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Anu Árbor Post Office. Ana Arbor Time. Office Hour: : Goneral _ _ 7:30 a. m lo 8:00 p. m Suudaya 9:00 to 10:00 a. ni. i.-iiis aud opt-ntng of mails. Mail Close - QOINO CAST. Lockpouchto Detr il 7:15. m. Detroit Uraud Uapid K. P. Ü lUii a. m. Detroit & Chicago K. H. ü 5:00 p. m. K. P. 0 8.UU p. m. uoinu wkst. Detroit, Jackson ÍSilus _. 8:00 a. m. Detroit i Chicago R. P. O._ 10:10 a. m. DotroitA Graad Itapide 5:00 p.m. Uelroii A Chicago It. f, O _. 8:00 p. m. ooina nokth. South Lyon Jt Toledo tí.. P. ü 9:40 a. m. AOInQ HOUT11. Lock Pouch to Toledo T:15 a. m. Sontü Ljon A Toledo K. P. O ï:40 p. m. MAILS DISTKIBÜTKD (Baotern.) Detroit ét Chicago K. P. O._ 9:45 . m. Detroit mail :S0 a m. Detroit & Chicago K. P. O H:SU a. m. Detroit & Uraua liaplds. tt;S0 p. ni. ( Western.) Detroit Chicago U. P. u 7:16 a. m. Detroit Urand Rápida 11.12 a. nr Detroit i Chicago R.tP. ü 6:30 . m. (.Northern.] Sonth Lyon & Toledo K. P. O S:80 p.m. (Southern.) Sonth Lyon Toledo R. 1". O 11:00 a, m. Lock pouch from X'oledo 7:4ña. m. Ann Arbor & Whitraore Like mail close 9:80 a. m., aud Ís distnbuted 6:30 p. m. J.C.K.NOWLTON, P. M. Dated, Dec. 1, 1(. Frieuda of The Coorier, who have bufiui'KH at the Probate Court, ill pirase reqnest Jadse II arriman to ¦ nf1 lii-ir Printins to thin office.


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