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This has not bcon an cxtremely Lood ycar for architects and builders in this fair city, bilt still the amount of improvemeuts and bulldlnga which havo boen complcteil, or are in the process of con. struction, show a healthy growth, which, wo venture to assert, caá be excelled by very few cities of the same size in the state. It must be remembered that no manufiicturing establishments or industries have given the place Ímpetus. This city is an extremely inviting one for people wlio wish to retire rom active business, or who seeks a place to edúcate their chi ldren. Probably no place in the western states combines more advantages for people seeking a home, in which educational advancement, cultured society, or the thousand and one things that go to make up the enjoyments of reiined pleasures of life, than does Ann Arbor, "The Athens of the West." As a consequence there have been muny iiue residences erected here witli the past few years, and the rowth In toat direction has been fair the past year. Our iiures are given as noar correct as it lias been possible for us to obtain the'i). The list is: 1-. Long, two brick stores, 22x(iO ft. each , 2 story, N. Matu Ht $ 8,000 Catholio Schooi building, cor. North and N. State Hts., foundation laid 20,000 t The Alpha Delta Phl Society house, stone, cor. S. State and Madison sts_ .. 18 000 I A. L. Noble, bbrick residence, S. División st _ 10,000 3 O. Eberbach, brick residence, Fourth j cor. William sts 8,000 Eugene E. Beal, resideuce, Madison st. 3,500 I Elain Worden, residence, 8. División, cor. William st _ 4,000 John Thompson, residence, S. Fifth st. . 3.U00 Ollver AI. Aíartln, S. Fllth, cor. Liberty sts 3,500 ! George W. Alooro, brlck residence, S. . , Fifthst 3,500 i M. C. Peterson, resideuce, S. Fourth.cor. f Liberty sts 8,000 E. A. Phillips, resldeace and baru, S. I Main st _ 2,500 John Beahau, residence, K. Main cor. I'outiae sis 1,600 Mrs. Redman, realdence, N. Second st... 1,500 Mrs. Murphy, residence, N. Second st.... 1,200 . Ualick, reaidence, Kowery st 2,500 ¦ B. Green, doublé house, N. Fifth st 2,500 Harrison Soule, resldeace E. University ave 3,500 Nelson Eastwood, residence, E. (Jnlversity ave 3,500 Prol. L. D. Wines, residence, 8. Thayer „st 2,500 George Clark, residence, E. Unlverslty ave 2,000 Sixth Ward Engine house. 1,000 George W. Cropsey, brick residence, S. Fourth st 3,500 Peter B. Ingalls, residence, Maynard st. 2,500 W. K. Childs, residence, Maynard st 2,500 R. Waples, residence, S. Thayer st 2.0U0 Prof. O. C. Johnson, brick residence, 8. Thayer, cor. Hiil st 4 500 W. W. Tozer, residence, Liberty st 2,500 Mark Iloward. residence, Forest ave 1,000 Mrs. Bird, residence, N. Ingalls st 2,000 Mrs. Curtís, residence, W. Huron st 2,000 E. Bycraft, resideuce, W. Huron st 1,400 O. L. Matthews, residence, First, cor.W. Catharino 1 000 Mrs. Noble, residence, Chapín st 1.300 Wm.Gioves, two houses, Mann st 3.00J I.MPROYEMENTS, ETC. Swlft'smlll _ 20,000 Swattiel, Keyer & Petersou's inill 11,000 By T. & A. A. B. B _ 7,350 Michigan Central B. B 6,000 .Skating Bink, and repairs _ 6,000 Jesse Booih, residence, William st 4.00J On University Campus 3,500 M. E. Chnrch 1 JOO Toledo & A. A. Freight house 1,200 S. T. Sweet, residence, Felch st 1,100 Fountain 8t.,;res!dence 1,200 Fifth Ward school house, repairs 1,400 B. Green, remodellug block, N. Fourth and Ann st 1 200 Hangsterfer block. S. Main st 1,000 Mrs. Prof. George Morris, addltion, etc, State st „ 1,000 James Morwick, remodellng residence, Washington st 1,600 Laubengayer, rear additlon, S. Main st 700 Kred Wchlede, additlon to store 200 Airs. D. Culver, remodeling residence, Maynard st soo J. K. Miner, repairs to residence, eny si 500 ! P. O'lírien, remodeling house, Liberty street ' goo Dr. Hendiïeks, rcpafra, Poréstava 500 Mis. McArthy, remodeling residencie." S Ingallsst ƒ 800 Ira Cornwell, addltion, Hlll st 500 Qov. J. M. Asüley, barn and repairs Packard st 400 Wesley Hicks, addltlon. State st 300 Unltarlan cliurcli, clianges, State st 350 Wliitlark, "lotion, etc. State st.... 800 W. W. Whedon, repairs, Statest 700 Mrs. Chapín, remodeling house Bowery st goo Miss Noble, remodeling house W. Hu" ron st 7qo Prof. A. H. Pattengill, new bárn,'"; Catharlne st 300 Prof. Preseott. repairs, resldence... ..'...'.' 200 O. Uaus, ralslng store one story, cor. Liberty and Secoud sts 500 O. L. Matthews, repairs residence MiTIer ave 100 Mrs. Tuttle, repairs, Miller ave .'.'.'.'.'."" 10O Mrs. Sbadford, Kroadwayst, repairs 125 John Moore, repairs, División st 250 In addition to the above sliould be added at least $5,000 for repairs, ranging in sums froin $50 upward, that have not been enutnerated. This will swell the suiri total to $244,875. The two electnc Iight plants would add $12,000 more to that suin. Takiug all things into consideration Ann Arbor has done prettv well for an ofl' year.