a little bit better than the editor. A person who is as ready to encourage you when you do well, as to warm your ears when you do ill. The wife who has not glven her better hali "an idee" of what slie wants for Christmas. At least half the county offices lilled by republicans.


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