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The Liquor Bonds

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The following report in reterence to a petition recently handed in to the comnion council by the Citizens League, (a copy of which was published at the time) was made by Aid. Biggs as chairman of the committee, and should have been given place in the couneil proceedings last week: Our State law reads: Tliat it shall not lu lawful forany peraon lo sell any spirituous or malt llqnors without flrst dellveringto the county treasurer a bond, In the smn of not less than tliree (3) tliousand dollars, wlth two or more suretles, who shall be free-uolders shall Justlfy In a sum equal to the amount ol the bond, over and above all indebtedness and Hablllties. It can be proven from our laxroll, lfit is worlhunythlng, that out of seventy-elx (76) bondsmen, twentyelght (28) only were responslble. Slxteen (16) are assi'ssrd not over Ilftccn hundred dollars (S15U0) flve (5) below one thousand dollars, and ten more that are under twenty-flve hundred (S2500). One Is assesHed for Tour hundred dollarr ouly, and Is said to be on threo (3) different bonds. Another Is assessed for twentyone hundred dollars ($2100), and is on two bonds; another for one thousand dollars is on two bonds beslde hls own. One for twenty-two hundred dollars Is on two bonds. One is on two bonds and Is asseesed for twc tbousnnd dollars, but is not a free holder From these facts above stated, our law Is c dead letter and a raockery; and very uncer taln and unsatisfactory results are likely tr follow.;[It may not be posslble and perhaps i' is not expedient nt thls late day when the time of these bonds will soon expire, to requlre thls council to reeonslder its action.but it is requlred to determine at lts regular selslon the valldity of future bonds, and sufflclent time should be taken, even If the 11cense expires, and it closesour suloons to do It. Then, and not tül then, may we expect our citlzens to respect that, which we as thelrrepresenlativp"s have iworo to support. A new oarpet the floer in Judge Hariinian's room. 'I'lic stutement is made tlmt 'ti'C job office iintl book himlery of the Ypsilanti Commerciul lias been sold to ii stock company. Washington' birtliilny comes on Stinday, so Monday, the 23d, will be observed by Co. A, who have tlieir hop at the armory tliat evenlnif. The county clcrk giveg Re?. U. B. Pope the compliment of making out the plalnest and most accurate marriage returns that come to hls office. The niissionary circle of the M. E. cliurch is tu give a valentine social at tbe parsonagr, Saturday evening. Every one attendiiiff will receive a valentini', and one of the tfood times of the season will be enjoyed. The Cornwells have received the nmount of insurance held by them upon their woolen factory burned recently. The prompt payment of the sume speaks well for the various coinpanies n which the policies were held. Joseph Eisele, a young man 28 years old, died at his home ou Detroit Btreet last Sunday inorning, of consumption. Deceased was a quiet, industriou9 young man, and well liked by acquaintance?, of wliom he had many. The juuior class of the high school - and, by the way, tliis is a very large class, nunibering between one and two liundred - of which Miss Alice Crippen is a member, contémplate a sleigh-ride to her father's, Marcus Crippen, in Superior, Frlday evening of this week.


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