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Washtenaw Mutual Meeting

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The animal meeting of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Ins. Co., was held at their office in the court house, Wednesday last. The following officers were chosen for the cnsuing year : President- Henry D. Platt, Plltsfield. Secrutary- Stephen Palrchlld, Anu Arbor. Direotors - tf. Kalrcblld, Ann Arbor; E.M. Cole, Superior; Jolin M. Spaffbrd, Manchester- H. l. Platt, PllUfteld; J. W. WlnR, Sclo. AudlUng Uoramlttee - (ieorge McIJougall, Superior ; R. Campbell, Aqu Arbor ; Qeo. A. Peters, Sclo Delégales to Stilte Assoclatlon to be held at LanslnK, Jan. 27 and 2H- Joha J. Hoblson, Bbaron; II. I. Platt, Pltufleld; J. W. Wlug, Sclo. Tho followlujj resolution waa unanimoii-dy mlnptpii. Wiikhfas, We belleve that all the farmers of the couuty of Waahtouaw would be bettr tiorved In the matter of flre Insurance i f all were lusured lo one company : therefore, Retolvtd, Tliat we euoourag uil nttHmpt that mav be made to consolídate the threc minimi ire Insurance companie, now doiug business lu tUu couuty. The secretar's tepoct showed a membership of 2,002, and $4,01ö,y7S as capital stock. Total receipta for the year were $7,489. )4, and loases paid $5,489.87. The rate was $1.75 on a $1,000. The salary of the secretary was reduced $100, and placed at $500 per annura. Diiectoij were allowed $2 per dav and expenses. The capital stock of the society has locreased during the past year $73,205. Siiice declarlng the last assessment, September lst, "84, the company has sustuincd a loss of $933.60. An assessmont of 20 cents on $1,000 would pay the total indebtedness of the company to date. A new gaine, called the "lSHItM lUgtib,' ís the latest. It is plaved in the followlng manner : Take a sheet of whito paper and put your autograph and address on it; then fold it around a $1 bilí - postal note, gold or silver coin, to pay a year'í subscription to tlie Coubier, put it in an envelope, write our name on tlie outside. stick one of Únele Sam's little red cliromos on the córner, drop it in the postofflee, and we will risk the consequenceá. - Appropriated. M. C. Peterson, of th8 city, has nvented a "lock whip socket and rein holder," on whicli he has applied for a patent. The invention is one that will be fotiiul (nefol lo any one using a team, and save many whips from being stolen. The reíu huUler is also a capital thing.


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