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Compiled from Late Dispatches. DOMESTIC. The Indiana State Ntatistician rcports 13,289 manufaeturlng institutions in the State, with a total iuvexted capital of (68,O-ll.'.W. ïlie value of the goods inanufactnied per annuin is Í1.VJ.351 ,872, and the total woges paid is $81,287,140. At twenty-six leading clenring-houses in the United States the exchauges during the weck ended on the 22d aggregated K),7iis„")iH), agninst $757,862,304 the previous week. As comp&rod with the eorreapouding perlod Of IN1'!, the clearings indtcated a decroMO ot' l!i.." per cent. Adam Fokepai cmi's white elephant, the "Light of Asia," clied at the headquarters of the great shownian iu Richmond, Va., a few days ago. CbJlKL.ES Nkivii.le was placed on trial at Toledo, O., on the "i')th for marrying ten women without olitaiuing a divorce from any of them. About tweuty families living in the Bowery, New York, were driveu to the roofs of their ho-ises by fire the other morning, but were all rescued in safety by the flremeu. Most of them were in their night-olothes and suffered mucb, astheweatherwas very cold. The Mormons were reported on the 25th to be once inore at work in the Piedmont section of North Carolina. They weresaid to be iuduciug many women to leave. At Lewes, Del., a skiff from the pilotIoat Turley, containing the pilot. Marshall Hertrand and two sailors, was wrecked a few days ago, a:id all were lost. Thb issue of Bilver dollars for the week ende') November 22 was 481,497; for the corresponding periodof lastyear, 801,998. At HuntingtoJi, Ore., on the afternoon of tlie 25th connectiou was made between the Üregou Railway and Navigation System aiwl the Oiegon Short Line, thus completiug the fourth line of railroad acioss the continent. The National Cattle Growers' Assoriation of America was incorporated recently by the Illinois Secretary of State. The principal office will be at Chicago. The Lancaster (Pa.) crematorium was dedicated on the 25th, and the body of a woman was redueed to ashes. The lOlst anniversary of the evacuation of New York by the British was celebrated on the 25th by hoisting the flag on the old fort in Central Park, and the dining together of a number of veterans of the war of 1812. At Philadelphia a few days ago Soloinon K. Grimly, who pleaded guilty to receiving greater eompensation than allowed by law in procuring a pension, was senteneed to pay a fine of $350 and costs. During a quarrel at the Cañonea copper camp recently, near Sonora, A. T., six men were killed and several others were inju red. Three milis at Woonsocket, R. L, gave notice on the 25th of a reduction in wages, and three other milis would work on thveequarter time, beginning December 1. Mrs. John Mulliken, a wealthy resident of Boston, sold peanuts on the 25th at a booth on the common for twelve hours on an election bet, and realized $100 for eharity. During a severe storm the other night lightning struck the house of Joseph Shireley at Point Pleasant, V. Va., and instant - ly killed Mrs. Shireley and a daughter thirteen years old. In Troy, It. Y., Mrs. Harriet De Freest pominitted suicide a few days ago by saturating her garraents with kerosene and then setting lire to them. The Chief of the Bureau of Statisties in his annual report on the 20th stated that during the flrst four mouths of the present fiscal year the exports of merchandise were $234,713,249: imports, $208,813,630; excess of exports, $26,898,919. For the year the excess of exports was $81,583,688. The excess of imports of gold and silver for the four months was $3,346,510. A boy fouvteen years of age was placed in jail on the 27th at St Albans, W. Va., for robbing the mails. He confessed his guilt. Secretary Teller, of the Department of the Interior, submitted his anuual report to the President on the 2(ith. He urges the education and protection of Indians, in order to prevent the reeurrence of hostil'ities between the red and the white men. He deplores the waste of the public doniain, urges a chauge in the laws for railroad taxation, favors pensions for soldiers, and expresses confldence in the Civil-service act. Another band was gathering on the 27th at Hunne well, Kan., for an invasión of Oklahoma, and they expected to start on the expedition about December 1. The number of idle workmen in Pittsburgh was on the 27th estimated at 20,000. ¦ The annual report of the Comptroller of the Currency, issued on the 2üth, shows that during the fiscal year ended November 1, 191 National banks were organized, with a capital of $16,042,200; oirculating