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BALL'S COBSETS TtM OHM (liKSKT nuda that can be returned by ita imivluiser after three wwkn wt-nr. if not fuuni PERFECTLY $ATISFACTORY in every n-spi et and itsirii-e rsfuaaedby leller. Made in a vari ut y of atyleb aiiü prleM. Bold i-y flrat-claji dealer tverywhert-. lteware of worthlt'ss imitations. None genuino vinlt-s tt h Ba U's na in e on the box. CHICAGO CORSET CO., Chicago, III. For aleonly by W INKHifc WOUDEN DcCURKE KO FIE , Establised 1851 f Merrill ünüi Settori " DETROIT, MICH. BlOCk" IfigjB- 'JRBM Thcrvgularoldestabllihcd MKÖSSll í'hyIcln and Surseon DU. IItMlJ iwVll' 1"VKKIi' a'.theoia nmlcr III W IW ]grrst (klll all pribütü_ ¦11 w J&l Jflhronic, nerrous and speruii Bi' UK ?I"AKKK is BcVsL9ff&JB the nldcst Advertí sing Physician. bMB3bJ ¦ files of Papers show and all oíd Resideots know. Age and experience important. 5" Ncrvons diseaas (with or without dreams,) or deblllty and loss of nerve power treated scientifically by new methods with never faihnL succesa. f3" u makes no üifference whüt you have taken or who has f ailed to cure you. 25 Youn( men and middle-aged men and alfwho suffer should consult the celobrated Dr. Clarke at onct. tST" The terrible pollons oL all bad liloodand skin dlKeases of every kind, name and natura completely eradicatcd. Ilemcmber, that one horrible dlsaase, if neg:lected or improperly treated, cursen the prusent and coming trencrations. itf Dlseased dischargoa curcd promptly without hindrancc to business. Both sexes consult conüdentially. If in trouble, rallorwrite. Dclaysnre daneerous. Frocrastlcatlon Is the thlef of time." A wrlttea wiirrtinsy of cure given In every oase undertaken. rT" Send two stams for celebrated worki onCbronlc. Nervous and Delicate Diseases. You have an exhaustivo ymptoraatolosy by which to study your ova cásea. Consultation, uilly or bv Iclter, free. Consult the old 'orlKr. Tllouaands curcd. Ilices and rlors private. Yoi see no one but the Doctor. lief ore confidin your case consult Irr.CLAltHE. triendly letter or cali may save future suffering and shame, and add golden years to life. Medicines sent everywhere secure f rom exposure - Hours, 8to 8: SuDday, 9 to 12. Ádrese letters: '. 1. CLARKE. n. ., Merrill Block. Cor. Wooditard A JoHerson Ave., DETROIT, MICH. "Wlmt is tliu stuff that i!rem are made of?" nquires a poet. If lic wnnts to maiiufaclme ;i lirst-chiss varicty dream, lobster salad can be liiglily rfiioinmeiuU-d. - Boston Pot, The I)nt) of State Legislaturas. Lejiisliitioii in every state shoulil regúlate the sale and use of tlie many poisona restoited to by womcii in tlieir tlt-spcratinn to obtain beuutif nl complcxions. Tliere exists in Dr. Ilaitcr's Iron Tonic every r$qul81(e to nccomplisli the object without injuiiiiir licalth cnilaiicrnij; life. A man in Cincinnati bet liU wlfe that Blalue woiihl lic clccicil, anc) he I bow golnf: to law to ne If lic con not compel the winner to take the stakes.- Pittsburg Telegraph. liemarkeJ by K. C. .loiner, of Allen P. 0, Hillsdale Co., Mich.: "Nothing gttt my rhiMiniatisiii ucli ([iiick relief as Dr. Thomas' Eclectric 011, "The rage in Florida s ploujjliing in:ilchcs," 88 y 8 an tixchaSJfë. And yct uc have to pav a cent a box tor thcin of liere In ilie e nliirlitcned nortli. - New York Jou nial. Hartfohd, Conn., Nov. 21,1882. "Icheerfully Krommend HüHT'l [Kiilney and J.iyciJ Kk.mkdy. Have sufl'ered 'rom seveie kidney troubles and intense lain. I ani entirely by Hunfs [Kidney and Liver] Remedy." - Albert W. Ilandy, Superintendent Pratl A Whilncy Comany. Before oflfcringto ling the stieet-tar bell br a lady about getting off, look closely it her rljfht hand. Ifshe wearsa diamond intr and you pull the ttrap, she will bc vour enemy fo life.


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