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Why We Should Smile

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Because it is better to smlle tlian not to Btuile. Because tlie world didu't come to an end a week or two ïgo. Because the Colkier is growing In popularity. Because tlie ancieut, honorable and exclusive soientiflc socielies of Europe are recruitiug their ranks from Ann Arbor's citizens. Because everybody clcans the snow from their walkaso nicely (wheu it rains). Because electrlclty isgettiug to be cheapei as it always was better tlian gas. Because the Edison elcctric llght U a success every way. Because the other fellow smiles. Because the old jail will be just as good as it is now wheu it has a $12,000 patch on it. Because the business outlook beging to brighten- (a broad smile here). Because the county clerk now calis the county treasureron three of a kind. That new enunciator is a wondei tul thing. Berause there are no failures among Ann Albor business house?. IiiniiM' i-lol luii(f is cheap - do. flouri do. coal, do. sugar, tea, coffee.- do. everything but Insurance and chnrch socials. Because the New Orleans show was a big disappoiutment to those attending. Wliv fmile? 'Cause we can't see It. Because tliepeople work hard to pay the taxes thnt suppoit the crimináis and trampa in idleness- and when a remedy is anked for so :is to niake tlie oriminals and train ps work- the people are coolly informed by the Liwyers that it can't bedone. " lts unconstitutionul !" Becau8e fanr is considered justicel Because the university has a clean record to lay bef o re the leislature. Because the city fatheia have too nnich grit to be bulldozed on ga8. Because the new mortarboard.s are so graceful. Because Ann Arbor was tlie luckiest city in Michigan last year iu respect to lires. Because the gymnasium rund hasturned a doublé backward somersault. Because it is oiir nature to.


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