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WORTHY Of Confldence A VFR'C Sarspai"llla is a medicino thut, M I cn O Uurlng nearly 40 year, in all parta of the worlU, bas proved lu efflcaoy bs tho best blood alterattra known tomedic&l sclence. CAOCADADll I A (xtracted f rom O AK5 Ar AK ILLA the root of tbe K'-nuino Hondunu 6arsaparilla) Is lts Base, and lts powers are enhanced bv the ortracts of YeUow Doek and Stllllngia, the Iodldes of Potassium and Iron, and other potent lngredlents. IQ your blood yltlated by derangemento 9 of the digestivo and assimilatory functions? is tt talnted by Scrofula? or does It contain the polsou of üercury or G'ontagious Diseasef TUF dading physk-ians of the United Int States, who know the composition of Aykr's Saksaimrilla, say that nothing ebe ho good for the puriöcation of the blood is svithin the range of pharmacy. nMI V by tne use oi tn's remedy Is it VULT possible for a person who has corrupted blood to attain sound faealth and prevent transinission Of the destructlve taiut to postrrity. TUnoniirUI V "ffwtlvc renoratlon InUnUUbnLT Of the system munt inrludc not only the removal of oorruption from the blood, but its enrlchment and the strengtuening of the vital organs. DCI IA Dl E wilno.ises. all over the nC.LIADLCi world, tc-Atifr that this work is better accompltshcd by Atbr's Saksatarilla than by any other remedv. Dl finn thlt fs corrupted through dJsDLUUU ease is made pure, and blood weakencd through diminution of the red corpuscles Is made strong, by Aykr's Sarsaparfli-a. mimrviur tho bloo1 ni1 buiidinit rUnlr YlllU up the system require time In serious cases, but benefit will be derlved from the use of Ayir's Sarsaparit-la more speedlly than from anything else. urniniir for which like effects are mLUIliINt. falsely claimed. Is abunlant in the market, under raany names, but the onlv preparation that has stood the test of time, and proved worthT of the world's confidence, ia Ayer's Sarsaparilla, rREPARKI) BT Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, MaaiSold by all Draggists: Price $1; Siz bottles for (5. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE ! $29,000,000. Security held for the protoction of the policy CHRISTIAN MACK BeprcsenU the following flrat-class compnnies, of whloh one, the JElaa, lm alnnc paid 6t,000,000 fire lossi'B In slrty-üve yer8 : Etna, of Hartford $ 0,192,644 Frniiklin of Philaclelphia 3,1 18,713 Germania, N. Y 2,700,729 Germán American, N. Y 4,065,908 London Assurance, Lonrton.. . 1,416,788 Michigan F. & M., Detroit. . . 287,608 N. Y. Uiulerwriters, N. Y 2,596,679 National, Hartford 1,774,505 Pucenix, Brooklyn...rr. W 3,759,036 Losses liherally adjusled and proinptlv paid. Policies issucd at the loweet ratee of premium. llBltf AUN ARBOR SAVIHGS BANK, ANN AKBOIÍ. MJfinifiAN. Transacts General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $50,000. Organized under the General Banking Lw of thle State, the etockholdors are indlvidnally liable for an additlonal amount eqnal to the stock held by them. therehy creatinK a daarantee Fund for the benefit of Depoeitors of $100,00.00. Three per cent. Interest !¦ allowed on all SaTlnK? Depoilts or one dollar and upwardi, accordlng to the ruk of the Dank and interest compiunded seml-annually . Mouey to Loan on nnincumbercd real estáte and other good aecurity. DIUECTORS : CHFISTIAN MACK, WM I). IIAKHIMAN, W W WINKS. DANIEL HISCOÍK, WILLIAM DKUBEL, WILLAUL) B. SMITH. OFF I CEES: C MACK Pros. W. W. WINKS, Vlce-Pres. C. E. HISCOCK.Onshler. Tj. goodyears PHARMACY! IS í Í ITITT Q fl r 1 THE PLACE TO BUY HANDSOME TOILET GOODS! ELEGANT BRIC-A-BRAC, Uö Statuetts, Mirrors, Plush Goods ETC, ETC. PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY. No. 5 S. Main Street,


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