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jtfortgage Sale. rEFAÜt.T H AVINO BEEN MADE IN TIIB II condltions of a certain Inrtenture of mnrtiraira lecuted by Laura Barker to Jobn Lynch, Imth ui Anii Arhor, In the county "f A'anhlenaw lii the siatcot Miihimi, beu njr dte, the eighteerth rtny ;„ Octobar, a. I).. WT7, nl recordad In " Bc „f tbe Beglatar ol Deed. tor ibe -"X{ "m tonaw In Mbr.Vtof Morí. !¦. and au iKiied ion the lb day of Ra) 1881, w wrlttan aatenmenttojohu 8mltb."l M-n Arbor tewi „, ,„,. ,„ur;.v ,ii..'.--.iHl, and mtieh ligmBni la r. oidcdin Uw offle aiore-aid In UbarBeren nf I AssiRnmeuts of Kortarajre, o., MUI 188. and by which delaiilt. ttw powar of oonUlBed in aiu moneaKP havtnfr liccomi' operativa, and no ¦uit or proceedinKs at law ut bi tquttjr, ba ng been Instituted to r cover the amonni dn on pald morfage ur 'he bond ace. mpanylnt: tl; Mme, and in. re belng m.w claiinrd U ! au on ld bond and morutaire the sum of Koor hundr.-d and elehty-nlned. Hars and ninety-tw cents i48P.(). NOTICK is thereloie hereby gtrau, ihst snld Monta ewillbe forclnsed on Saio day, the 18 h day of April, A. D. 1886, at n 'doek in t'e to enoon oí that day, by a ale at public auciion lo lb hlRhrsl bidder, at the Ei-t Door of ihe l oiirt House, In the City ofAnu Arbor, in ibe Gounty albraeald, (uld ''urt ll..use, leli.i the place "I holding Circuit Court for sald County) of the morteaued preraises, dlscribcd In 8 iid mortffag f eo much thereof, as may be necessary to -atisly the amount ol principal and interest r.mainiriL' unpald apon said nioruaj;e, wlth reasoname cosis and expenses; which premlses are de-crlhed In sald mortaie as lollown : All tboM ccrlntn pieces or parcela of land, sltuated and belne in ihe City oi Ann Arb-ir. in the County of Washtenaw and Staie of MichlKun. nd desertbed as lolkwfc to wit ¦ The wem-hall of lots numb.T Filteen an.l Biltc.n, In bloeit immber Flve (ü) mth of Iluron mie't, in Rimne nnmber ttltthi aaat. creeably to the Ann Arhor Land lorapany'a addilion to the raid City of Ann Arbor. Dated.J.nua.yl9,A.D.1885.oHNsMr]H K. D. KINNE, At%ne "f }L AU'y lor Asslgnee. ¦ Estáte of Margaret C. King orATBUFMICHICiAN. Oounty of Wasfin-uaw, At stwion ol th Probate Court for the County il Wanhtcnaw, holden at the Probate Office in the city oL Ann Arhor, on Wednenday. the fourteenth dav of .laniiary, in th jreu on ihousand eii;ht hundrud and eightyive. HroKcnt, Williain IJ. Uarrimau, Judue of l'robate. In the matter il theestate of Margare! (. Mne. deceai-ed. On raadlos and liliiic the peiltiou, uuly ycritied, of David W. King, prayinii that :idminiitratlun of uaid estáte raay hu runted to Oujrije W. liailey or omi othnr Kuitahle Deraoo. Thercupon it li ordered, that Mouday, the luth dM of Kehrnary ten o'clock in the (orenoon, be ansitrued for the hearing of ald pctltion and that tb heirs at iawof ald deceaaed, aod all Otbel por¦onsbitaraued lo üH atit are reqalrod toappear M i -.vion ol said court, then to li. boMan t the Probate unie. In Cily ol Ann Arlor. and ihow cause, lf any there be, why the prayer of the pc titio cmhould nol be (rranted. tn il w furthei nrdered, that naid petmoner Kive tothe Beraom mturestcd lu said entate, of the pemlcncy ol naid pellUon, and ihe hearing thereol.h caucini,' a copy of thií arder to be publiühed in the Ann Arbor l'ountr. a uuwpapcr printed and circulating In said county, three nuccessive weeks previou to sald day of 'leariuir. I.A true copy.) WlLLIAM D. HAKKIMAN, Judge of Probate. WM. O. DOTY, Probate Rerieter. UH-13M Keal Efttate Tor Sale. QTATKOF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenuw.i's. In the Matter of tho Estáte oí Loíb D. Burneit aud Waïter B. Burneit, mlnorf. Notlce in hereby (flvBn. ihat In pur-uincn of an order LTanted tothe underaijiueil tduaidian ot' the Ketate of sald minors, i 'he Hou. Juaga of Probale the County of WaabtetUW, OU the Kilth ilay ol May, A. I). l&l. ih. re vk II] be s.ld II pabilo vendue, to the hiliest hidder, at the E iBt tront door of the Court House, in th'j City of Ann Arbor, in the CouHtj ol Washteuaw. iu nM Sian-, on TuFuday, tin: tenth day of March, A. U. 1885, at ten O'clock In the forenoon ol that day (subject to all encumbrantes bv morUaire or otherwtae ex iftlnx at the time of the sale), all the rl-rhi. tule ¦ ml Inlen.-n of sald minors in the folio. ing dewrlbed real cuate, to-wí: : t'ommencinc at tbe center of the road on tinhouln r.ide of BeclioD fourleen (14) in ihe tuwashlp ol lorti, ii.eblenaw county. in Mlchid-'U, ata point filty-fonr(54) rodn west of the center line ot saM section aud running theuec due ii'-rth eighiy imi) rod-. thi-nce rlue West thirty (:W) rod-, tbe ce due sonth eihty (SO) ro'ls th-nce due easi to t ie place of invii.nint;. cjntalninjj fllteeu (13) acres oT ANN E. RUKNBl'T, líu'ir i tn. Dated, .lanuary 17, 1886. 