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Hearts of Oak- not Heartg of Ash 01 Hearts of Hickory, or Hearts of Tamarack, or IlearU of Sycamore, or Hearta ofMahogony - but hearts of the stutdy okl Oak, Frulay evening, Feb. 13th, at the opera house. Hear it and be happy ; see it and be contont. Tüe Ann Arbor Choral U. on are to present the beautiful cantata : "The Dream," by Costa; and ' Rebekah," by Harnaby, on the evening of Feb, 2öth. There wijl be a fijl orcheslra accompaniament by the Chenirmon bard. Friday evening at the opra house, the best performance of the scason. Don't forget the A. A. T. V. masquerade at Hangsterfer's hal], Friday evening. Some of the yonng ladies are getting up elabórate dresses for the occasion. The reason that Herne's Hearts of Oak company Ciiled to reach Ann Arbor as at first advertised was the fault of the weather clerk, entirely, as the roads becanie impassible down in Ohio, and delayed teams so that they could not make the necossary connections. The date will be made good, however, and the play given next Friday evening. Feb. 13th. Over whieh fact all of the lovers of the play in this city will rejoice, for thls is not only one of the finest conipanies traveling, but the play itself is as near perfection as a play can be. You must not fail to hear it. The Ann Arbor Turn Verien Society expect to make their annual masquerade ball at Hangsterfer's hall, Friday evening, the best they have ever gotten up. Co. A is making unusual preparations for their annual niask ball to be held on Mouday evening, Feb. 23J. The conipanv's entertainments are alwaya flrst-class and they propose to out do themselves i time. The seats for the Beggar Student are ;- ing ofl'üke hot cakes. Better secure your seat at once if yon want a good one. You remember the notice publishrd in the Courirr two weeks ago in respect to the play of Herne's Hearts of Oak, do you not? Ifyou do not just take the paper of that date and read it over again, for although the half was not told, vet it gara a good dea of what good critica Bay of this play and this company. It will be well worth your time and money to hfar thls troupe. Friday eveninj;, at the Grand. HINK ITEMS. Thursday evening, Feb. 26th, there will be a performance at the rink to ec]p-e anything yet given. Master Frank J. Genghtjr, the 14 years old stilt skater, Minn ie Douglas, the 7 years old expert, and Warren Wood, the champlon bicycle rider, will perform some wonderful feats. The number of " chainpion fancy skaters" doing business In Michigan to-day is truly appalling. Evety one of our exchanges, nearly, has a story to teil about thuir "own and only.'' The organizaron known as the " Caro Young Ladies' Band," is p rom sed at the rink in the near future, we understand. It wiü mak e some sweet music you can rest assured. Chas Cline, wuoentered the cliampionsliip race at Detroit last week, feil and waainjured n the trial tieat on Thursday evening. The best crowil duriiig the week attends on Saturday afternoon. Why not liave music?


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