notes issued, $3,8G0,230. Since the establishment of the system on February 25, 1863, there have been organized 3,201 Naftional banks, of which 2,ti71 are now in ex'istence. ' The General Superintendent of the LifeSaving Service, in his annual report, says the total number of disasters during the past year was 439; total value of property saved, $9,161,354; total value of property lost, $1,446,586; total number of persons aved, 4,412; total number of persons lost, 20; total number of persons succored at stations, 552; number of vesse's totally lost, 64. A training school for Christian workers, in which prominent men are interested, will be opened January 1 at Springfleld, Mass. The course of study will oceupy two years, and the expense to students will be but the cost of board, books, etc. Three brothers named McCarthy, prominent settlers of Union County, Ore., recently lelt their homes on a short prospecting trip and could not be found. It was supposed on the Ü7th that they were murdered by Indians and their bodies secreted. Chief Bushyhead has vetoed the bill recently passed by the Council excluding white men from the Cherokee Nation. Wiley D. Clegg, an employé in tho cashier's office of the Union Pacific Road at Omaha, was aiTested recently for embezzlement, and confessed. It is alleged that he has purloined probably $'25,000. Dr. John Maxwell,, of Springfie'd, O., rendered miserable by poverty, poiaoned his four children and himJMJf. The effect wa.s fatal oti the little ones, bii'r he recovered sufficiently to permit of his hping lodged in jail on the 26th. The shoe-shop of the penitentiary at Brooklyn, N. Y., was entered by thieves a few uights ago, who torced the safe and took $3,000 in currency without arousing the guards. Horton, Crary & Co. 's flve tanneries in Pennsylvania shut down on the 26th, throwing a large numtjerof men out of employment. Charles Watson (colored) was hanged for murder on ' the 2Uth, at Little Rock, Ark. Becausb of the game being brutal, demoralizing and dangerous the Athletic Committee of the Harvard University faculty propose to recommend that foot-ball be prohibited. The Middletown (N. Y.) National Bank clo8ed its doors on the 28th, on account of President King accepting large drafts without security from B. D. Brown, a grain-dealer, who had failed. A train on the Louisville & NashviUe Ruad was consumed by fire at Prediao, Ala., the other day, and among the valnables lost were two pouches of registered letters, onefor New York and the other for .Boston. Robert T. Lincoln, Secretary of War, in his annual report issued on the 28th, says the total expendltnres for the fiscal year endod June 30, 1884, were $42,332,876.21, the appropriation8, $45.570,551.53. Thi -ütimates for the fiscal June "0. 188fi, are $.V),SV(í;.V)n.5fl, lfng Tes man t.he for 1885. Tre reported recent, killing of a saloonkeeper at. Bladeiisburg, (., by Prohibit.ionists waK on the 28th said to he false. Thfl man met bis death hile expalling dranken ruftians from his place, the crowd, who were celehrating over the election, ttfterward gutting the saloon. Wii.i.iam Barss, of Chester, N. Y-, aaswered a culi at his door the other night, when lie was seized hy two men and robbed of a gold watch and $1,000 in mouey. Bkliefs were expressed on the 28th that Ihe "long strike" in the Hocking: Valley would soon end. Some twentv of the persons indicted for outrages had been arrestel and would be tried for eonspiracy. The railway bridges burned had beeu replaced. A warrant was issned on the 28th for the arrest of J. C. Pusey, chief clerk of the Kansas penitentiary, who was charged with the embezzlement of $7,000. The uumber of hogs packed at the principal Western points from March 1 to November 28 was 4,050,000 against 3,781,000 for the correspondiug time of last year. Matthew McCarron, of New York, a laborer, while iutoxicated the oxher night stabbed his sick wife in the eyes with a shoemaker's awl, destroying her sight. Coal sheds on the New York & New England Railroad, near Boston, feil a few days ago, crushing three men to death. At San Rafael, Cal., the other night a buggy coutaining six persoita ras struck by a locomotive at a crossinj, two being killed, one fatally injured and the fourth haviug an arm broken. The others escaped. George Briscoe (colored), accused of robbery, was taken from officers a few nights ago at New Bridge, Md., and hanged by masKod asn. The Federal Grand Jory at Omaha on the 28th iudicted fifteen persons for t'raud in counection with the sale oí Otoe Indian reservation lands, by whieh the red