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Juilge H irrunan lias a new bookease fittcd up iu lus cifflce. Only five pritODWl at the county jail - and t lic y ire uil mild ones. A l;uly on State Street had ten beautiful blooded fowls stolen last week. Oscar iSorg has sold his blooded five year old eolt"Johnie Buckcls " to Wm. Reid, of Detroit. Mre. Cotant, who lives on S. 12t hst reet, ötli v;ml, had $30 wcrth of studente' washing stolen frotu the line Thursday evening of lat weck. A brlght newiboy of this ity, being a.-kcd I he was going to be i printer, said lic wonld rather bi? a brakeaian on a railroad. ïlml boy will be president vet. Out of 55,000 taxes to be collected in this rKy, Ticasuier Watts collected 187,800 before the ltt of January, 1885. Some bard work to do yet to get In tbe balance. Min EtDma Lydla Lyons, who ilied in . Detroit January 7th, aged 26 years, was broaghl to Aun Arbor tor interment Saturday last. A oertain Hev. D.D., of this city lately Informed his blble cImb, that Bolomon's Tempte was not as larire as our Presbyteriaii i'hnri'li. " Tlii.s is 18S5. 1'fiiifnt fitgU," exclaim a conteraporary. The poor fellow must meas fiiaid tempest. Yes, we'ya heard of 'era - in Dakota. "Ads ' to insnre Insertlon must be baoded in by 'l'uefday noon. All Itemi, noticea, nrtlc!o8 Dot In Tuesday will have to lay over one week. Fiom this there in no appeal. Poor old Davy Toban, and who is there in Aun Albur who doesn't know Davy, ha? got hlmtelf into trouble by pickingjup i poeket-book that bi-loiijjed to another man and has been sent up. The fire department was called out 13 times during the year 1884 The total losses were $3.300, t'ully eoreied by insurance, and tlie department was never in botter condiüon tlian dow. lt san honor to the city. It cost the county $:iO.(JÖ to keep its prisonera at the Detroit house of correction for the past three months. Myron Still, on a 60 days sentence, Incorrlng tlie neater portion of it. Tberc is but one from thia county at present, Chas. Brenion, sent December 4t li. Mrs. Pred F. Wallace did not go to Chattanooga, Tenn., Iaat week Monday, "a usually accurate and esteemed contemponry to the eontiary notwithstandï ii ir " Mr. Wallace went to look tbe groand over, Indi lie 'has done, and lias concluiltHl to remaln, and Mrs. Wallace will join li int next week. A large number of Ann Arbor people have made urrangements to attend the roiicert to be given next Tuesday evening at Ypsilanti, under tlie auspices of the conservatory of music of that city, the principal star being Benj. Fseder, tliegreat violinist. " Wbere l my boy to-night? " did you :isk? Well, we saw him last night. He ¦was on the corner, by the postoffice using foul-inoutlicd language, and smoking cigarettes. It was bim, but if you are in doubt nbout it. jtist jro down there tonight and you will sec for yourself. Mr?. Wm. G. Koty, of this city, received the sud intelligence Monday of the death of her father, J. N. Prescott, on the day previous, :it Trinidad, Coló. He was 75 years oíd and liad been a resident of Michïtran many years. His remains have teen taken to Winona, Minn., for bnrial. Some dellghtful weather grected the people hereabouts the last of the week. i vr which niany wiae ones Bhook their baad and vowed " it wan't nateral," and tliat " we'd git our pay for't." But then we enjoyed the weitther just the game, not believing In throwing a good thing over our shoulder. The Ann Arbor Coramandery Knights Templar, and the Jackson Commandery liave completad arrangements for an interchange of work. The An Arbor knights will visit .lackaon, Friday, Januaiv Tl, and ihow the Jack?on boys how tlioy Initiale Cflodldatea taking the " grand bumper degree." Tliere is fcarcely another place In the state where the county papers are furnislied at il per year. And few places ;an produce bttter papers, either, than doe Ano Arbor. Our ohtaem ougbt to appreclnte this fuct. A man lio cannot atlnrd lew than 2 cents a week for his local paper, is poor, Indeed. The alarm of Ure Weduesday morning