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Catarrh Is undoubtedly caused by Impure blood. Henee a medicine which purifles the blood removes the cause of the disease and opens the way for a thorough cure. This is exactly what Hood'9 Sarsaparilla does, and it makes the cure complete by givlng the system bealtb and strength, and enabling lt to throw off the depressing effects ol the disease. Catarrh Is permanently cured by Hood's SarsaDarilla. Mr. A. Ball, Syracuse, N. Y., says : "Hood's Sarsaparilla has helped me more for catarrli and impure blood than anythlng I ever used." "I hare taken Hood's Sarsaparilla for catarrh, and think it has done me a great deal of good. I recommend it to all Wltbln my reach. Hood's Sarsaparilla lias been worth everything to me." .Luthek IX Kobbins, East Thompson, Conn. Catarrh May be breaking down your health. Be wise In time! Xhat flowfrom the nose, ringing noise in the ears, pain in the head, inflamniation of the throat, cougu, and nervous prostration wlll be cured if you take Hood's Sarsaparilla. " I had been troubled by general debility, caused by catarrh and humors. Hood's Sarsaparilla proved just the thing needed. I derived an immense amouut of benefit f rom it." H. F. Millett, Boston, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. $1 ; six for $5. Made oaly by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar. 1220-1224. leTeveryóne wait Befo re Buy ing Cbristmas Caris AND HOLIDAY QOODS ! UNTIL THEY SEE MD'S FIE ¦ THE POST-OFFICE IWS DEPOT Wül open tip a Fine Line of Car ds, Albums, Writing Desks, Box Papers, Inkstands, Etc, about December lOth. WILLIS BOUGHTON, Proprietor. Captain Mitcbell, of the bark Antoine Sala, New York and Havana trade, came home in May, entirely lielpless witli rheumatisrn. He went to tlie mount;iiii9, but receiving no benefit, at his wife's request began to take Hood's Sarsaparilla. He mmediatcly began to improve; n two inonths his rheumatism was all gone, and he sailed in commund of his yessel a well man. Hood's Sarsaparilla will help you. Sold by all druggists. " There's mighty few troubles us men have that a woman is not at the bottom of it," saiu a precocious small boy, after his inother had interviewed hini witli a slipper. - Merchant-Tra veler. He Thanks His Paper. Mr. Editor :- I was induced by reading your good paper to try Dr. Hurter's Iron Tonic for debility, liver disorder and scrofula, and three bottles liave cured me. Accept my thanks. Jos. C. Boggs.- Ex.


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