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What An Old Man Has Noticed

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I have noticed that all men are honest when well watclied. I have noticed that diamonds, silks, furs, bioadcloths, jrold watches and obatiM are ot'ten bouglit vvltli other people'l nioney. That there is more gratltude iu dogs than in men. That purses wlll holil niekles as well as niilil. That ufe is too short to give young men advice as to whom they shall marry. Tliat a youiifr wife with an oíd man is )ike a light in the Bick room. That when a man lies tlie devll laulis. Every bad act is a not on Che thread of life. Some rise before the lark, others rail after a lark. No man can cheat God without defraudinp: himself. A rule that never works both ways- the Golden Rule. Time is the lilent barbel who mows awav msn'i top iiair. Never try to sweeten too niany cakes witli a drop of molasses. Youlh iliscounu the future, bnt age otters a premium for a return of the past. Some people are 10 vindiftivo, that willi mu' loot in the grave they will kick surroiimlinj; tombstones.


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