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WORTHY Of Confidence.' A VFR'C Slrsparillal3ainedlclnothat. tn O durtag nearly 10 yearj, In all parta of the world, bas proved lts efflcacy as the best blood alterativo known to medical sclence. ClOCtDtDll ¦ ¦ (extracted f rom oARSAPARILLA the root of the genuino Honduras Sarsaparilla) Is lts base, and its powers are enhanced by the extracta of Yellow Doek and Stillingia, the Iodides of Potassium and Iron, and other potent inredients. IQ yur blood vltlated by derangements ¦O of the digestivo and assimilatory functions? is lt tainted by Bcrofula? or does it contain the polson of Mercury orContagious Diseasef TUF 'eadiög physicians of the United Int States, who know the composition of Ayer'8 Sarsaparili.a, say that nothing else so cood for the purification of the blood is witliin the range of pharmacy. nui y by the use of this remedy Is it UU Li possible for a person who has corrupted blood to atUin sound healtli and prevent transmisión of the deBtructlve taint to posterity. TUnomirUI V effeetive renovation inUnUUunLT of the sj stem must include not only the removal of corruptlon from the blood, but its enrichment and the strengthening of ths vital organs. DCI IA Dl C Vfitncssi's, all over the HLLIADLC vorll, tctifv th:it this workisbetteraccomplisheubyAYER'8 Sarsapaüllla. thau by uny other remedy. Dl nnn that 's corrupted through alsDLUUU is made pure, and blood weakened through diminution of the red corpuscles is made strong, by Ayer's DIIDICVIUP "1U l''ou(' anc' building run Ir Tl Nu up the ¦yitem require time in serious cases, but benefit will be derived from the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. more speedily than from anything else. urnimur ' r whlcb like efTectü are HikUlllllC. falsely claimed, is abun'Unt in the market, under many names. but the enly preparation that has stood the test of time, and proved worthy of the world's confidence, is Ayer's Sarsaparilla, FRBPAIliCrj BT Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co. , Lowell, Mas. Sold by all Drnggists: Priee $1 Six boules for $5. T EPORT OF THE CONDITION -OF THK- Keek Furniturc Co., OF ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN', O3ST CT.TSTTJ.A.E.Y I, 1885. as Requlred by Law. KESOURCKS. Merchandise. Ijumber, finlshed and unllnlshed wurk on iiaad as per lnventory (30,668 19 Real Estáte 13 851 7 Machlnrry and Tools.. i.WH 00 Book Accounts í),7v 78 Cash on haud 8(!2 2i $5W.2I)4 15 LIABILITIES. Capital stock $40,000 00 Surplus Fund 10.62T) 91 Bills payableat bank and formdse 8,578 '4 We do hereby swear tbat the above is a correct statement of tbe condltlon of this cornpany. Wm. D. Hahkimak, L. Gbdner, Chas. E. Hiscont, 1)1 rectors. Subscrlbed and worn to beforp me this 21st day of January, 1885. W. H. s.mith, Notary Public. At the last regular meeting of the Directors of this company an animal dividend of four per cent. was declared. payable to stock holders of record, on the flrnt diiy of Kebruary. 1885, at the oflice of the Ann ArborSaviugK Bank. CHARLES E. KISIOCK, Slecrelary. SUBSCRIBE for the COURIEB.


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