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THAT DONT LIE! The Royal Baking Pnwder Co. try to give the inferenee that their powder conttliismore reain Tarlar and tlmt lts l. avt-iiint: Power Is greater tlian imy mbcr made, u ttated In their advertisement on the "Comparativo Worth of Bklnjr Powders, exhibited by black Unes. Our name was mt-ntinued in conneet loo with one ot our chejiper brand, made of different material 113 the trade might ileunnd. Onr CreMia 'l'ariiir briind of Andrew' Pearl was oniitted. evidently tor.', verv f.Mnl reason, jndlng from the rt-lallve nierlls of Andkew's Pearl ' and lioy;il. as cle:nly dem..nstrted by the Oovcrninent Chemist, Dr. Pbter Uor.r.lER of the Department of Agrioultnre, at Washington, from samples eeeived l.v hun trom dealers vvho furnisliei the sample from their stocks 011 ï.and In open maiket. wlmtexcossof Crmm Turtarln Andrcwi T n OOI I ITDO' AU Al #OIO I'ctrl over Koyl. uwittHud by OorIJK ItKS AIMAlYSIS crnment Lhcmlt Collier. #! UUkLILIIVI rllinL I OIO - n C v U. f. Dkpt OF AORHTJLTTTRï. I . ' 1 - Washington D. C, Mareh 10, 1883. f _J C. E. Asbrews & Co.- Gentlemen : I received by g expres trom l'hoí. Lydon and J. P. Harkins&Co., ;i_ JJjj (rand Ave., Milwaukee. and Harper Bros., CliicaB no, III , samples of Andrews' Pearl and Royil Batir I I 11? Powders. The cans were in good condition ¦ B when reieived and theseals unbroken. I find upon „-b CAI B ai'alvsis Iliat AndrewH Penrl Baking Powder con" ¦ I i ¦ tuin abont four and a hal; (4J) per rent. more I l I oreain lanar tlian the Hoyal Bakinji Powder. CC I ui I and a proMriloiiatcljr larger perrenlasc I (X I "' curbonic acid uu, umi I flud it to c I Tree trom aluin, and any Injurlouti -iiiI siancf. 11 Sincerely your, ¦ " PETER COLLIER, . NS W Ê gP l ¦ S. C'heniist, Dept. of Agiiculture. . - - Government Chemist Collier's Analysis as to the LeaTcnini Qualities. ANDREWS' PEARLWÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊKÊÊÊÊÊIÊKÊiÊÊÊÊIÊÊÊÊ ROYAL ¦¦¦¦¦ No wonder the Royal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl from their " Comparntive List." as Government Chemist Collier's analysis shows conclusively two things: lst, That Andrew-' Pearl contains more Cream Tarlar tlian the Royal, as sliónn by the cuts; 2d. That the l.eavenlng Power of Andrews' Pearl Is greater than the Royal, as shown by the two black linea above. TT ATT T'TTTT We will svethe Koval Co. or ny one else $1.000 or $r. 000 if they can prove by anv fair mutual test tlmtAndrews' Pearl Baklng Powder does, or ever did, contain klam or ny iiijurloaa tabataiiOM, and this challenge s open forever. Andrews Pearl Baklnx Powder ii ROAtatned by a testimonial asto its purily and I re 11 gin by the ouly genuine coiiiniis-ioiied Government chemUt, such as the Royal Co. „eve-r BaWpuumme tb. It, AMDBEWIl & CO., 287, '289 & 291 E. Water St, Milwaukee. 45 Michigan Ave., Chicago.


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