men were deframled to the amount of $20,000. Threk hiindred persous were on the 28th throwu out of einployment by the temporary shut-down of the Home Sewing Machine Company's works at Bridgeport, C'onn. BTiik annnal report of United States Treasurer Wyman, issued on the 28th, shows that the net revenue of the Government for the fiscal year ended Juue 20, 1884, was less than that of 1883 by $49,767,712. ha ving been $848,019,869, while in 1883 i' araounted to $396,287,681. The net expenditnres aggregated $244,12I,244, a decrease trom the amount in 1888 of $21,281,898. The Treasury reserve for the year ended November 1, 1884, decreased $12,702,256, or from -$lfi0,822,545 in 1883 to $148,070,290 November 1, 1884. The amount of standard silver dollars coined to September 90, 1884, was .+182,380,829. Tickets from Chicago to St. Louis were on the 28th on sale at $2, and the return trip cost but $1.50. In the United States and Canada there were 2(2 business failures duriug the seven days ended on the 28th, agaiust 283 the previous seven days. The distribution was as follows: Middle States, 55; New Kngland States, 23; Western, 87; Southern, 65; Paciflc States and Territories, 22; Canada, '25. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. The official canvass of the Electoral vote of Iowa was completed on the 25th, and gives Blaine 197,089; Cleveland (Fusión), 177,28fi; Butler's vote (as near as could be learned), 33,000; Blaine's niajority over Cleveland, 52,803: Blaine's majority over Cleveland and Butler, 19,803; St. John's vote, I 564. James L. Puoh (Dem.) has been reelected United States Senator by the Alabama Legislature. The official count for Delégate to Congress from New Mexico was eompleted on the 2.'th, with the followiug result: Priuce (Rep.)9,9:Ü; Joseph (Dem.) 12, 271: Rynerson (bolting Rep.) 5,102. The certitieate was given to Joseph. The vote for Presidential Elector in Nebraska was canvassed on the 25th. Blaine received 7B,877, Cleveland, 54,354, St. John, 2,S58. There were a few scattering votes for Butler, thoiigh the Electoral ticket was nominally Fusión. The offic al vote of Maryland at the recent election gives Cleveland 98,932: Blaine, 85,099; St. John, 2,7i4; Butler, 531. The vot of New Jersey at the recent election is as follows: Cleveland, 127,784; Blaine, 123,432: St. John, 6,166; Bntler, 3,494. The Republieans electetï four and the Demócrata three Congressmen. The canvass of the official vote of Kentucky at the recent election shows the following: Cleveland, 152,757; Blaine, 118, 074; Butler, 1,655; St. John, 3,10tJ. Democratie majority over all, 29,322. In the Vermont Legislature the other day a bilí giving women paying taxes the right to vote in municipal and town eloetions was defeated by 113 to 69. The official vote of Oregon ia as follows: Blaine, 2Ü.852; Cleveland, 24,593; Butler, 723; St. John, 488. Blaine's majority, 1,048. The official count of the vote of Indiana shows: Cleveland, 244,894; Blaine, 238,47 ; Butler, 8,794; St. John, 3,007. Cleveland's plurality, K.447. For Governor - Gray (Dem.), 240,140; Calkins (Rep.), 237,748: Leonard (Greenbacker), 8,338; Dwiggins (Froh'biHoril. 3,8. Gray's plurality, 7,392. The President has appointed Captain Fehrenlmtoh, of Cincinnati, Commissionei 3f the National Labor Bureau. The official vote of Massachusetts at the recent election was as follows: Blaine 146,724; Cleveland, 122,352; Bntler, 24,382; St. John, 9,923. Henry Ivison, the well-known publisher of New York, died on the 26th, in hii seventy-seventh year. The firm of Ivisor Blakeman, Taylor & Co. has been known in all parts of the country as one of the most extensivo school -book publishing houses in the United States. M. S. Elkins, Democratie Presidontial Elector for the Sixth Tennessee District, became violently insane on the 2tth. In the Steuben County Court at Angola. Ind., Judge McBride on the Hth instructeil the Grand Jury to indict every person shown to have wagered iuouey on the rosult of the election. General Miguel Güadra, Coinmis sioner for Costa Rica to the World's Exposition, died suddenly on the 27th ou board a steanier just after leaving New Orleans. Captain David L. Patne, the wellknown invader of Uklahorna, died suddenly while breakfasting on the inorning of the 28th at Wellington, Kan. The official vote of Washington Torritory shows that at the last election the women cast betweeu 10,000 and 11,000 ballots. FOREIGN. The Socialists and uuemployed work ingmen of Paris made a vicious demonstration a few days ago. Speakers whc advocatel moderation were assaulted, while