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Real Estate Transfers

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Aarou Weidemelr to J. G. Eberle, Ann Arbor Town„ - $ 700 Tilomas Wllkinson to Simeón Weaver, lot, Chelsea 500 Mary A. Davls to C. A. Pettlboue, Superior 500 Wllliara H. Kosing to J. A. Cambpell, superior 600 I A. Drury to W. A. Balley, Pittefleld.. 2U0 Noah O. Butis to W. H. H. Hatts, Ann Arbor 650 Sarah Llpscoinue to Thomas Birkett, 80 acres, Dexter 725 Noah U. Hatts to John Qutncy.Ann Arbor 5S0 Win. Husemann to Frederlck Upuouse, Aun Arbor....... 550 Eueene Helber to Lukar üurk, lot, Saline t 250 F. P. Bogardus to Elija A. Snell, lot, Ypsllanll 1,200 W. H. Hack to Olive E. Friend, lot, Mllan 200 J9a'nluii""'r' "' '"''" "'"" '"'' Vl""' 500 Samuel Fy & Klnaberly, to Susan F. Dllloo, 30 acres, Sclo 5,000 Samuel Fay to Susan A. Fay and Susan F. Dillon, 40 acres, Helo 2,000 Sam. Fay to Susan F. Dillon, 40 acres, 8cio 2,000 Christian Ziegler to Michael Steeb, lot, Ann Arbor 8,500 N. E. Crlttenden to Joslah Robblns, Augusta 5C0 A. B. Hamlln to Comstock F. Hlll, Pittsfleld „ 1,000 C. Rauschenbereer to J & C. Rauschenberger. Northneld „ 1,058 P. Toban to P. Gibbons, lot, Dexter 250 Lewls W. Herton to Martin L. Smith. Salem 6,000 L. L. & T. 8. James to John Dolan lot, Dexter 425 N. E. Crlttenden to Frank McQraw, lot, Ypsllauti 5,000 Wirt W. Waite to John Dolan, lot 100 Andrew Deforest to Jacob F. Schuh.lot, Ann Arbor 300 Daniel F. Reeves to Jolm G. Groas, York 5,700 John B. Fisk to Nettle DeLancy, lot Dexter 150 F. Hlnckley to Peter Doherty, lot, Ypsllauti 4go Eugene Schwelker to Wm. Kerchgessner, lot. Manchester 750 Mr. Btirthfiekl umlerstands his business lie lias moved his store from Eist Liberty to West Huron streut, and we are pleased to make tlie acquaintance of Mr. Thetsen, liis cuttcr, and we are sure lie will inert wltti success.