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Thirty A Endoreed Years Bocord. by .f hysicuuia. ijpyERMöWM' M .133 Ey Uio nee of thi "rriEDT, the StomDI3I3A3K3 I aohandBowels qt? 'ü'y rrgaln their J1I_ i .JtronKth, a;-.d Uio H:lpuriflcd. Kl:?M--TS It Is rrouour.ced ty LrVTTR '".Tindreds of U:e best ELAJ3DEIS ' 'octor tobo the ONJV-7T LI CUEE fop all TZIZZ'Y -inda oí Kidney Día. ¦- cti. Tt i, parely regeDao:!Si: ¦,:idcurcwhea OaATTT. or medicine fkil. BIAS'Tro It ia propared einrri"IT'S .-y fr these disII3EASE ' "d h nevcr PAIIÍS 'G';n knowa to fan. I2T Int trial wiU O"nnrrrr í "ineo yon. For aal byalldrugta. LOINa ,, PFJCE 1.25. OB V "d for STDE O Pamphlet PTOTOOT VK."'.1 '¦" Tc"u.lS-3 moniali. on 'iiMiEDr WWETSNTK CO., It. I. "wpERRTS lwaiXable to ALLir ## yp Will be mailed Pnffr JfJ-i # to all applirants F K CL H'VJ nd to customers of last year witiiout W orderingit. ItcontRins illustrations, prices, decriptlons and directlons for planting all Vegetable and Flower SKKDS, BlTLBs, etc. D.M. FERRY & CO.DEiL2'T ruptu lÊsn EGAN'S IMPERIAL TRÜS8. f Tii UPW TniU höl t If-trai iprtHj Hüii BaPLmr nr. pirucu ytfldito molíou, rvtAkilur w- tli UmlK klVBTl Wom ii an.l núU wíth roat¦Rk r.Tt. Hrnl au Trial. EitclM SMtnpfnr ClrvuUr. Ul In both Unlrlty Hoptt!i. fÖ'S IMPERIAL TRUS8 CO., Box 2288, An Arbar, Jfe. Office, Hnmllton Block, Ann Arbor. SUBSCRIBE for the COÜRIEB.


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