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The Processions

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ÍNcver HH1CU Ule :iiiiiii;u immni lï twos and marched into Noah's ark lias there been a procession to compare with that which wifl take place in Washington on the fourth of next Marca. It will comprise the úetnocratic sheep and goats iami m JWMUIUB rui uic ruco anutoüder; ttie oxen that knowtheir master's cribs; the wheel-horses of'the party who never would draw anything but a salary if they could help it; two thousand statesmen who would like to becabinetofticers; nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety and nine able-bodied democrats whowould like to be collectors of customs or of internal rcvenue; half a milliou applicants for minor offices, and the rank and lile of the whole democratie party, who would like to oe provided for Boinewhere. The Minneapolis Tribune has arrunged a programme for the procession which is good as far as it goes, but it is obviously incomplete. As a skeieton of the vast moving concoursc of people, liowever, it does very well. This is it. Thomas A. Hendrlcks. squftri of oíd Copperhead Pólice. CarriajsesconUilDlDe B. K R. Barchard au 1 John P. St. John. Band. Cari Schurz on foot. George Wllltam Curtís reclinlng In a gorgeously decorated huarae. Baud. 8tale Shotgun Quard of Mlsslsslppl, 10,000 Btrong. Maria Halpln'8 Glee club. Watterson'8 crons-eyed Goddtes of Reform on aulcyole. Chalrman Barnura lu a gllded charlot drawn by geven mules. Conk!lng'8 bras band. Mugwump in carrlages and on liorseback. Mugwumps on foot. Band. Henry Ward Beecher rlding two inagiilflcent white stalllons. .Stephen Grover Cleveland on foot. Forty-nlne thousand good Demócrata wlth post-otüce petltlons. The grand turn-out will extend tliu whole length of Pennsylvania avenue and stretch from curb to curb. The procession will nothalt fordrinks, and tlieref..i-.. ita „iwlIí ik Tpill ínph hp pvnpptíMl tocarrya bottle in theoffcoat-tail pocket. White cainpalgn lmta will be furnisheil ior those who wish to appear in full uniform, and the marshals of the day will be provided witli luindkerchiefs. After the inaugsral ceremonies tellers will be appolnted to receive applications for places, and blanks will be clrculiited for promlssory notes in fa?or of boarüin house keepers who may tuke a notion to urge a speedy settlenient. It will be a great day for Washington- one long to be remembered.


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