oame from the catching on flre of the building next to the opera house, occupied by Bliss A; Bliss with a billiard hall and bowling allcy. A burning chimney diil tlie deed. but the damage done WM confine I to the barnlng of tlm paper on the wall near the ciiimney. The n're departnieut boys were out on time, if it was rrijtld. Kind wordt often help one on in the journey of lifc, tlierefore the following from the last issue of tlie Caro Jefferlonlan U appreclated: ''This week the Ann Arbor CoDBICB begins its 24th year, lirif;lit and ipfcy as ever. The Courier is alwayi on time and always up to the times. It is always. wclcomefor t always has mnetMng new and original in it. It U nearly alwaya on tlie right side of rvery question, save politics - then never." Last Thursday moi ning tlie funce piclcts in front of tlie íesidence of Qeorgc M )ore, cor. of State and E. C.Hharine sts., were each ornameuted with a gasoline lamp, the stieet lamp-posts for blocks arouud bavlng been strippcd for that purpose. Sorae one, or ones (evidently f riends to the gas couipany), have been )laying these pranks semi-occasionally íor a long time. There may be some de-light in it to the perpetiatoro, but the gasoliuo folks would like to Interview Vliem a few minutos. jut for luck. Rev. Eugene Brady lecturos at the opera house on the evenlng of Jan. 26. Hurk, the foapinan, bas bought Osar Sorg's house, and will moye it on to his p remises. HFnday evoniu Ilev. Dr. Stede deliren lils lecttire "Swit.erlaud and the Alps," at South Lyon. ironie sneak thief stele hu ovorcoitt from la front of Douglas & Co'ë Htore one evening last week. On Detroit street last Friday night a dray horse belonging to "Dutch Henry," dropped dead whlle being drlven home. Dr. Steelo will next Sunday even ing locture on Switzerland, with particular refcrence to the tnartyr Ulrich Zwingle. "Baclielets" 8 said to bc the bon ton title for old maids. It is needless to remark that there are no bachelets in Ann Arbor. The Ann Arbor Turn Verein Society ia to glve a masquerade at Hangsterfer's hall St. Valentlne's Day. Co. A. will give one at the Armory on the 22d of February. Frank Joslyn, of Ypsilanti, doesn't relish his treatment by the 8Uervi8ors and proK)ea to apply to the supreme court for h inandanius to compel the in lo pay Iiitu his legal tees. South Lyon Excelsior : "A number of the boys from this place went to Ann Arbor New Yeara, and by the way 'took in' the skating riik. They pronounce it oue of the best rinks in the state." Mrs. Katherino DeGraw, o( Lake City, lowa, writes under date of Jan. 8th, renevTlng her aubneription, and says: "I aai now 85 years of age, and I shall take the Oouisikb the balance of mv days." W. C. Burchfield, bas enlarged his business of tnerclmnt tailoring, and has rentcd and movcl into one of the stores in the St. James block, on Huron street, where lie may be found ready for business. The Detroit Every Saturday pays a compliment to a former Anu Arbor boy: "Mr. J. V. Seyler is prominent among the 3'oung solo pianista of the city who nre rapidly galning professional and social standinir." In addition to the usual township officers to be elected thi spring, there will be two of the university, and one justice of the suprrmu court, in place of Judge Cooley, who declines a renomination, it U understood. The speaker of the houee has mude the committee appointments, and Rein-esentative Sutton, of th is district, is upon the committee on Military Aftairs and Hules and Joint Hules. Harper is upon Federal Relations, and State School for the Blind. Prof. Chas. E. Green will read a paper for the benefit of the Ladies' Library Asgociation, in the parlors of Mrs. J. B. Angelí, Saturday erening Jan. 17th. at 8 o'clock. The subject, "The Washington Monument " is one of general interest All are invited. The new building which Oscar Sorg is to erect on his lot, next to Schutnacher's store on South Main street, will be of brick, two stories high, 60 feet deep liy 24 feet front, and lie expects to have the 9ame completed by the niiddle