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I RHHtJMATlHM and NEUKAM.'IA Imvc Inng enough rim itol in th liunian MyHtcin. Ttaaar tavra loriiicntcil 11; ¦' liu.n nfa l'.v:ml %Wl the n!l.ii v,ilti ihtouitimeoiitoi lueiii.-ry tKV(YoiTjeillJhlil. c'"v.n.iillAy1t:xJ ii: I i, wyi iri, Ou1! i mnsulei ud :¦ iuk' J ttie LMfai xatt iMiau ruil!. "Ami.owKwoH" Is tli-j ¦- y of Rlieu:nafc blraxl, eu6B tlie Joints. oaluu til n. :m. " tb the mímele, gtvea rent and WUCO t.) túo tr " i 'I braiu, tiinl euëures dcüVh.iiil üeép, " AT!i.omoto"lHi i'vv re cl ¦ bul ! haa been atxiudnutly tntcd. Kruiu tar an.i uoiir ouji lu;ttmojihiti fi-itin wvll-kiiown terHou-i wlnj had -¦ beeu suffercr. Itbu taroed thelr ili-euw oi't It has curad Uieiu. 'J'liat llM,- Hd ÜUt M JiHHfU. " ATiiLofiKutos" c::n (! i lor yoli what it has kne Uir th"se 8 uier f, lt ':-:i drive out your UheumutU.n un 1 Ne ralgia, and wilt QO BO it'you g5vo it i fair trial. " ATHI.0PHOK0S" thH time li 1 1 such a nood tria aM owr thee luiitr} tliat Iti tru ór Ia kuowu. and itn trne eharm'U ¦ i ijfl. "ATHI.0PHOK03" ïi'i'a is " l'rlzc Bearer ; " "Víctor;" ¦ Couiiueror" Itiarrio o.] lue rrizans Í VlCTOii over this MAokSOt t!n .- ti;i-ijb!e w tudies. lid CUKcjVKKpK if the lrnlif ,! uirnljicK tU r vlctima httva Mwiroil. Not it temïowr' :¦ ' i bui a iKjntmiicitt, en.lnriiifcr, and tr iun. b..nt cu-e. ir roaoaaaoeget a - hlophoko mr you aeusgist, woivlll wnd ltcxnir.ip i !. on l i-el I Of I regular prlcer-OBedoUjrperboti 'e. .ei rel i 1 that .vou buy lt fro:n your flrn arit but H' )' ' hasu't lt, do iiot be i rsn ul"d lotry BOm 'thlng else. but orilei ntonce iro;.i us aadlrected ATHLOPHOROS CO., 112 WALL ST., MW WK iiiiiiiiiifipiiiiin .R,iraimiwi'( AMfnflk In caaes of dvUll1 ¦ ¦ 'kllN rhcumatUm, fev, r 1 fl" CCLEtRATED M and anaa, II ver c m 0 - pluiut, inactivity f STOMACHJ m st.imarh, livcr nnd H IMiDI owela lias au hi 1 1 (il hoi fale by Dr gL'lsts and Di-aler, u whom apply l.r Hortetteia Almanac l.r 1885. Skinny Mon. "Wells' Ife:ilth lioiicucr" restores health umi viftor, unies Dyspepala, linDotence, Sexual Deblllty. $1. Flirts are like tiddlcs - 110 JfOOil without the beaux - -W.iterloo Olwerver. The mosit rtnbboro cases of dvspepsia and sick headache yielil to the regulatlng and totiiny iuflaences of Hood's SmgitjMlilln. Try it. A polly-tiokle inoveinrnt - scnitchitig panot with a stiaw. - New ïirk JourDal. H. B. Cochnin. dnipgipt, Lnncasler, Pa. has guaranteed over .'00 hottles r 'Hurdock Bloüd Bitters for dyspepsia, bilious attacks, liver and kidneys. It is almostHS duiijrerons to kindle your ihouifhts willi the help of wlilkv as to kindle the ktiehen tire with the asslotance of kerosene. - Boston Transcript Eb rbiu-h & Sun the Druj{ists,who are .ilways af ter the niteiests of their custoiners, have now BOCItrfsd the aitle of Dr. Hos;inko's CöOgt and Li1"íf Syrup, a reinedv UlHt liever fails to cure Colds, IJ.,in. in the Chest and all Lunu; Aft'eciions. Forproof, try a tree sample bnttle. Iiej; stee 'ii cents and $1 00. Waiter fjirls inay uot be spirituulists hut most ot theni are tuble tijipers. - Boston Star. "Bm lm pa ba."' Quick, complete, cures all annoying Kidney, Bladder and (Jrmary Dtseaaes. $1. Druifgist. Conductor, (coi.temptuously )- " Woi's thisf", Passeiijfer.