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A Wonderful Telephone

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The following dispatch was published in last Friday's dailies : CHirAOo, III., Fel.ruary 5 -The new ' telephone Invenfed hy Webiler Olllette of Ypsllantl, Mlcli.. In posltion at New York, Meadvllle, Pa., aud Chicago, were tesled last nieht öingliiK, whlslllng and talklng In New York 5n Meadvllle could bo heard through the instrument here. In the . Bell teleptione ihere In outy one one polnt of contact; whlle In Ihls ihere can b use" fI??rt ,S to twenty wlres. each wlih a direct bttery of two cells and separate lnducllou coll, acüng on a single dlapliragm. The sounjl froni the wlrea cíncentrntes ou the coll, where lt la condeused and transuiltted an oue souud. Mr. Gillette put in the tirst teleplione, we belicve, that Ann Arbor had. It ran froni the office of J. S. Case (who was then sheriff), in the Duffy block, to the jail. Shortly after a second one was put in, running frora this office to the residenoe of Rice A. Beal. Both the lines worked admirably. The line running from this office was used on two different occasions that may be remembered by sorae. The first was when the present proprietor, J. E. Beal, gave a reoeptlon 'or the college society, Beta Theta Pi, of which he was a meinber. 1 liat evening Mr. C. B. Iavison ran the line into his re8idence at the rear Of the Couhikk office, and duriug the cveninft pbiyed the cornet for the benefit of the gatkoring, and it was plainly and dlstiuctly lieard, being a ffieat novelty at the time. The nest occasion was a party for older people, given by Mr. and Mrs. Beal, when the same programma was repeated. lint the Bell Tlephone Co. claimed un infiinsement upon their patent, and the lines h;id tu lie friven u[i. At that time Mr. Gillette had formed a partnership witn Noble H. Waterman, who was then local editor OÍ the Courikr. It. was their intention to go into the business extensively, bilt the Bell company was too heavy a concern for them to fiitht in the courts, and the busl # r j- 1 . 11 1 ¦ ¦ . n ¦ i ¦ 1 i 11C99 i! II IIIM'Ull. The ubove iuveution speiiká wcll for Mr. Gillette, who lias nade the subject a conslaiit study for yeare. And now Waslitenaw count}' sentís greeting wlth her Gillette, to !St. Clair with her Edison.


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