of April. There will be some cold tingers among the masón unies the weather moderates. Saturday was a regular field day on the river, almost everybody who had skates of their own, or could beg or boriow a pair, were there. A few accidenta happened, but nothing more serious than a broken liinb, sustained by Eddie Osiander, a young man of this city who feil upon the ice. Two boy? broke In, and were handeomely immersed iu the ice cream fluid of the Hurun, but were sared from drowuing. The statement of the business transacted at the post-offlee for the year 1884, makes a good Bhowing. But few better in the state. The revenues were : HKCRIITS. First quarter $ 4i568 03 Second quarter 4 452 57 Thlrd quarter 8-180 64 Fonrth quarter "" 4jis il Hoxrent 675 50 Total $19,593 25 EXPENDlTUREg. Salary $ 2. 000 00 AllowaDoe 4,681 29 7,181 29 Lea ving a balance of. ... $12,41190 The First National Bank elected directora Tuesday, wlth the following result: Phiüp Bach, C. H. Richmond, Henry Cornwell, Wm. McCreery, John M. Wheeler, James Clemente, Alpheus Felch, J. J. Ellis, E. Treadwell. The name of J. W. Knight, who has been a director iu tliia bank for a period of 18 years, does not appear in the new list, he positively declining a reelection, and Jas. J. KUis was chosen in his place. E. Treadwell the ottaer new director, takt1 the place of J. Austin Scott, who also declined re-election. The directors will meet for orgauization some day next week. The Saline Obuerver devotes near a half column to the trial of Dr. W. .1. Herdman, of the university, in that place for assault upon Henry Tower, of Lodi, which gires a prejudiced view of the case. The anima which acuates the Observer isshown in the following item: "Saline juries do not dietinguish between the university faculty and ordinary beings, neither will they admit our honorable citizens to be overridden by the far-famed mug-wump of the 'modern Athens' (?)." Simply because Dr. Iferdman is a professor in the university he must Mibmit to havinghis property destroyed - and in bis own dwelling also- without, a protest. Saline juries should distinguish between right and wrong, and not allow their prejudices to get the better of their good ¦M1H. The Ann Arbor Polo Club met with a little bad luck last Friday night- Friday 8 an unlucky day, you know - in their game with the Light Guard club at the Princes8 rink, in Detroit, losing the game 2 to 0. The Detroit boys secured two goals, but had to work lively for them, it taking 50 minutes to capture the first and 25 minutes to capture the second one, and then C. H. Kline, one of the Ann Arbor's rushers, who had the heavy work to do, fainted from overwork. He had to be carried from the room and it was a long time before he could be revived. Another thing was a little peculiar. The team the boys met at Detroit was a different team from the one they played witii at the Aun Albor rink. They were all large, heavy men, giving them the advantage from the start. The widowof Capt. R. Beahan- (who was one of Ann Arbor's prominent men In his diiy, and a captain of the 14th rceimentof Mlch. iufantry during thu war)- bas received $3,000 back pension and is to receive $20 per inonth for herself as long asshe remains a wldow, and $2 per month for each of her two children until they are 16 years old. Capt. Beahan died geveral years after the war closed, froin the cftects, it is alleged, ofexposure while in the army. We do not helieve that the government can expend lts money toany hetter advantage than in pensions to soldiers, their widows and orphans. And furthermore, we do not believe any patriot should criticise any acts of thls kind, where the money goes into worthy hands. It is ten timen better that tnoney should be given those who foujjht for thls republic, or their relatlves, to keep thera in comfort-.ble circumstanceg, than In squanderIng it in useless congresrlonal "investlgations," and in paying committees to "skylark" all over the country at the expense of th people. We know of a few more pensions that ought to be granted.