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An important decisión has been rondered...

An important decisión has been rondered... image
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An important decisión has been rondered in the New York supreme court in reference to tlie liability of the proprietors of canning factories. It holds that the proprietors are liable for damageg if any pcrson or persons are poisoncd by eating of the fruit or otlier substanc canned, labelled, and sold for good, wholesome food. This will have a Undency to make such establishmcnts a littlc more cautious. The nimiber of foreigners entering this republic during the year 1884 exceeded 1.000,000 souls. It must be that they all left their native land with th hope of bettering themselves, and yet we are told by free tradere that the laborers of this nation are ground into the earth. Why do they come here then The fact is that by the aid of wise tariff measures, industries liave grown up which makes the working peopls of America the most prosperous of any in the -world. And eveu in these dull times, the statement i true. If it was not for such an influx of foreigners the times wouldn't be as bad as they are now for the laboring classes. The old countries of Europe furnish too much competition among laborers.


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