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Some Chemicals Which Should Find A Common Use In Every Family

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It is surprising, considering liow man y wouien üave teen Inttnicted in cliemistr; in their scliool days, to tind liow fo housekeepers make any use of rhemical in varioui household processes. Espe cially is this case in rWnsing proces ses. The wasliinfr t clothes is usuall wholly accomplished by rubbing th clothes on the washboard, and witü n other detergeut than soap. The rubbin of the clothes wears tliem out far mor than use, and if housekeepersonly knew orif knowinj? they would take idrantag of the bot, UlM maiiy washing oom pounds will almost entirely clean dothe which are soakwl In tliem over night, bik thus almost entircly do away witli the la bor and wear of the wa.hbourd, wnth any mijrlit be robbed of half its terrón Receipts for washing Huida, the principa ingredients of which are soda a.-li, ani monia and lirue, can be found in uearly every bouschold receipt book, and ar very cbeap and haruiless. All sueh wasli Dg cornpounds are useful and rouven ient for cleaning woodwork, paints and carpeta in ahoue; also in walhlng dlahe and secunnfi that desiderátum oí house keepers, clean dish-cloths. Ainmonia isa simple, cheap and barmlesseliemioal tha should be bought by the quart and kep in every faiuily. A few drops added U water will childien's balr aiu make it soft and sweet; it Is an admirahl disinfectant to remove the odor of per spiration ; it will remove nease spot from clothinji, and often restore colora to staius. lts commou and frequent use can not be too frequenlly nrged. Bórax is another cheinical that sbouli find a common use in cvery family. i'o cleansing the tecth and tweetenlng tli breath a few gru'ins of llie powder in wa ter are unexcelled. It also. sot'tens am whitens flannels. Salicylic acid Is a perfectly cnlorless and haruiless yet powerful disinfectant and for inany disinfecting uses in th household is invaluible. It is very cheap and convenient in form. In these days when to stay varinus fonns of disease i so important, mothers and housekeeper would do well to give study and though to these tliings, and to try to make thei knowledge of science practical. It i very encouraging to note how many wom en are at present turniug their attenlio to studies in general and applied science Let us have its beneflts exemplitied i


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