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' TTT Tlior wurmn? people. Sond 1U cents M poitage, and we will mail you free a y tl royal, valuable sample box of goods ,, J J, Ihat will put you in the way oi maltin mure money in a lew days ihan 'e yon ever thought poeeible at any business. Capl j. tal not required. You can live at home and Work C in spare unie only, or all the time. All of both sexes, of all ages, grandly sncceesful. 5U cents to O $5 easily earned every evenlnj;. ïhat all who want work may teet the business, we make thia unparal0 leled offer: To all who are not weil eatisfted we will send $1 to pay for the trouble of writiug us. Full 8 particular, directions, etc, sent free. Immense pay abaolutely sure lor all who start at once. Don't f_ delay. Address Stinsos & Co., Portland, Maine. 1 TlTlTnTl S.;nd six cents for postase. R IJ II I I h and reccive free, a costly box 14 F M I V So0i8 which will help yon I I II M . to more money right away than anything eUc. in Ihis world. 't All, of either cex, succeed from firt huur. The broad road to lortune opeos before the workers, [ atiiolutely snre, At onco address. True & Co., ' Augusta, Maine. 1 W I r32Z' IT! y, detiÍoit' commercial e IB i MS riiMlshiil i'very PrMaj. il 9f SBB fSm ï:sllhshiclliil861.TwentyUS tt-cüod Anuual Premiums, b9 s s35-ccoincash ¦ tn le fivfn nubficribera Jan. & @9 I4ili. Ktl -lences: AuyMeriint or Bunker in the City B of Detroit. Sample copyana vHr flflHB prosiiectus cutnainlug full j1H información sent free toany 'em mldreas, Cïod agentswant ed ererywhere. Addre.-a Wtf.H.GURK,Publisher, DETROIT. JIICH.


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