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Miss Km ni :t Bower has been quite sick during the past week. Miss Lucy Lapham of Macedón, N. Y., is vigitingMrs. R. A. Beal. C. M. Jones ha corno back to finish up hls visitcut short last week. The, only Ann Arbor man tnterested In flshing now, Is Senator Kempf. Phil. Leonard and wife of Eaton Rapds, are visiting (rienda In town. Miss Jean Wood, of Oberlin, O., will be tiie gui-st of Miss Cora Volland, while in town. Our report laat week that A. Kearney went to Detroit waan't true- he didn't go to Detroit. Wra. A. Clark is taking baths at YpsiIanti tor the rheumatism, auü reportó liimself improving. A irouiinent democrat is authorit)' for the statement that D. Clanier is an applicant for the Indian agency. Mrs. D. S. Millen, of thls city, is visit ing her dauxhter, Mrs. H. M. Roys, and son, E. S. Millen, at Farwell. Geo. N. Lovejoy, of this city, contrlbutes an iuteresting and entertuining article to the Current of Jan. 17th. W. G. Doty, Ben Watts and Isaac llandy are In Detroit in attendance upon the animal sesslon of the Grand Chapter. Chas. R. Van Gieson, a forraer Anu Arbor boy, has changed his residence frorn Gainesville to Fort Worth, Texas. Martin Clark, who is known to almost everybody in Ann Arbor, graduuted trom Hainillon college with theclass of 1842. Mr. Kittrcdge, of the Register, left for Minneapol9, Alinn., last Saturday, called there by the death of a brother. He Is expected home again Saturday. JoeStimpson, who visited Xew Orleans a few weeks ago, and started for the shores of the Golden State, has riiturned to his brothei'sstore.fully convinced that Michigan isa uood state and Ann Arboragood city. Joe says that the jfirls out west are 80 awful hoinely that he wouldn't live tBere for a whole ranch and 1,000,000 cows. Miss Carrie Powell of Lawreuce st. who went to Dakota last week to meet her fiancJe, was marrled Saturday, the 17th, at Grand Forks, to Chas. P. Hill, who Eraduated from the law department last yeur. Miss Powell displayed rare grit nd eupreme faith to leave her home here md };o so far unaccompanied by any one to meet her futura busband. She is comosed of the rlght sort of material to inake i good wife. Manv Ann Ai-w HUmaê tviil wish them all the good fortune on ;he j.iurney of life that falls to the lot of mmanity.