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There is joy In the house of David Rinsey - a girl. What about the atrwt lighting? Are the people to settle llie atcouüt al Uitpolls April lst ? Harley Briggs, who lives some three miles on the W. Liberty st. routl, died Monday very suddenly, of pneumonia. Boys do you know, that you can pop over all the Knglish sparrows you like? If you don't, ask Gov. Alger if it is not true. A young lady of this city, who is an accompliRhed musician says, since hearing Jogseffy, she has not the least desire to practice on her piano. A lodge of instruction for the F. & A. M. of this county is to be held Friday evening, Feb. 27tb, In this city, by Grand Vieitor and Lecturer Geo. W. Robertson. Peter W. Carpenter telephoned np from Ypsilanti this morning tfaat the thermometer reistered 30 below z.iro at the Normal school building during the night preTÍOUS. A cali at the stores of most any of our merchants will tln'I them cleaning, painting, papering, and "sprucing up" for a good spring business. Hope they'll get it, too. The Ann Arbor Commandery K. T. has tendered an invitation to the Jackson Commandery to visit this city on Thursday, Feb. 2öth, and the same has been accepted. The thermonu'ter is credited with reg. Í8tering 23 below zero at the observatory last evening, while private thermometers have gone down to 26, 28 and 30, according to their exposed positions. Jack Frost nipped the boys ears in a lively manner Tuesday, so if you see one of your frienda witli his atiricie appendages greatly enlarged and well greased, you may know he has been a victim. Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Spaulding, of Detroit, lost their little son, 12 years of age, and his remains will be brought to Ann Arbor for interrment. Mrs. Spaulding is a sister of Henry B. Dodsley, of this city. The statement made -last week that there were 212 inmates at the county house, was wrong. The first tigure 2 ihould have been 1. But Supt. Davis informs us that 105 is the correct number now. The hard up citizens of Ann Arbor may think " Jordán am a hard road to travel,1' this winter, but what about Detroit? where a dry goods clerk, out of business, was willing to curry one half a ton of coal up two flights of stairs for ten cents. Rev. Fr. Jos. Van Waterschoot, known familiarly as Father Joe, left a will dispost n g of his property, some $4,000. The sum of $400 is given to his housekeeper, Katie M'-Grail, and the balance, excepting the necessary funeral expenses, is left to the St. Thomas society of this city, to help build a new church edifice in the future. Louis J. Liesemer, proprietor of the Washtenaw Post, (Germán,) has rented the second story of the south side of the Courier block, and the Post will hereafter be issued therefrom. We are pleased to have so enterprising and energética neighbor. And now if anyone comes in to " talk Dutch " to us, we will quietly turn them over to Louis. ïïext Saturday is the day of days for the youths who are just forming crude ideas of love. And the missives tiiey send will be more in keeping with the spirit of St. Valentine'8 day,than will be the scurrilous scrawls ad comic pictures sent by older personages to show their spite for, or detestation of those whom they dislike. N. B. - No comic Valentines received. Plans are being perfected by which the maaonic orgmizations of this city are to unite in securing for themselves one of the most complete outtiis in the state in the way of an asylum. It is proposed to lease the third story of the St. James hotel, have the roof raised, elegant pailor, reception, committoe, cloak, work and other rooms flttcd up, and have everything convenient, pleasant and elegant. The weather is a subject that it Is utterly impossible to do justice to this week. It has been all that the heart of a polar bear, or the temper of an Esquimau could desirc. Snow ranges anywhere, from two to eight feet deep accordlng to looality.and the way in which Kabibonokka (North wind) has been poking around has been enough to make each particular hair stand on end of one's head. It has been so cold that the chirp of the English sparrow froze in its mouth on the way from its throat to the air, and choked the bird to cieath. A boy stepped out o'doors and attempted to whistle to another boy across the way- it froze the pucker in his lips, and he will henceforth iorevennore be prepared to pijcker, if not to whistle. A blear-eyed sou of a sea cook stepped tnto a place to liquídate his bill-iousness, and the liquor froze In the stream running from the jug to the glais, and he broke it off and ate it as a kid would taffy. An Ypsilanti newspaper man came up here and tried to teil "a true story" - his tongue froze to the roof of his mouth. It even froze tUe wag on Will Hatch's dog's tall. Its awful - the weather Is! "Uh! the cold and cruel winter! Ever thlcker, thlcker, thicker, froze the ice on pond and river!" especially the pond. David Malloy, of Lodi, aged 83 yeam died Feb. 6th, of old age. One of our popular young mcrcbanU carries a pollcy of $20,000 upon hia life The theory of a few scientists that a " roign of ice " will end up the world is being revived. AU train on the T., A. A. & N. M. R. R. have been abandoned until the track can be cleared. The roof of the bowling alley at Turner Park caved in Monday night from an overweight of snow. If there are any indications in this weather of an early spring, why, make the most of it, that's all. Spencer Sweet is the most popular man in the 3d ward, for he keeps a snow plow going in good simpe for