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We Offered $500,00 For Manufacturers!

We Offered $500,00 For Manufacturers! image
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- - a _ ANN ARBOR DONT WANT ANY. We want the Poor Man, the Workingman, the Farmer to Get Along in the World. om siiïess is R n ïiiüii ! Our Clothing Sales have more than trebled since we introduced our Low Prices and Sacrifice Sales into Ann Arbor. IHIS KIHUMS AIU: IITIUIIUiÜ! THE TITO SA1VCS, hereby acknowledge the above to be the cause of our success, and believe in sharing with those who have aided us. WILL GIVE $250.00 IN CASH ! OF THE $500.00 OFFERED TO MANUFACTURERS, TO Tl NI Of Ml UW Hl II 1SIITC UI Milt. $25.00 in cash we shall give to the Ladies of the M Germán Aid Society," for them to distribute as they deern best, to the Poor and Needy who are now so greatly suffering in our midst from cold and want. $25.00 in Cash to The Ladies' Aid Association for them to purchase such articles of necessity for the Poor Workingmen and their families who need assistance. These sums of money, together with all other sums of money that will be given by us, we shall take receipts for, and publish them as we receive them. We respectfully ask the Ladies of the above Aid and Charitable Associations to cali at our place of business on the 20th day of February, 1885, and receive the above amount. THE TWO SAMS. GENTLEMEN, WE ASK YOU NOT TO COPY, AND DONT FOLLOW. Our Sacrifice Sale of Clothing is still going on. We have too many OVERCOATS--too many SUITS-too many CHILDREN'S SUITS. WE MUST SELL THEM. If you need any, don't forffet us We will Undersell any House in Kichigan for the next two weeks. Buy of THE TWO SAMS whatever you need in the Clothing Line. We shall offer the BIGGEST DRIVES IN UNDERWEAR this week ever had in Ann Arbor. COME AND SEE THE TWO SAMS, No. 9 South Main Street, the Only Strictly One-Price House in Washtenaw County. OUR MANCHESTER STORE IS BOOMINC. Don't forset to ask for THE TWO SAMS, BLITZ fc LANGSDORF.


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