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Hi'v. Miln Smltb luis nnivcil In Saline rom Band Beaeti. Geo. Orampton, of Dexter, bas been Ttsting Toledo friendi. The hijrh school it Cbelsea is to have n c-(iii Fcb. 'JTih to whlch pumita aio es ecially Invlted. There il more ¦ i- j f i t in ,-i roller skatlDg i ti k than in i roller fiojuriug mi 1 1 :lnvi nter. - Knti-i pri.-e. The Leader man bM m dread visión of light cap söclnla loomtng m before hfe eye in the near future. Milton Watkins, of Milan, mul Mla !"ay DcGnizelk', of PotOikey, were maried at Milan ii'ce:illy. And now the runners fearthat Hu' SHOW s so lieavy that the wheut wil) bc Sinoth i ei 1. " ( li ! git ou-et." Aaron C Kel.sey ot' Ann Arbor, [brmery ei York, bas bonglif i place in önliue town and moved thereto. Chas. E. Lewis of' tlie linn ot' Pottle & Lewis. Mancbester, was married recently to Miss Fanny A. Case. A baker's dozen ot truveÜMg raen got mow-houud at Manclieater lust week, and lad :i jolly time ot il ut the Govdyear toost. At the recent school ezamloatlon 48 pa pi Is in the Chelsea high school pasaed over O per cent., bul ouly to reached the ;'ll covetad 100. The uoorman's wood pile Taolshetli llki unioa pound ot' p l butMr on bol pancakes durin;: mild open Intor (venther- Milan Leader. Tlie ."now upon Éie ee on Wflittjiore Lake bas become so heavy tl lat it bas giink considerably, and three or tour luches ol water now cover the ice. Twenty Beven volumes have reoeutly been added to the school libraiy, purchased witb the proeeeds of the school entertainment giren soine time since. - Saline Observer. Two slt'ijfii loads of scliolars, with their teacher, Miss Mabel Ueal, spent a very uleasant evenin at the lalter's. home, on Thutsday eveiiinr of lust reek.- Dexler Leader. Dr. Nichols, of Saline, lias kept an alligator for the past three years, tbat be captiued down south, hut tbe torrldity of the atmotphere last week was too mnenfor it, and it died. "Jack Long" is to vlsit Dexter before Long. And it is tlioiigbt thatthe citizens of Dexter will ere Loiif; greatly Long tor Jack Long to reappear. Ho' been a Long time coming. The house of Luke Palmer of Dexter caoght tire last Prlday, and but for the prompt actjon of the telepiione and the Dexter lire deparlment a great conflagración would have resulted. Dennis Leech - 29 years old - lives about n inile from here - uuver been out of the couuty bnt once - only on railroad once - :hat to Dexter. - Chelsea Herald. Mus) be a 9tirring sort of a chap that. Ir. and Mrs. C. H. Keuipf and daujfh:er Alyrta, left last Monday for Xew Orleans. As they went via Detroit and C'incinnati, they probably reached their destination without experienciiii; our bli,zard. - Chelsea Herald. Among those who talk .ome of golng lo New Orleans from bere are Mr. and Mrs. Mimson Goodyear, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Baldwin, Mr. and Mrg. Donólas Haldwin, Mr. and M is. Frank Spafatd, .1. F. Öpafard, Wm. Burtless and J. F. Nestell.- Manchester Enterprise. Alexis Pierce, a conductor on the Lake Shore road, and a personal friend of C.T. Burch of thls place, feil off his train j isl west of Hudson, on the th, killing b.m Instan tly, tbree trains passing over his body. The funeral was held at BliBsfleli, onnilii"t"l ly tbc i HUI Fellows, who piiti the expenses. - Milan Leader. Henry Otto, of Ypsilanti, coniniitted suicide last Thursday, by banglng hiniself in the barnat his f atber's home. He ucver had enjoyed frood health, was despondent, and the reat love he bore his motín r, is the only lbDg that bas kept him frona OOmmittlDg the deed before, It is thought. He was an industrlous yountr man, and had a hard row in life, it is evident. At the Janujtry meeting of tbe horticultura! society, iu Adrián, in conversation with Secretan' Gartield and Mr. Scott of Ann Arbor, we learned that both gentlemen were feeding surplus stock of Hubbard squasbes to catlle, with the best of results. They considererl them wortb ten to twelve dollars per ton to feed stock. Our farmers had better make a note of thls fa t lather than sell at from three to five dollars per ton, as muny did last fall, in a glutted market. - Adrian Times. Of the death of Burton Alley, of Dexter, the Leader saya : " Burton Alley, a member of the finn oí Alley Bro.'s, departed this life on Wednesday morning, Feb. 11, 1880, in the 4!)th year of bis liga, of con pumption. JJeceased WM born ia Webster in the year 1837, and was married to Miss Ellen Carr in January, 1859. He commenced business lift; in Dexter in 1856, as a drug elerk for Dr. Win. Dowlinan, afterwHid worked for I). Warner, Smith & Alley, Beal, Smith & Alley. Commenced business wilh his brotber James in 1860. At intervals he traveled for New York and Detroit houses, hoiiing the change might benefit his health. By strict honesty and sterling integrity he won the respect and unbounded contidence of all who knew liiin. Socb was his character for probity that, with üttle or no capital he established himself in the general luercantile business in Dexter, and for more than 20 years conti n ued, with one brief interval, in the same business up to the day ol' Uis death. He has been a consistent member of the M. E. church for 28 years, and as far as health pennitted, active in the work of his church. 11e has been sick for eleven years with the illsease of which he died, but most of the tinie bas been able lo be about and attend to his business. Iu conversation he expressed 8tron; hope iu Christ, and since the death of li is son has longed to depart and be with Denny. As a Christian citizen and business man he was much respected, and his departure is a great Iout0 our community. Of his own family only hls wife and one daughter sin vive; butan aged mother, sereral brothera and sisten, and many personal friends remain to mourn his ilnath."