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Huskegon "ad a popuiation ot i,4,ss in 1864, and in 1884, one of 17,845. Unole Lutlier Beoclier, Detroit's millionaiie iiuisancH, had a snit in court, pleatl lus iiwii case and lost it. The Icgislature Is asked by the Detroit ministerial unión to so auiend the divorce liw that adulteiy shall be theonly cause tor divoree. They are getting to be awful particular at Muskeon, and the mayor proposes to bounce the city attorney and city marshil lor going oft' on a " bender.'' Wayiie lias funded lier school indebteilness, and bonda for $5,000 at 5 por cent. h-ive been taken, which leaves the district clear of indebtedness, saya the Review Bro. Newkirk of the South Lyon Picket, bas been appointed clerk of the judiciury conunittee In the House at Laiising, at a remunerativo salary. We are íflad tu see his good luck. - Brifthton Citizen. At South Lyon the (democratie) people will hold a caucus next Saturday to express their preference as to who the now postmastersliall be. And then soine wily politiciau will probably step In and get the place. An elevator at this place is now an assured fact. A Mr. Reed, of Detroit, has leased ground of the Grand Trtink coinpany jtist west of the freight house and will ereet an elevator there as soon as the weather will permlt, the lumber having already arrived.- Piuckney Dispatch. The St. Joh ns Independent leams f rom a reliable source that "the chances are very slim for the building of the railroad from Lansing to Mt. Pleasant, and that the company are negotinting with the T. A, A. & N. M. rond to run to Alma, thus givlag thein u sonthern outlet at Owosso.'1 The great charity balleivfn bv t.huwllto of Detroit iot l iiiusday evening, netted the rum of $5,400. A prlncely sum, thoug h the munner of its obtaining may be subject to critici8in. The poor people whose necessities will be relieved by the money, will not question howit wasraised, or the peculiar geuerosity of thegivers. A Pittsburgh man named Jas. Donalme, lays claim to 300 acres in the very heart of Detroit, worth at least f50,000,000, and has comnienced a snit in ejectment to ob(aio possession of the same. This will probably offset the Michigan big Injun's claim to about the same number ot' acres in the heart of Pitt-sburgh. Hadn't they better "swap liosses?" "Expenence may be a dear teacher, remarked our clergyman as the contribution box was returned to him empty ; but the membera of this particular tlock who liave experienced religión have accomplished it a very trifling cost. The choir will sing llio 7!)tU liymn, oinitting the lst, 3d and 4th verses, in order to save uunecessary wear on the organ." - South Lyon Excelsior. The reeular mauia for changing the name of Bad Axe to something else, has broken out. Cordelia is the latest substituto proposed. If the good people of tliat town desire a chango they are siinply "off thelr base." Tliat name gives the place a rtputation without effort on their part - thougti it is a live.wide awake borê. If a chango they must have why not substitute Oood lor Bad ? One of Ilowell's young ladies who evidently has a propeii6itv for telling the naked truth startcd out to keep R diary the lirst of last ïnonth, but lost the valuable work last week. Except that we use rictitious name here is the record of one day; "Got up at 8:30 o'clock- practiced an hour - went into the kitchen and saw mother cleaningthe ttove - went down toMauds' and got her to go to the postollice with me met Paul - Maud is bórrid. Afterdiiiner took i nap- too tired to help mother- went to the rink with Paul in theevening - didn't stay only till ten - Paul came in the house, and I am so happy; O, dear!"


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