others who urged the massacre and robbery of the rich were loudly cheered. The pólice were unable to control the crowd, and troops were called out to cleai the streets. The private safe of the lately deceased Duke of Brunswick, which he had bequeathel to the Duke of Cumberland, and which was supposed to be empty, on being opened recently was found to contain $5O0,(XXI in cash. Spies on the 25th reported the forces of the Mehdi eucaniped around Khartoum to number between 15,000 and 20,000 men. W. W. Beckett, of Sherbrooke, near Montreal, one of the largest hardware merchants of that province of Canada, has assigned, with liabilities of $100,000. There were thirteen deaths trom cholera at Oran, Algeria, on the 25th. No deatha were reported in Paris. There were flve severe earthquake shocks in Styria, Austria Hungary, ou the 2Hth. Advices of the 27th state that 100,000 persons left Paris during the cholera epidemie. The people were returniug in gi'eat numbent As epidemie of hydrophobia was raging on the 27th in the city of Vienna, Austria. Eighty cases were reported, eleven of them -_- ¦ - „i. ..„inriMMii „i.. ..y l'MtlS lililí olí t hu '_',( It . f .UIiimiI lis liuufil nppearanre. It was estimated that the total number of doaths by tlie recent inroad oi cholera would rsacfa tfWÍ. There still a few cases of cholera in tho dirtier quarters of the city. Severa r. violent shocks of earthqimke were feit t. Genera, Switzerland, on the S8th. Tul bart Luke Bruce collidedon the'iSth I with the steamer Durango in the Enplish Cuanucl. Tlie Diirango sanli, and twenty i persons were drowned. A dvices of the 28th from English officials n India stated that there was a dangerous condition of att'airs in that country, as the feolins of the natives wero never so excitad agaiust England as at present. DrNAMiTERs have recently been at work on the residence of Samuel Huasey, at ¦ Dublin. Soveral windows and part of a wall were bndiy shattered, but no oxie was , hn.t. LATER NEWS. The i'osunaster-ffeneral, in his annual report issucd on the Wtb uit., says the expeuditurea of his department for the fiscal yeur were $46,404,960, and theordinury revenuos were $43,338,137. The ooft of the service over the revenues for the past year was $5,204,484, auil for the curreut year the department asks for $8,8átl,848 trom the Treosury. A reductiou of the postage on local letters to one cent is recoinniended, aa also the establishment of a ten-ceut special delivery by means of inesseuger boys. Dü the forty-eight hours ended at niue p. m. on the :!üth uit. there were reported at Toledo, Spain, eight now cases o. cholera and five deaths. The official vote of Colorado at the recent election was as follows: Blaine, 30,277; Cleveland, 27,027; Butler, 1,967.; St. John, 7.")!. E. Willis Wilson, Democratie Governor-elect oL West Virginia, was notified on the 2!th uit. by Mr. McGregor, Prohibition candidate for Governor, that he would contest his election. If this contest was pushed it would involve the entire State ticket. Duhino the week ended on the 20th uit. there arrived at New York from Europa 4,l,i2,OOO in specie. Thk banks of New York held on the 20th uit. $42,207,000 in excess of legal requirements, the weekly statement showing a gain of $2,021.000 in the reserve. Burr, Son & Co., brewers, of New York, have failed, with prefereuces amounting to $110,000. It was announced on the .10th uit. that sturvation in the near future threatened the striking Hocking Valley coal-miners and their families unless the strike waa brought to an end and the miners returned to work. Near Elizabethtown, Ky., the boiler of a saw-mill exploded a few days ago, killing seven men and wounding two others seriously. The structure was torn to shreds. Director General Bl-rke, of tha World's Fair at New Orleans, auuounces that everything will be in readiness for opening the exposition December 16. The importe at New York during the week euded on the 2i)th uit. were $7,271,000, of which $5,909,000 was general merchandise and $l,:iH2 dry fioods. A commercial traveler who arrived at Louisville, Ky., on the 2!ith uit. from tho plague-strlcten district reported that in Martin C'ounty, Kentuckv, the people had little use for anything save coffins. The hillsides were dotted with the decaying carcasses of cows and sheep, and streams ainl wells were entirely drieil up. Neighborhoods had beoome depopulated in a weck, and the face of the región was parched as tbat of a desert. Itwasestiniati'd that one thousand persons had dled ü'oui tl'e piasne.


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