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Ever So Far Away

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Mr. En. Coürikb: I sea you sometlmes pul in anieles for boys and glrl, and I have a llttle plece thal I wish you would put In your paper because I knovr it would picase niany of them to read I . I don't tunw who wrote It. but miiybe you can tell us. Please prlut It anyway. Voura, ele , L. O. P. My name Is Father Gonder, I Uve over yoiicier, Across the iilll, near Jone's mili- It'8 ever so far awa.v. I Uve In a town called Wonderland, A beauuiul plae yon must iuni..rsiaiid Wuere niey never (jet lale, they're always on hand, But U s ever so far away. Ïhe peoplc all me whlle, there, he laugh, aud sing, and sralle, there, There'a never a frowu In all tlie town- U's ever so lar away. There's nobody there irhos haughty and rude, And the law tf love Ís so well uadergiood, Thal tiiey spend all thelr tima Ín Ibedolng of good, But U's ever so far away. Tbere's no lylng and decelving, No robulnií aud thlevinic, Whatever Is lost, wlihout aoy cost- They brlugyou rlght away. And nobody goes to law there, They hav'ui ajall, nor judgo there. Kor the peopleare fair, are uoueMand square, But It'a ever so far away. They're careful tobe rlght. lh-re; They never soold or Aglu. ihere ; And nobody' poor, I'm very sure, (Bui Ifs ever so far away), And every one Ih weaithy, too, And every oue ík healtby, too. And the doctor man has nolhlng todo- But lt's ever so fur away. The nlghu are a brlght as day, there, They have all kinds of play, Ihere, And Ín a balloou they visit tbe moon - lt's ever so far away. Whatever you waut you make a wlsh. Aua iv. i.r ...,,i,, ln ynn o1 a china dish, A sllce of pie. or a plec oí ""¦"'"" But it's ever so far away. Mosqultoes never bite you ; I'm hure they would dellglit you By Miniiiik; a soug the wiiu e day lon, Cal led ' Ever no lar away.1 You liikewlmiyou picase, for notlilng Issold; And the land is all full o( sll ver and Kold ; And tliey always grow youug and uever grow old - Bul lt's ever so far away. How would you llke to go there, And see thewonderful show, there. uver ihe hlll, bt-yond the mlllt- It's ev-r so lar away. Then don"t be crosa. nd say naughty thlnt;. Anda spirit will lake you rigbt undtrhls Wlllg.S To land where the honey-bee solemnly ultigt, And bumbies and buzzes.nnd yet neverstlnes And the chlldreu uil play wlth poules aud swings. And wear such fine dresses, you'd thlnk they were klngs, And every oue shouts wlien the dlnuer-be'l rings, But lt'M hvht sn f:ir awity.


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