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WE DO NOT CLAIM that IIood's SAR8ArAniLi.A will cure everything, but tlie iact tbat on the puiity and vitolltyofthe blood depend the vigor Bnd health of the whole system, and that dlsease ofvarlous kinds Is oftcn only the sign that nature is trying to remove the disturbing cause, we are naturally led to the conclusión that a remedy that gives Ufe and vigor to tbc blood, eradicates scrofula and other impurities from it, as Hood's Sajisapabilla undoubtedly does, must be the means of preventlng many diseases that would occur without lts use; henee the field of lts usefulness is quite an extended one, and we are warranted in recomrnendinK it for all derangementsof the system wlilcli are cauaed by an uunatural state of the blood. Why Suffer wïth Salt-Rheum ? Mkssrs. C. I. Hoon & Co., Lowell, Mass. Gentlemen- I was a great siifferer from Salt-Kheum on my llmbs, for a dozen years prevlous to the sunimer of 1876, at whicb. time I was cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. The skin would beoonie dry. cliap, crack open. bleed and Iteh intensely, so that I could not help scratchlng. whieh of course made them worse ' At the time I comnienced taking Hood's Sarsaparilla (In the suiniiicr of 1876} they were so Dad that they dlscharged, and I was obllged to keep them bandaged wlth linen cloths. The skin was drawn so tight by the heat of the disease that lf I stooped over they would crack open and actually Dring tears into my eyes. The (Irst bottle Deneflted me so mucn that I continued taking it 1 111 1 was cured 1 used one box of Hood"s Olive Ointment, to relieve the Itching. Hoping: many others may learn the value of Hooil's Sarsaparllla and recelve as mucn benefit as I have, I am, Very truly yours, MES. 8. 8. MOODY, No. 7B Broadway. Lowell, Mass., Jan. 15, 1878. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is sold by drugglsts. Prlce $1, or slx for ts. Frepared by C. I. HOOD & Co„ Lowell, Mm.


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