the residente thereof. Wra. H. Mclntyre lias moved his grocery store from his former place of business into Mr. Donnelly's store, adjoining the Cook House. The most discouraging piece of business we know of now-a-days (except editing a newspaper) is for a man to try and keep his side walk clean. The democrats are talking of Dr. V. C. Vaughan for mayor, and the name of J. V. Sheehan has been mentioned for recorder on the same ticket. Railroad travel since Saturday has been an uncertain undertaking. The snow and wind has kept the tracka buried up as often as they could be cleared. A Choial Society has been formed at the Congregational church, which will meet Saturday evenings and sing, a la old-fa.hioned ilnging school, only in this case the miiaio II be new fashioned, because it will be led by Mr. O. B. Cady. Dr. W. II. Jackson saya he has kept a record of the weather, and states that the winter of 1875 was similar to the present winter, and that for forty-one days after Jan. lOth of that year, the thermometer rei;istered zero or below. It is also tated that the river froze to the bottom then, solid. The democratie committee has decided to cali their convention for that party, in this county on Monday, Feb. 23d, at Ann Arbor, to elect delegates to tho state convention to be held at Bay City, Feb. 28th. The greenback annex has not been heard from yet. Vith the conipliment of Mrs. Mary E. Cooley, we have receivrd the third biennial report of' the board of control of the State Industrial Home for Giils, for the years 1883-4. The number of girls committed to the home from Washtenaw county is seven. There are 205 altogether at the institution. Dewitt Fall doesn't pretend to be an urtist, but h e has an ye (or the beautiful - an artistie eye as it were - and lie has ananged in his store an art series that may in some respects rival the pictures lisplayecl iu the art rooms of the University There tre several series of pictures, each one points a moral - or a point. The tramp nuisiiiice is said to be pretty effixtually squelched for this county. Prosecuting Attomt-y Xurril and Sheriff' Walsh have put their feet on it wita a will, and now the poor tramp must freeze or starve, for he can't get sent up from Washtenaw county any longer, or sent to the VVashtenaw connty jail for regular joard and lodgings, either one. A large party of M. C. R. R. passengers got stranded at this station last evening, the train on which they were being unable to go further west. Two trains were snowed in between here and Dexter this morning, and nothing had been through rom Chicago for two days. It is the very worst ipell of weather we have had n the memory of the oldest inhabitant- or any otherman. It is understood that the Oerman Societies of the city are negotiating for the third story of the new brick block Michael Stabler is to erect on the corner of Washington and 2nd sts. In case satisfactory arrangements are made, these societies will fit up an '.egant hall for meet. ngs, dances, etc, have lodge rooms comnittee rooms, etc. etc. It will be a fine hing for all concerned. Thursday evening of last week sotne 80 or 90 of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Spoor Mirpriscil thflm at their rooidcncc on Fifth t., and had a glorious evening, one that will long be remembered by those present. A bean bag battle was fought during the evening, Dr. Smith and John Sheehan being the only ones wounded. The Chequamegon orchestra furisbed melody, and those who desired tripped to the music thereof. Luman II. Slawson died at his home in Bay City, last Monday, aged 70 years, and his remains will be brought to this city for interment. Mr. Slawson was at one time one of Ann Arbor's thrtfty business men, and erected the store corner of Huron and Fourth sts., where Caspar Rinsey now keeps a grocery. He removed to Bay City several years ago, where he has resided ever since. His remains will reach Ann Arbor Thursday, on the 11 o'clock train. A telegram was received Saturday, conveying the sad intelligence that Willie J. Bennett, the second son of Henry D. Bennett, died at his home in Passadena, the crown of the St. Gabriel yalley, some cix miles from Los Angeles, Cal., on Friday night last; but no particulars were given. Deceased, who was a graduate of the Ann Arbor high school, was born in Ann Arbor in 1852, and went to California during 1875. Four years later he married an estimable lady there, whom he leaves as a widow with two children to 1 1 i 1 1 1' 1 1 bis loss. He had ben very succepaful in accumulating property, and leaves his family in comfortable circumstances. His older brother Henry, who was also well known in Ann Arbor. lives there, and forwarded the intelligence. Death must have come very suddenly, as he was ia perfect health the Sunday previous. One can hardly realize the fact that Mrs. A. S. Pettit, of Denver, who was in Ann Arbor a few days ago with her husband, healthy and full of llfe, now. cold in death. But such is the tact. Slie was taken violently sick upon her return to Denver from the east, with pneumonía, and died in a brief period. Mrs. Pettit was well known and well beloved by many Ann Arbor people, having taught in nur public schools,her maiden name being Miss Lillie Chase, a daughter of John M. Chase, Esq. (who was Probate Register under Judge H. J. Beakes. She went to Colorado some years aito with her father, and only last summer was married to Mr. Pettit. Life appeared very brilliant and beautiful to this young couple; and that they should be o soon separated by the cruel hand of death, seems hard Indeed.