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DIPHTHERIA! THE PKOSTBATION whlch followg Dlphtheria, and the persistency with whlch it clings to the patiënt, are well known to all who have had any experlence wlth this terrible dlseasc. The following letter shows how the reBtoring and invigorattng properties of U rif overeóme It, and fïOOU S how by vitaliz_ ... Ing and enrichSarsapanlla{ns the Uood u # neutralizes and eradlcates the polsoned matter trom It, brlnging to the convalescent tlie color, lite and vigor oí robust healtli. _ _ _ LOWELL, MASS. Mkssrs. C. I. Hood&Co.: Gentlemen- My llttle glrl had the dlphtheria last April. The distase lelt her vcry weak, blood poor, wlth no appetlte, and alie could not seem to rally from lts cffects. Hood's Saksafarilla was recommended by a nelgnbor. Atter she had beeu taking It a few days we notlced a change for the better - she began to eat wlth a rellsh. It seemcd to take out the polson the dlsease had left in her blood, tho change belng very noticeable In her face. 8he {ook It two months and f ully regained her healtli, much to our dellght. Vu now recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla with a great deal of pleasure. Very truly yours, J. R. 8M1TH, 19 Butterfleld Street. "That Extreme Tired Feeling." "' The flrst bottlc has done my daughter a preat deal of good; her food does not dlstress her now, nor does she suffer from Aai extreme tired feeUng whlch she dld bcfore taking Hood's Sabsapabilla." Sold by all droggists. Prlce $1 a bottle or slx bottles for 5. Preparcd by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, l.owell, Mass. Hootfs TooihrPowder, Only aj Cents. ¦¦¦B. By the ue of Hos. Jlial ¦ 1 1 E. KT1 ter' the baird i iiMl Hicollntennce nd - mTnmMífu M to Pror8 of .TOMACH g rhpuinntic lendency, NIMpD3diD IneBtlmahlf %#¦ IL prrTcutlvo of levrr ¦ ¦ ¦¦ ¦ and KOe. For gala by 11 Druggista and Dealers genrtlly.


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