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THE BEST Hair restorative In the world b Halí.'s Hair Kk.nkwki:. It cures all diseases of the scalp, and stimulates the hair glamU to hcalthful action. It tops the fallln? of the hair; pre venta its turning Rray; cures baldness, and restores youthful color and f rtshnes of appearance to heads already white wtth atre. The íollowinn urc a few illustrations of what ia done by HALL'S Yegetabla Sicilian HAIR RENEWER: (- Mrs Hr-ssnHRRT, 344 Franklln Ave., Bronklyn, Jf. 1'., after a severa attnek of Kryipelas In the head, found bcr hlr - nlreadjr tn-iiv- fftlling offso rapldty thot uhesoon becamo quite bald. On bottle of Hall' Hair Rknvwir brought It back as ton, bruwa and t hu W as when the was a giti. Mr. Kkst.ins, an old farmer, nr Warêaic, lm! ., bad srarcely anv hair U ft, and what Halo thero wm of it had becomc nearly white. butilo i'f Hai.l'h Hair Kkniwxr stopned Itl fiilhmi out, and gnvc bitn a thick, luxuriant liead of hair, aa brown and fresh aa hu ever had. - Mr. A. T. Wall, Greenjleld, Chtthire, Fnff., writes : 'I havo found the greatest benitit trom the use of Hai.l's Hair Rknkwkr, it h:ivine rentored my hair, whlch wan rapily falling otf, and ruturned iu original color." Ir. Sun, Sïip, Detroit. Mich., certifln that "Haix's Hair Rxnewxr ia zcellent for hair prowing, and friven back the natural color lu fadtd and gray hair.' Mrs. B. E. Ei.i.iott, Glenrille, W. Va., ays : "One bottle of Hall's Hair Rehewer restored my hair to IU natural, youthful color." No Injurlous mibstanre pntor lnto the compositloD of Hai.l's Hair Eknewer, and it is not a dye. lts vegetable injeredients ronder it in the highest degreebenefliial to the sealp as a preventivo of dis ;ir. lts rffecU are natural and lastins, and it does not make the hatr dry and braaby, like the so-callcd restoratlves oompounded with alcohol. Buckingham's Dye FOR THK WHISKERS Is, in four respects, superior to all otbors. lst - It will proluce a run, natural color, hrown or black, as desired. 2(1 - The color so produced i permanent, oannot be waslicd off, and will not soil anj - thinK with which it comes in contact. 3d - It is a single preparation, and more eonvenient of appheatiun than any otlier hair or whisker dye. 4th- It contains no deleterlous Inpredit'uts, as do uiany preparations offered for like use. PKEPARltD BY K. P. HALL & CO., Nastaua, Pi. H. Sold by all Dealers in Medicines. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Security held for the protection of the pollcy holden. CHRISTIAN MACK Bepresent 'he followine Uret-clans compnnies, of which one. the .Etna, has alone psid $56,000,000 lire losse in lxty-five years : Etna, of Hartford $ 9,192,644 Franklln of PhiladelphiK 3,118,713 Germnnia, N. Y 2,700,729 Germán American, N. Y 4,065,968 London Assurance, London.. . 1,416,788 Michigan F. & M., Detroit... 287.608 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y 2,596,679 Niitional, Hartford 1,774,505 Phoenix, Brooklyn 3,759,036 Losscs liberally adjusled and promptly paid. Polieics issued at the lowest rates of premium. íiBitr TUS kM ARBOR SAVINGS BANK, ANN AKBOR, MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $80,000. Organized nnder the General Bankinpr Law of his Siatr, (he etockholdor are indivldually liable or an additlonal amount equal to the stock held hy hcin. Ihereby creating a Guarantec Fund for the leneflt of Depositora of $100,000.00. Threi' per cent. Interest fa allowed on all Savinci" Depiwit oí one dollar and upwardp, accordinp to he rule of the Bank and interent comp tundea siml-annimllv Monoy to Loan on nnincumbered real esWte and other good security. DIRECTORS : illKISTIAN MACK WM D. HARKIMAN, W W WINKK DANIEL HISCOCK. WILLIAM DKÜBEL, WILLAKU B. SMIT U. OFFICERS: C. MACK, Pres. W. W. WINBS, Vice-Pres. C. K. HISCOCK.Oashier. TTgoödyëarT PHARMACY! IS THE PLACE TO BUY HANDSOME TOILET GOODS! ELEGANT BRIC-A-BRAC, Statuetts, Minors, Plush Goods ETC, ETC. 1 PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY. r r No. 5 S. Main Street,


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