1 m Notlce to L'reilllors. 81'ATKOF MICHIUAN, County of Waühleuaw.8 Notice is baraby giren, ihat by an order ol tte Probate Court for the Couuty or WMhtenaw, made on the twenty-sixth day ol Januay. A. i. 1886. -ii motithn rroni Unit 'late were aliowed ror creditors to present their claims against the estáte ol Iltinnah M, Cate, late of said county, ilec-aed, and that all creditors of said daceaaad are reqiiired o present their claims lo said l'robaie Court, at the Probate Oflice, in the city oí Anu Arbor. for examination ar.' allowance. on or belore the 27th day o luly next, and that such claims will be heard Detore said court, oh Mondjty, the 27ih day ol April a-jd on Monilay, tbe 'iTih day ol July next, at ten o'clock In the forenoon "I each ol said diys Dated, Ann Arbor, January 27, A. D. 18!5. WILLIAM D. HAKHIMAN, ÜSl-rJH Jude ot Probate. otice to Creditors. STATU OF MICHIGAN, County ol Washteuaw SS. Notlce is hereby ülven, that by an order ol' th Probate Courl for the County of Washtciaw made on the 28th day of January, A. D. 1886, -lx montas; Irom that dale were aliowed ror creditors to present their claims against trie estáte of G.oi ee King, late of said county, dei eased, anti tbat al creditors of said deceased urr required to piesen th'ir claims to said Probate Couit, at the Probate ufflee In the ctty ol Ann Atborfor examihatioi aud allowance, on or before the Lrh day of July next, aud that such claims win be hcaid beiorc said Court. on Tuesday the '2Sth day of April, anc on Tucsuay the ath day ot July next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of each of said days. Dated, Ann Arbor, January 28. A. 1. 1885. WILLIAM D 11ARKIMAN, Judee of Probate Commlssloners Notlce. QTATE F MICHIGAN.County of W.' 0 The undersigned having been apointed by the Probate Court for said County, Commissioners to receive. examine and adjust all claims aud demando 01 all persons airainst the estaieol Naocy Wh.eler late of j.aid conntv, deceased, hereby uive notice that six months Trom date are sllowed, hy order o said Probate Court, for creditors to present their claims agalnst the esUtte of said deceased, and that they will meet at the store of c. Bliss L bon in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, on Saiurday, the ninth day of May, and on Monday. the tenth day of August next, at ten o'clock A. M. o each of said days, to receive, examine and adjas said claims. Dated. February (t. 1885. fCommissloners. OPIUSTHABITT Svffwn from thii pernieion hbit wi!l do well to wrïta to DR. ARM!, of üntotj, HIbM who Ku worid ui reputition ftw the cures he has inarla lurins th put twvlre yMts. Th main pointi to b comm unica td urn the present lUte of health, leugtb of time wrA. w prfwnt inioiint of drug u?d pr m-k. Sanltrtm Trfatmrnt hn Aatirad. Rd ff twttnoalall fron todiiig pliystciu tnl rapteienLatlre mn u! wumtn curad. AHfinr Sendslx cents for pontage. and reKK I L cefve f ree. a coatiy box of guods wtik-h ƒ Ti win help all, of either sex. to more i iui.i.1 money rlght away thau anythingelst 1" thli world. Fortnues awalt the workar absolutalr iure. AC ono MdrvM Txrs é Co.. AafTQUa. Mnlnft. aS.STAHDAHD.I 5 TON JONEIS WAG0N SCALES. 0JT Trt Bm Aod Beai Box. BHGHAMTOf $6O.n JONB8hp7 lh.frtfhl- for frr. rrtce LUI Kntlno thli ppr and mmmm]t odr. J0$ OMIIMOHAMTOfK TTTIT fl for worklnp people. S.nd 10 cents I II I IJpoftage. and wc will mail you fret a I P I roynl, valuablo vample box of goods J_IJJJJJ, that will put you in the way of makIhk more money In a lew duys than you ever thought possible at any business. Capi tal not requiied. You can live at home and work in spare time only, or all the time. All of both sexes, of all ages, grandly succecsful. 50 cents to $5 easily earned evarj evenlDe. Tliat all who want work may lett the business, we make this nnparnlleled offer: To all who are not well satletied we will send $1 to pay for the trouble or writliig us. Fnl] partlculars, directions, etc, sent free Immense pay absolutely snre for all hn start at once, iicn't delay. Addrees Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine. W. TREMAIN, I.I.MIHI. OFFICK : Oyer Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, COR. HÜKON AND FOÜRTH. ST8., North British Insurance Co., Of London and Edinbur. Capital, $13,000,000, Gold. Detroit Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Cash Asaets 800,000. Springfleid Ins. Co. of Massachusetts, Cash Asset tl,800,000. Howard las. Company of New York, Caeta Assets $1,000,000. Asricultural Ins. Co., Watertowu, N.T., Cash Asaets tl ,200,000. Loie Llberally Adjusted and Proroptly Paid.


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