- ' My ticket book." Conductor. - " 'Ta'nrtgood on tliis road." Fiiweuger, looking at tlie book, di.-covers that he haiideü out bis testament by mistake - "No, I Bbonld s iv you hail no u-e for lt bere." - Boston Tran c ipt. Abigail H Coles of Moorestovvn, Burlinyton County, N. J, says:- " Eighteen montbs ago I had dropsy roaiul the heart. The first bottle ot Hunt's [Kidney and Liver] RKKKDTgave me gieat reli.-t. I feel I owe my veiy existence to HiN r[Kidney and Liver] Remi:iy." "Ah, isn't she a diu-k?"eried an ad' mlrer as the doctor'a dauhter passed"No doubt," reilied a mean wretch ; 'hertather isa qomck." - Courier-.Fourua'. "Kimij,')i on Rats." Clears out rats, mice, roaches, Hies, ants, bed-bugs, skunks, ehipmunks, gophers, 15c. Drugfiists. An obituary that appeared in an Austin paper winds up: " He was a good man he was born in Arkansaw, and has no doubt gone to a better land." The deceased can't help going to a bettter land tbaii Arkansaw. even if lie had not led au upright life. - l'eck's Sun. Botter Thnn Diamond, and of gieater value than tine gold is a great tonic and reno7alor like Kidneywort. Itexpelsall poisouous huinors trom th' blood, tones up the system and byacling direi'tly on the most important organs of the body stimulates theni to healthy action and restores health. It has ell'ected many marvelous cures and for all kidney diseasesand other kindred troubles ïtisan invaluable remedy. ' Why, Jonn," said bis mother, as she caiight liim stealing lur cake, " I am surpriscd." ' So am I," was the reply, " I didn't kunw you were at home." 'Molber Sivau's Worm Sjrup." Infallible, tasteless, harmless. CHthartto, for feveiishness, restlessness, worms, constipation. 25c. Theie is oue thing certain about investinr in telephone stocks. It is a sound investment. It is not, however, equal to a telegraphic instrument, for tliat is a sounder. - Boston Times. I3f In tlie Diamond Oyes more colorIng is given than in any knonn Dyes, and they give taster and more brilliant. colors. 10c. at all drugjiists. Wells, Uichardson A Co., Burlington, Vt. Sample. Card, 32 colors, and book of directions for 2c. stamp. Oh, yes Jones is jíetting on fust rate. lle's just coining money in bis new business '' "Ah, I'in glad to hear it. VVlial s he eogaged in?" " Countflrfettlnjr." Don't Die in the House. " Rough on Kats," ('lea is out rats, mice, roaches, bed-bugs, tl es, anls, molet, chipmtinks, gophers. 15c. "So you cali that well water?" remarkeil the stranger, spurling the nffendinjr liquid trom bis moiith. "Great Scott hovv inu.-L it have tast ed when it was ili." - lioston Transcript. Jus' as (Jo ui. Many unscrnpulous dealers ina}r teil you they have remedies for Coughs and ('olds equal in inerit and inevery respect JuM ai good as Ilie old reliable Dr. BoMnko Cough and Lung Synip, unlessyou insist upoil this renicii.v and wil! take no other, you ar liable to he greally rJecelved. Pricc 00 cents awd 11.00. Sojd by EberImch & Sou. EVEHY Li VlS MERCHANT IN ANK VltltOH Should aclvei'tie in THE COURIER.


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